Sheregesh 2018 - 2019

In 1981, at the foot of Mount Green, a sports base was established for holding the Soviet Olympics. The tourism infrastructure there has been constantly developing and today it is the most visited winter resort in Russia, where people come from all over the country and from abroad.


When the season opens to visit the ski resort

To get to the official opening of the beginning of the season of the ski resort in Sheregesh, you need to come there in 2018 - in December (but you can start skating in November). This is an urban-type village, which has 15 tracks of varying complexity. From a small child to an adult athlete, they can visit this place, but parents must take into account very low temperatures from - 23 to - 35. But in the territory of 50 hotels and hotels, where you can stay in comfort and warmth with children and go out with them for a short time . Every visitor there is waiting for a full winter rest and amazing landscapes. Due to the large amount of snow - skiing and snowboarding there until May.

Sheregesh 2018 - 2019

Even those who have never been to Sheregesh can find their own way there,since the track was laid, and if you buy a ticket through a tour operator, you can be completely sure that you will be brought exactly to the place.

Trails in Sheregesh

In total, in Sheregesh there are 15 operating tracks from 700 to 5000 meters long. One more, 16th route is under construction. On the territory there are 19 lifts, infrastructure facilities, as well as lifeguards on duty.

The cost of a single subscription (Ski - pass) for lifts in Sheregesh 2018-2019 depends on the choice of lifts and the number of days of use:

  1. The cascade - for 1 day = 1,200 rubles, for 4 days = 4,100 rubles, VIP = 3,100 rubles. (Lift numbers: 10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,20).
  2. Freestyle - for 1 day = 700 rubles, for 3 days = 1500 rubles. (lift numbers: 19).
  3. Malka - for 1 day = 1200. (numbers of lifts: 4,5,6,7).
  4. Sector E - for 1 day = 1250 rubles, for 3 days = 3150 rubles. lift numbers: 1,2,3).

Children under 7 years old can use the lifts for free, but in company with their parents.

The site provides a detailed scheme of trails, which transmits maximum information for visitors.

Accommodation in Sheregesh

Anyone who wants to breathe the purest mountain air, to comprehend the basics of winter sports or to improve their skills, already being an athlete, you must choose a place to live.There is plenty of housing option, accommodation prices vary widely, so you can choose the number that suits your budget. Low cost does not mean poor service. Just as the resort is developed, the hotel business is also developed.

Sheregesh 2018 - 2019. Beginning of the season

The table shows the most visited hotels, positive reviews of which indicate the preferential choice of rooms there and prices for accommodation.

Name Price for 1 person for 1 day, rubles.
Guest House Ski House From 4000
Guest House Metelitsa From 1800
Guest House Tyrol From 3440
Hotel Winter-Summer From 2500
Hotel AYS CLUB From 500
Hotel Laska From 400
Yeti House Hotel From 4000

New 2019 - celebration options

For Russians and foreigners, the meeting of the beginning of the year in Sheregesh has become a good tradition. Truly winter weather, snow-capped mountains and themed streets of the village create a magical atmosphere, for which tourists come. Despite the fact that the village is not large, but the development of tourism is boiling there, there are many options to celebrate the New Year 2019, for example:

  • reserve a table in a restaurant or cafe,
  • to celebrate in a hotel where New Year's programs are organized,
  • go hiking (for active and cold resistant),
  • go to the festivities.

Whatever the meeting of the new year in Sheregesh, the main thing is that a person with all his heart loves this holiday and feels its greatness, and the village will provide a festive decoration for all public institutions.

Travel Tips

Since the resort in Sheregesh has become popular, you should plan your trip there in advance and take advantage of early hotel reservations, this can save some of the money, and you will know that exactly the hotel room in which you want to spend the New Year holidays will be you to wait.

For those who are planning their vacation with difficulty, you can buy a tour of Russia with departure from Moscow, which is more than convenient.

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