Sandwich panels. History of creation

Wright Frank Loit is an engineer who developed a project to create sandwich panels. He, and in 1930 worked on the Unsonian project, it was not a big cottage, which had only one floor. Wright wanted to build a house that would not be expensive. In order not to spend extra money, the illumination in the house had to be achieved through French windows. To save on heating decided by roofing.
During a long search for suitable materials, Wright realized that there is nothing suitable on the market, or the prices of such products are very high. But this did not stop him, and already, after a short while, he invented his own building material. It was excellent for facing walls and roofs, and also had good noise and heat insulation. This material has become a composite sandwich panel with a honeycomb. Sale of sandwich panels from the manufacturer on the site
The first sandwich panels had many flaws, but they nevertheless performed their task.They had high strength, and at the same time were light, had a good aesthetic appearance. Also, such panels were notable for their cheapness. American companies of the 50s immediately caught up with this idea.

And very soon the first sandwich panel with a layer of insulation was invented. This panel has a high ergonomics. In 1960, the popularity of sandwich panels increased to unimaginable heights, and already several companies in America switched to the production of this material only.
Frank Wright suggested that his inventions would be used in private construction, but nevertheless the panels gained popularity in the construction of industrial facilities.
In the 70s, Soviet engineers became interested in three-layer American panels. Then their production was adjusted in the city of Samara. They made panels with polyurethane foam insulation. These panels were used in the construction of the Volgodonsk Atomachine and Kama Automobile Plant.

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