Scrub for dry face at home: 6 recipes

Scrub for dry face at home

How to apply a scrub for a dry face to charming women, so that the skin becomes velvety? The answer is clear and simple: to choose the right ways to cleanse the face at home.


The benefits of home scrub

Home peels so good that they do not harm the skin, because their ingredients are safe and natural. We offer to look at the advantages of homemade scrubs:

  • the elimination of deep pollution, peeling dead cells, which open the respiratory pores;
  • polishing dry skin with eliminating peeling;
  • activation of cell renewal processes as a result of blood flow caused by massage effect;
  • soft scrub base penetrates the open pores of the skin and gives it nutrients;
  • reduction of moisture evaporation after scrubbing, as a result of which the epithelium remains moistened for a long time;
  • the appearance of a healthy blush on the cheeks is due to the exfoliation of dead cells.

This procedure at home will be useful if you responsibly treat the selection of ingredients scrub. In order not to irritate the skin, the abrasive element must be chosen very carefully.

The first component of the scrub is an abrasive.

facial scrub at home
Before you start preparing a home scrub, determine which abrasive to choose, suitable for your face.

  • Finely ground oatmeal

They have not only a mild exfoliating effect, but also perfectly nourish the skin.

  • Sugar

Having no hard and sharp edges, sweet grains gently remove dirt and do not damage the vulnerable epithelium. They dissolve completely in a liquid medium.

  • Semolina

These small balls remove peeling so carefully that even small scratches are completely eliminated. In addition, semolina quickly absorbs skin face scrub recipes

  • Cosmetic clay

It is the most gentle abrasive. If you improperly prepare a scrub from clay, it will dry the skin to a greater extent. Therefore, the composition of the base, add essential oils or fat sour cream. Each color of clay is endowed with different properties. Thus, the blood microcirculation is enhanced by white clay, the peeling is eliminated green, the humidity returns gray, the inflammation is relieved by red, and wrinkles are smoothed out by pink clay.

  • Thick coffee

Coffee will restore skin elasticity, because it has toning properties. Just follow the basic condition: drink fresh thick from freshly drunk coffee.

Second component: soft cream basescrub for dry skin at home

This base is facilitated by the sliding of solid particles, and the skin is saturated with necessary elements. The basis can be:

  • Vegetable or fruit puree

Peel fresh peach, banana, grapes from seeds and peel. Then chop a blender and finely rub them. Squeeze out extra juice so that the consistency is not very liquid.

  • Sour milk and dairy products

For dry skin, all products with high fat content are suitable, for example, kefir, natural yogurts, cream, sour cream.

  • Vegetable oils

The basis of pumpkin, flaxseed, olive or corn oil will soften the abrasive effect of scrub. These oils will not reduce the effectiveness, thus providing intensive nutrition of the skin to make face scrub

Regeneration of dry skin is activated by a viscous honey mixture, which retains moisture in the skin and gives silkiness. By the way, honey scrubs are recommended to hold on the face as a nourishing mask.

Additional ingredients are essential oils that are added to the scrub to enrich the composition. For dry skin suitable drops of rose, chamomile, sandalwood, neroli. In the homemade scrub, you can pour liquid vitamins purchased in the pharmacy.

Scrub Recipes

  • With milk, carrots, semolinahome scrub for dry skin

As you know, milk gives the skin nutrients, and a fresh carrot is famous for its moisturizing properties. So, for this recipe, take 2 tbsp. spoon carrot, chopped in a blender, add 50 ml. milk, 1 tbsp. l semolina. With carrots squeeze the juice, then add it to the semolina, pour in the heated milk there so that the mixture was similar to the consistency of thick cream. Using this scrub as a mask for the skin will provide a light tan.

  • With cream, oatmeal and sunflower oil

Take all the ingredients in equal parts. By the way, cream with 20% and fat content is recommended. It turns out a thin mixture with healing, moisturizing action, which perfectly cleans the epithelium from the upper coarse layer.

  • With honey, sugar, green teascrub recipes for dry skin

Take and par for 1 - 2 tbsp. lleafy green tea in a small bowl. Allow to cool, then add sugar until a semi-liquid mass is obtained (when the sugar is no longer soluble). In this mixture, put 1 tbsp. l honey and mix well. Dry skin is moistened with honey, and due to its antibacterial properties, it cleans well.

  • With banana, honey, sour cream, coffee

In a small bowl, combine 2 tbsp. l mashed banana, a tablespoon of honey, sour cream and coffee grounds. This scrub is perfect as a moisturizing mask. Apply on face and massage for a minute, then leave for a quarter of an hour and gently rinse.

  • With almond flour and oils

Thoroughly chop dry almonds in a coffee grinder. Mix the obtained fine grains with coconut cosmetic or olive oil, then put a few drops of lemon, pink or lavender oil. Close the jar with a lid and store the mixture in a cool, dry place. By the way, if you have acne on your skin, you need to slightly open the pores before using this scrub. Therefore, moisten the towel with hot water and apply to the face (as an alternative to a steam bath).

  • With sugar, honey, eggfacial scrub with honey and sugar

Put the honey in a bowl and dilute with sugar, mix well to a state of homogeneous mass. Apply on face for 10 minutes, then wipe the skin in circular motions. Then rinse with warm water and wipe off with a towel.

In sugar scrubs, use fine sugar to prevent injury to dry skin.

The easiest scrub recipe in minutes is a cleansing cream and sugar. Wash your face before applying the scrub or use a cleanser suitable for your skin. Then wet with a towel, but do not rub. Then 1 tsp. Put sugar on hand and mix with cream. Get sand paste. It should be applied to the face and do the cleaning in a circular motion.

The skin around the nose and eyes is sensitive, so be careful and do not press too much on these areas. Next wet a towel from a loose material with warm water. It is easy to remove the scrub from the face, if you spray it with cold water. This little secret will close after peeling the pores, and the face will be fresh. After that, dry your skin with a towel.

Care for your skin carefully. All the best!

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