Santas of different countries of the world

The most fabulous holiday is approaching, whichlove both adults and children - the New Year. So today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful character, without which this day is difficult to imagine. Our hero is Santa Claus. We will also tell about his numerous brothers from all over the world.

Grandfather Frost (Russia)

grandfathers frosts of different countriesFather Frost in different countries of the world is a relativeour beloved grandfather. Morozko, Studenets, Treskun - all this is one Slavic character in Slavic mythology, master of winter and frost. Our ancestors represented him as a short old man with a long white beard. From his breathing began a severe cold. Icicles appeared from his tears. The words he uttered turned into hoarfrost. Snowy clouds are his hair. In winter, Santa Claus goes around forests, fields, streets. He taps his ice staff, and the hard frosts cram the rivers, streams, puddles with ice. It's worth it to hit the corner of the hut - the log will certainly burst. Morozko does not really like those who complain about the cold and trembling with cold. And people cheerfully and cheerfully give a fortress of spirit and a bright blush. Santa Claus is strong from November to March. At this time, even the sun is shy before him. In our country Santa Claus appeared in 1910, on Christmas Day, but for some reason it did not gain popularity. He became famous and famous in the 1930s, thanks to Soviet filmmakers: he came to the New Year's children and gave them generous gifts. And now the kids believe that on New Year's Eve, Santa Claus comes to every house. In different countries of the world, traditions are respected sacredly.

Santa Nicholas (Germany)

grandfather frosts around the worldGerman Santa Claus is always inseparable from hisfaithful servant - Rupprecht. True, gifts (as, indeed, and the rod for the buffoons), he does not give at Christmas, but on the night of the sixth of December. Ruprecht appeared because in the medieval educational institutions of Germany the children were presented with gifts by the priest. The peasants, in turn, wanted to see in his place an ordinary farmhand. So this fairy-tale image arose, and the priest turned into a kind Santa-Nikolaus.

Vainakhtsman (Germany)

address of Santa Claus for lettersThe night before Christmas to the German childrencomes Vainakhtsman. Santa Clauses of different countries are kind and loving little ones who want to arrange a holiday for all children. That's the German character is an exact copy of "our" Santa Claus. He comes to the children on a donkey. Going to bed, the boys and girls of Germany put a plate on the table, into which the good old man will put tasty treats, and in the shoes they leave hay for his donkey. In Germany, as in many European countries, Christmas is a family holiday. All must necessarily gather at the festive table and give each other gifts. This ceremony is called Besherung. This is another reason to doubt the Christian origin of the Russian Santa Claus. Most likely, in his image the Orthodox and pagan traditions were mixed.

Per Noel (France)

On this merry holiday the most welcome guest inevery house - Santa Claus. Different countries of the world, customs suggest an original meeting of this hero. With his appearance in the house comes joy and fun. French grandfather's name is Per Noel. His name can literally be translated as Father Christmas. Per Noel, too, congratulates the fowl not just one. His constant companion Shaland - a bearded old man in a fur hat, wrapped in a warm traveling cloak. Per Noel congratulates and presents gifts to the educated and obedient children, and disobedient and lazy Shaland brings rods. Celebrate New Year's holiday in France is not in the family circle. Most often it happens in the company of friends in a restaurant, and often even just on the street, surrounded by hundreds of sparkling garlands and bright fireworks, sparkling champagne, fun and music.

grandfathers of the world frost photo

Father Christmas (Great Britain)

Santa Claus of different countries congratulates people,observing national customs. In England, where traditions are valued above all, the Queen's speech is the main one in the New Year's celebration. She pronounces it after a festive dinner. And before the feast the family goes to church. Children turn to the Father of Christmas and ask for gifts from him. To do this, write a magical grandfather a detailed letter with all the wishes and throw it into the fireplace. The wish list of the pipe will be delivered with smoke directly to the destination.grandfather frost in the countries of the world

In England, on the second day of the Christmas holidays, St. Stephen's Day is celebrated. This is the time when the boxes are opened, in which donations are collected. They are distributed to all people in need.

Santa Claus (USA)

Father Frost in the countries of the world is a symbol of thisbright holiday. Most of their traditions Americans borrowed from Europeans. The New World, as is known, came about thanks to the efforts of people who came from the Old World. In the United States, they decorate the Christmas tree and serve a turkey. On this holiday Americans drink egg-nog - a wine-egg drink with cream.

Santa Claus in America is called Santa Claus. He was first mentioned in the press in 1773. The basis of the image was St. Nicholas of Myra. In the literature he was first described by William Gilly - in the poem Santeclaus (1821). A year later a poetic report appeared about this fairy-tale old man. The author of it was Clement Clark Moore. Known to everyone today's face of Santa Claus - the result of the work of Hundon Sandblom - an artist from the United States, who performed in 1931 a series of original drawings for the New Year's advertising "Coca-Cola." There is an opinion that the same Santa, whom we know, is the offspring of this popular brand.

addresses of the grandfathers of frosts of different countries

Joulupukki (Finland)

There is an opinion that Santas of different countries -people from Finland, and the New Year holidays themselves were born on this earth. The dwarf Yolupukki came to the Finnish children. This funny name can be translated into Russian as a "Christmas goat". The villagers, who on Christmas night carried gifts to their homes, put on coats of goat skins. If your children asked you addresses of Santa Clauses of different countries, you can tell them that Jolupukki lives inside the Corvatunturi hills, in the mysterious caves of Kaikuluolat. He has sensitive, big ears, so he knows very well which of the children was behaving well, and who was mischievous. He also knows who wishes to receive what gifts.

