Second light in the house

February 27, 2018
A private house

Unenlightened, in the field of construction, a person, it is difficult to imagine what the project of a house with the second light from is. This kind of architectural reception originated in Russia relatively recently, but is quite common in European countries.

Second light in the house

What is this miracle - a project?

The essence of the project of houses of this type is that the ceiling partitions are removed between the floors. The dwelling turns into a single dwelling. This implies the abandonment of rooms on the second floor. In case of unwillingness to refuse rooms, it is necessary to erect a staircase. Also, in the presence of a high basement floor, a decrease in the level of the floor is possible, which will also allow to achieve the desired effect. These projects are designed for the construction of a building from scratch, as it will be very difficult and expensive to change the layout in an already finished house.

Pluses of houses with the second light

This unusual design allows you to:

  • Create a spacious indoor balcony
  • Experiment with different glazing options (high stained glass windows, panoramic windows)
  • Visually expand the space of the room
  • Increase the intensity of natural lighting, and significantly save the expense of artificial
  • Feel free to grow tall plants at home
  • Use in the interior very dimensional lighting devices.

Second light in the house
Suitable floor space

Many believe that the use of second light is possible only in a room with a large area, but in fact this project can be implemented in a room with a relatively small area. It is only necessary to find the right solution in the organization of space. In order to avoid mistakes, it is better to hire an experienced architect who will help turn the house into a paradise.

The company offers and actively promotes projects of houses with a mansard from These projects of houses are more familiar to our customer and allow you to use the area of ​​the house quite rationally with a limited budget.

Second light in the house


The room with the second light looks truly luxurious. Design of this type is known since the Middle Ages. This is how the halls of castles and palaces were decorated. In Russian times, the manors were so decorated.The Grand Palace in Peterhof, the Elysée Palace in Paris are decorated using the second light. Thanks to this miracle, space and airiness of space appear. Large windows allow you to enjoy the full picture of the territory adjacent to the house. In such a room will never have problems with lack of air and natural daylight. Not a single guest will remain indifferent to such an unusual architectural solution.

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