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Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci


1. Leonardo ciphered a lot so that his ideas were revealed gradually, as mankind “matured” before them. The inventor wrote with his left hand and in incredibly small letters, and even from right to left. But this is not enough - he turned all the letters in a mirror image. He spoke in riddles, poured metaphorical prophecies, adored to make puzzles. Leonardo did not sign his works, but they have identification marks. For example, if you look into the pictures, you can find a symbolic bird soaring. Apparently, there are a lot of such signs, therefore some of his creations are suddenly found through the centuries. As it was with Madonna Benoit, which for a long time as a home icon, it was carried with itinerant actors.

2. Leonardo invented the principle of scattering (or sfumato). Objects on his canvases do not have clear boundaries: everything, like in life, is blurry, penetrates one into the other, which means it breathes, lives, awakens imagination.The Italian advised to practice in such a scattering, looking at the spots on the walls, ashes, clouds or dirt arising from the dampness. He deliberately smoked the room where he worked to look for images in clubs. Thanks to the sfumato effect, a flickering smile of Dzhokonda appeared, when, depending on the focus of the view, it seemed to the viewer that the heroine of the picture smiled gently, then grinned predatoryly. The second miracle of Mona Lisa is that she is “alive”. Over the centuries, her smile changes, the corners of her lips rise higher. Similarly, the Master mixed the knowledge of various sciences, therefore, his inventions over time find more and more applications. From the treatise on light and shadow originate the sciences of penetrating force, oscillatory motion, and wave propagation. All his 120 books are scattered (sfumato) all over the world and are gradually being opened to humanity.
3. Leonardo preferred the method of analogy to all others. Approximation of the analogy is an advantage over the accuracy of the syllogism, when the third inevitably follows from two conclusions. But one thing. But the more bizarre the analogy, the further the conclusions from it extend. Take at least the famous illustration of the Master, proving the proportionality of the human body. With arms outstretched and legs spread, a human figure fits into a circle.And with closed legs and raised arms - in a square, while forming a cross. Such a "mill" gave impetus to a number of diverse thoughts. Florentine was the only one from whom the projects of the churches went, when the altar is placed in the middle (the navel of the person), and those who pray - evenly around. This church plan in the form of an octahedron served as another invention of the genius - the ball bearing.
4. Leonardo liked to use the rule of kontraposta - opposing opposites. Contrapost creates movement. Making a sculpture of a giant horse in Corte Vecchio, the artist placed the horse's legs in a contreposte, which created the illusion of a special free move. All who saw the statue, unwittingly changed their gait for a more relaxed.

5. Leonardo never hurried to finish the work, for incompleteness is a mandatory quality of life. To finish is to kill! The slowness of the creator was the talk of the town, he could make two or three strokes and retire from the city for many days, for example, to equip the valleys of Lombardy or create an apparatus for walking on water. Almost every one of his significant works is "unfinished."Many were spoiled by water, fire, barbaric treatment, but the artist did not correct them. The Master had a special composition, with the help of which he in the finished picture seemed to be specially doing the "window of incompleteness". Apparently, this is how he left a place where life itself could intervene, correct something.

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