Romantic valentines do it yourself

Good day! Very soon, Valentine's Day - a holiday of all lovers. Until February 14, there are a few weeks left, you can already start thinking about a gift, look for delicious food recipes for a romantic dinner ... You can get a few sheets of colored paper, scissors and glue and make interesting valentines with your own hands, decorate the house in a beautiful tones festive table.

This article contains the most interesting handmade ideas for the holiday of all lovers. We hope that with our help your second half will remember this day for a long time. So, we will surprise with all sorts of hearts, let's go!

Valentine's card with hearts do it yourself

And here are some fresh ideas for decorating romantic valentine cards:

Card with a volumetric heart with his own hands for Valentine's Day

For the postcard we need:

cardboard red (or white, pink - optional)

pieces of white and red cardboard (you can use only one color at your request)

You can add a lace napkin in a contrasting color, but not necessarily.But the highlight still give.


PVA glue or double sided tape

You can use a hole punch with the shape of a butterfly, a heart, etc., or you can draw and cut or print out the necessary figures.


We fold a square sheet of red cardboard in half. Fold make smooth - this is the basis of our Valentine. Cut out identical hearts from different pieces of cardboard. In this case, the hearts are cut out even from an openwork paper napkin to add a postcard of lightness. and make some kind of zest.

All hearts are bent vertically in half and glued to each other at the bend. Make sure that the folds on the hearts are not mowed, otherwise you get something ugly with curved hearts. The resulting volumetric heart sticking to the card. Choose your place yourself, you may want to add an inscription. larger size and content.

We write or print an inscription for a postcard, cut out and make a substrate for it - a piece of cardboard a little more than the inscription itself. The form can make any form, not necessarily a strict triangle. You can add carved butterflies or hearts. Inside the postcard, glue a square or rectangular sheet of white cardboard for text. Done!

The idea of ​​a volume DIY card with two hearts flowing into each other

It turns out very symbolic and beautiful Valentine. We will please your beloved soul mate on February 14th. Inside we will place 2 volume hearts, connected among themselves. It will take you only 10 minutes to create it - follow our instructions and that’s what you will do.

For the manufacture will need:

cardboard basis for a card;

red paper or cardboard;




On a red cardboard draw a heart. To draw a beautiful heart, the same on both sides, you need to make a stencil out of paper or cardboard. Bend it in half and on one side draw a beautiful half of the heart so that the fold goes through the middle. Then cut in a folded form and unbend. It turns out absolutely symmetrical heart. It remains only to circle it twice on a red cardboard and you already have two identical hearts ready.

Then we draw several hearts inside so that all of them are connected in a spiral. Cut out 2 such spiral hearts.

Hearts sticking on two halves of the inside of the card. Be sure to follow the symmetry. The smallest inner hearts interlock. Done!

Beautiful greeting card valentine do-it-yourself “Button hearts”

Funny postcards are made with buttons from hearts - bright and funny.Such a Valentine will undoubtedly surprise the addressee!

From the buttons of the appropriate color lay out the heart and glue on the glue. At will add an inscription.

Valentine's lottery with your own hands

Another interesting idea, Valentine's Day hack is a Valentine lottery. Although such cards can be made for the birthday of a loved one, for your anniversary or even for a children's holiday.

We all remember (and sometimes still try) lotteries, on which we must erase the protective layer with a coin. It turns out that such a lottery is very easy to do by hand. What we now do.

  1. Print your favorite template on thick paper.
  2. Fill the heart windows with all kinds of desires, prize symbols and pleasant words.
  3. Apply a protective layer. For a protective layer, mix in a jar 1 part of dish detergent and 2 parts of silver acrylic paint. Paint all the hearts with the resulting mass, let it dry thoroughly and apply another layer.
  4. It remains to once again give the lottery to dry. Done!

Valentine lottery templates

Choose the template you like and start working on the instructions above.

Valentine "10 reasons for my love"

In the windows-hearts, enter what you like best in your loved one: smile, eyes, laughter, lips, hugs, delicious breakfast in the morning 🙂

Valentine's Day with your own hands "You won / la! .."

