Signs of infertility, treatment

If after a year of diligence in the planning processthe child has no results, then the woman has the thought that she is barren. But do not make such hasty conclusions! First you need to find out what signs of infertility.signs of infertility

If a young family can not conceive a child from 3 to 6 months, this does not yet speak of infertility. Most likely, that the sexual certificate or act does not occur or happen that days which are considered favorable for conception.

To conceive a child, girls from 20 to 25 years must be up to six months, and from 30 years - up to a year. To conceive a child, the most favorable day is the day of ovulation.

But if the time of trying to conceive a child crossed the border in a year, then it is worth considering and paying attention to the following signs of infertility.

1.The first sign of infertility is the absence of menstruation. The norm in the absence of menstruation is pregnancy and menopause. But if there is no such, then this type of deviation is called amenorrhea.

2. After the abolition of contraceptives, temporary amenorrhea may occur, as a result of which pregnancy will not occur.

3. The presence of abnormalities in the work of the ovaries.

4. Deviations of the nervous system.

5. Hormonal imbalance.

6. Pathological changes in the reproductive organs.

7. When there is a lack of body weight, menstruation stops, resulting in amenorrhea.

8. Having a history of miscarriages.

9. Various inflammatory processes of the uterus, including endometriosis.

10. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Infertility is primary and secondary. Women with primary infertility are those who have never nursed a fetus. Women with secondary infertility have once or more times given birth.immunological infertility

Another type of infertility is the immunologicalinfertility. This kind is a high activity of the woman's immunity, while the penetrated spermatozoa are attacked by the immune system, thus not having a chance to fertilize the egg. Such infertility practically does not give in to treatment. Here it is necessary to approach from a psychological point of view.

The most difficult is psychological infertility.This happens mainly because of a great desire, as well as fear of a new pregnancy. A young couple can give years for examinations, and no pathological deviations are found. It's all in the head here.

When a woman does not just want to have a baby, butfanatically wishes this, as a result of which pregnancy does not occur, she has a stressful situation. Stress further exacerbates the problem. Signs of infertility in the psychological factor: aggression, anger, constant stressful situations. Also, if a woman has a history of unsuccessful pregnancies, she becomes obsessed with a new pregnancy, thereby driving herself into a stressful situation.psychological infertility

Having discovered some signs of infertility, notit is worth despairing, since with timely diagnosis, as well as with competent treatment, the opportunity to become a mother is. But in irreversible circumstances, for example, the absence of ovaries and the uterus, the final diagnosis is infertility.

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