Singer Tequila: biography, personal life, creative achievements

Alexander Tarasov - charming and talentedA young man who managed to become famous under the pseudonym Tequila. Biography of the singer is interested in all his fans. In this article you can read about the life path and creative achievements of the star of the national stage.

Tequila singer: biography, the artist's family

So, how did it all start? Alexander Tarasov is an indigenous Muscovite, born in April 1989. The family is a topic to begin with about the biography of the singer Tequila. The parents of Alexander had no relation to the stage. My father was in charge of a plant that manufactured ZIL trucks, and my mother was a housewife.

tequila singer biography

In 2011, the family had a tragedy - fatherAlexandra Ivan suffered a first stroke. The man was able to regain strength and return to work, but his health was shaken. In 2016, he died, the cause of death was another stroke. The loss of his father was a great shock to the singer, since his father was always a close friend and an example to follow.

Childhood, youth

The singer Tequila, whose biography and familyare considered in this article, in childhood was distinguished by activity and curiosity. In primary school, the boy was almost an excellent pupil, he listened to adults. Everything changed when Alexander moved into the fifth grade. Yesterday's botanist became one of the main hooligans of the school, constantly provoking other children for various pranks. From the memory of the star, it follows that one day he even threw fireworks into the office of the head teacher, which is now sincerely repenting.

tequila singer biography personal life

Even in his childhood, Tarasov began to engage seriouslysports, preference was given to basketball and volleyball. When he moved to the upper classes, kickboxing became a part of his life. By the time the school was over, Alexander had not yet decided on the choice of profession. He decided to continue his education at the Academy of Economic Security of the Ministry of the Interior.

Choice of life path

Biography of the singer Tequila indicates thathe might not become an artist. However, in his student years, Alexander seriously took a great interest in music. His favorite directions were rap and hip-hop. Gradually, Tarasov came to the idea that he wants to connect his life with performances on the stage.

In 2009, the musical career of a young manwent up the hill. The success of his composition "To the bottom" led to the fact that Tequila broke into a big stage. To consolidate the success helped the eponymous clip, shot on this song. The video caused genuine excitement among users of "Youtube".

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Then the singer Tequila, whose biographyis considered in this article, got acquainted with Nastya Kochetkova. His creative tandem with the graduate of the "Star Factory-4" was a tremendous success. The fruit of the joint work of Alexander and Anastasia was the song "Above the Ground", on which the clip of the same name was shot. The composition for a long time did not leave the lines of Russian charts.

Career development

In 2010, the singer Tequila, biography and songswhich are considered in the article, submitted to the public the composition of "Radio". He wrote it in collaboration with Masha Malinovskaya. The success of the song pushed Tarasov to thoughts about the debut album. In 2013, the artist finally made fans happy with his first disc. The record got a saying name - "Boom". Alexander's debut album included songs that he recorded along with other stars. Among them were Victoria Daineko, Anastasia Stotskaya, Loya.

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Tarasov's second album did not keep itself waiting. Already in 2015, was released a disc that received the name "Puzzles." This time the famous singer focused on solo compositions. However, he did not completely abandon the duets. Some songs were recorded by Alexander in collaboration with Alexander Marshall, the group "Vintage". Then he worked for some time with Vera Brezhneva, the fruit of their joint work was the composition "Floors".

Personal life

What else can tell the biography of the singer Tequila? The personal life of Alexander Tarasov has always been a key. The young man is accustomed to bathe in the rays of female attention, takes it for granted. Representative of the fair sex, he liked even before he managed to declare himself as a singer.

Journalists like to write about regular passionsrapper Tequila. At different times, he was assigned romantic relationships with the model of Ksenia Deli, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. Also there were rumors that he was carried away by Olga Buzovoy, who was made a star by the teleproject "Dom-2". Alexander Tarasov indifferently refers to such gossip, traditionally refuses to comment.

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In 2010, the singer Tequila began an affair withcharming model of Olga Rudenko. This girl Alexander met on one of the secular parties, she immediately attracted his attention. Relations between Rudenko and Tarasov developed rapidly, he even made his girlfriend director of his own project. There were rumors of an imminent wedding, but this did not happen. In 2014, it became known that the beautiful couple had broken up.

Alexander and Catherine

Biography of the singer Tequila indicates thatin the first months after the separation he enjoyed a bachelor life. However, as early as 2016, it became clear that Tarasov's heart was once again occupied. This time, the choice of the star of the domestic stage was Catherine Grigorenko. This bright brunette won the contest "Miss Kazakhstan - 2016". Do Alexander and Katrin intend to create a new social unit? Rumors about the ambulance wedding celebrities arise constantly, but they themselves do not hurry to comment on them. While it is difficult to assume whether these relations will withstand the test of time. Many fans are wondering if the rapper Tequila has children? It is known that the singer has not yet acquired heirs, but does not object to their appearance in the future.

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