You can make 5-10 such valentines so that the second half will independently draw out their prize. In the window you can enter a variety of "winnings" - a trip to a restaurant or a movie, the purchase of a new dress, the preparation of a romantic dinner, a massage or a striptease. Here is a place for your imagination. You know better how to surprise your passion.

You can give a whole pile of such lottery for the anniversary - every month a loved one will open a new heart and get a new gift!

Here are 4 templates for such a postcard, enlarge and print the one you like:

Valentines guessing cards with their own hands

In these 3 lotteries, almost like in real ones, you need to make a combination of hearts or hand-drawn symbols. This is an interesting activity - a surprise will definitely not make you bored.

For example, three guessed red hearts mean a big prize-gift, and the rest - nice bonuses. From above you can write "Try your luck", "Collect 3 identical hearts", "You're lucky!".

In such hearts, you can independently write combinations of different words or symbols: cherries meaning going to a restaurant or a box of chocolate, a handbag, which means buying a new thing or rings (which means buying jewelry). Girls can use symbols of equipment, men's accessories. Print your own annotation separately.

In the version for children, instead of hearts, you can use flowers, stars or circles - in a large company at a children's party such lottery can be used in contests and riddles.

DIY card with confetti by February 14

What gift can do without a postcard? Whatever you decide to donate, it is on the card that the mission of the main message falls - words of support, congratulations, declarations of love. And if this is a postcard with your own hands, then you will definitely make an unforgettable impression on the addressee.

On Valentine's Day cards become even more necessary, because it is thanks to them that the easiest way to admit their feelings.

For work you will need:a finished white card without a picture (you can do it yourself by folding a sheet of thick paper in half);

book page, red, white and pink paper (can be with a beautiful ornament);

two sheets of transparent material;

simple pencil;

white sheet of paper (not cardboard);

stationery knife;

hole puncher;


sewing machine and thread (if there is none, you can manually sew the “forward needle”).


Take your cardboard blank for the card and open it like a book. On the left inner side draw a simple pencil heart. It should not be too large or small - about 2/3 of the length of the postcard. After that, using a clerical knife, cut a heart.

Turn the card upside down after the heart is cut out.

Using the hole punch, make a lot of confetti from red, white and pink paper, as well as from the book page. In fact, you can choose colors at your discretion, and confetti can be taken ready.

Take your transparent film. Measure on it with a square ruler, the side of which is about 2-3 centimeters more than the cut out heart. Cut two identical squares.

It's time to use a sewing machine. We remind you, if you do not have it, you can make everything manually with a stitch “forward needle”. Fold the two halves of the film, stitch it on three sides so that you have a pocket.Mix confetti in different colors, then fill it with a pocket.

Sew the remaining open side on the sewing machine. Or use a needle and thread.

Gently grease each side of the transparent blank. Be careful - if the glue is too much, you can stain the front side of the work. Glue the pocket so that it completely covers the heart. Press firmly against the left side of the postcard.

Take a sheet of white paper. Measure it so that the sides are equal to the sides of the open postcard. After that, fold the sheet in half. Gently grease each edge of the paper and a few spots in the center. Glue the white sheet on the inside of the postcard.

Our Valentine's Day card is ready! Now you just have to write your message in it!

Valentines DIY with photos

Your joint happy photo can be the best Valentine for Valentine's Day. Add a line of wishes, a few hearts in Photoshop and insert it into a nice frame. Or make a heart out of your little photos. Both options will look very beautiful and will delight you day after day, giving you memories.

Funny Valentine do it yourself for colleagues

To do this you will need plastic (yes, in principle, any) toy soldiers! On the hearts we write requests for help, such as "Elena Arnoldovna, you killed me with your smile!", "I can no longer fight with these feelings!" "I am dying of love for you", "Fell on your mind outright!". We “distribute hearts” to the soldiers and arrange the regiment dying of love on the tables of our colleagues. Your sense of humor will definitely be appreciated, and for a long time the memories of this day will live in the jokes of your colleagues.

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