On Christmas Eve, while the kids are asleep, heHe comes to them and leaves generous gifts, which he hides in a hood. Disobedient luck less - they bring him rods. I must say that the Santas of different countries come not only to give children, but also to punish them. At least, it was until the middle of the XX century. Since then, Christmas grandfathers are much more mature.

Jul Thomtön (Sweden)

grandfathers frosts of different countriesOften you can hear the question: "How many Santa Clauses exist on Earth?" Probably as many as the countries. The children of Sweden are waiting for Christmas gifts from the gnome, which is a bit like our house-cook. He hides in the hiding of every home on Christmas. His name is Julius Tommen. Usually he lives in a protected forest with picturesque valleys and lakes. He is helped by the merry snowman Dusty, the prince with the princess, the naughty mice, the King with the Snow Queen, witches and numerous elves.

Babbo Natape and Fairy Befana (Italy)

Father Frost in the languages ​​of the world sounds differently. The Italian grandfather's name is Babbo Natapa. He leaves his quick sleigh on the roof and makes his way to each house through the chimney. The hosts prepare in advance milk and sweets for him "for reinforcement."

In Italy, children are waiting for the New Year and fairy Befanu. She organized a holiday in this country: sweets and toys were brought to good children. But the bad got only extinct embers. In Italy there is a belief that Befan is brought by the stars. In the house, she gets through the chimney, puts surprises in stockings, which in advance hang up to the hoods of the outbreaks.

There is another version - the fairy arrives in an "earthly" way - on a pretty donkey laden with a bale of presents. Befana opens the door with a golden key and fills her shoes with sweets and souvenirs.

Oji-san (Japan)

Santas of the world (photo you see in our article)really different. In Japan, the old man "old" replaces the god Hoteyosho. If the "brothers" of Santa Claus from other countries are completely humanoid, then Japan is very different in this sense. God Hoteyosho is an amazing character, with eyes on the back of his head.

how many grandfathers of frost

Sho Hin (China)

If you are going to spend Christmasvacation in China, you will certainly notice the luxurious "Trees of Light" - an interesting analogue of our Christmas tree. Oriental brightly decorated with lanterns, garlands, flowers, they cause delight not only among local residents, but also among the guests of the country. The same decorations are used by Chinese peasants to decorate houses. Little Chinese hang on the walls of their homes stockings, where Sho Hin adds up his gifts.

Mikuláš and Ežišek (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

address of Santa Claus for letters Czech Grandfather Mikulash comes to every house in the nighton the 6th of December. This is the night before St. Nicholas Day. Outwardly it looks like a twin of our Father Frost. He has the same long coat, a staff, a hat. Only he brings gifts in a box and accompanies him not charming Snow Maiden, but a beautiful angel in white clothes and shaggy devil. Good and obedient children Mikulash brings oranges, apples and various sweets. In the "Christmas boot" slacker or hooligan is a piece of coal or potato. For many, it remains a mystery how Ded Mikulash and Ezhishko get along.

Probably, this is the most modest and inconspicuousNew Year's character in the whole world. He throws presents to children. Ezhishek very carefully watches that no one sees him. That is why the appearance of this good-natured remains a mystery. But if the Christmas bell rings on the Christmas tree, Czech and Slovak children hurry to watch their presents. "Who brought this?" - Ask the most neshmyshlennye kids. "Ezhishek!" - parents answer with a smile.

Noel Baba (Turkey)

Many believe that Santas of different countriescreated in the image of St. Nicholas. Noel Baba - kind and generous miracle worker and a fighter with evil, patron of lost and abducted children. According to the existing legend, somehow Nikolay Mirlikijsky walked through the village past the poor house. From desperation, the father of the family was going to send daughters to "learn" the most ancient profession on Earth. Nikolay did not like this, and at night he threw three purses filled with gold coins into the chimney of the house. They fell into the shoes of girls. My father bought daughters' dowries and gave them all to marry.

Uvlin Uvgun

In Mongolia, the New Year celebrates a wholea family. The father of the family is assisted by Shina Gyla and Zazan Okhin. Sam Uvlin Uvgun - the embodiment of a magnificent pastoralist. Therefore, it is quite natural that he also appears in appropriate clothing on the holiday.

Address of Santa Claus for letters

Every child in the world dreams of getting the covenantNew Year's gift, which he dreamed of all year ... For this it is necessary to compile a detailed description of his wishes and send to his magic grandfather. But where can I get Santa's address for letters? We'll show you. Write your letters to the address: 162340 Veliky Ustyug, the house of Father Frost.

grandfather frost in the languages ​​of the world

There is another residence located in the Moscow Kuzminsky forest.

We hope that the upcoming New Year will be happy for you, and Father Frost will give everyone a welcome gift.

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