Riddles about seasons for preschoolers

Riddles about the seasons for preschoolers with the answers

The site "Mom can do everything!" Put together puzzles about the seasons for preschoolers. The correct answers to them will give children from 3-7 years old, and the older guys guess them easily.

The guests came to us: gray,

And for her - young

The third blooms brightly

And the fourth is crying. (Winter spring Summer Autumn)


It was white and gray,

Came green, young. (Winter and spring)


Dark cloud flew,

Down a white bird,

Turned into a little man

I stood at the porch,

Rolled somersault

And she sang a brook. (Autumn, Winter, Spring)riddles about winter with answers for children


Where there is a forest of red pines,

Where the snow is craze,

Let's run on fast skis.

Hello, mother ...! (Winter)


Although the snow and ice itself

And leaves - tears pouring. (Winter)


Snow in the fields

Ice on the waters

Blizzard walks.

When does it happen? (Winter)


She covered the ground with a duvet

Bound rivers strong ice

Drawn patterns on the window

Sparkling white silver. (Winter)



I decorated the windows,

The joy of the children gave

And on a sled ride. (Winter)


Gray mistress

Shake the perinkas -

There are snowflakes above the ground. (Winter)


Snowy mistress

Everything will cover with a blanket,

All smooth, clean up,

And then the land is tired

Lullaby sings. (Winter)


We hurried to hurry,

Brought us bullfinches. (Winter)


Old grandfather a hundred years old

The bridge naked in the whole river,

And she came young -

The whole bridge grinded. (Frost and spring)

spring puzzles for kids

The days are getting longer

The snow is melting, the streams are ringing and flooded.

From overseas faraway countries

Birds to us

Fly back. (Spring)


Flew pava,

Sat on the grass,

Dismissed feathers

For every potion. (Spring)


The snow is melting, the streams are ringing,

Stronger streams.

And the rooks are already flying

To us from distant countries. (Spring)


She comes with affection

And with his tale.

Magic wand wave -

In the forest, a snowdrop bloom. (Spring)


A beautiful maiden is coming

Bright sun leads,

And the old woman

Back in front of them,

In the wilderness of the forest is hiding. (Spring)children's puzzles about summer


Red, green, heat scorched,

Yellow, fruit, every day with a new one. (Summer)


The sun bakes, linden blooms.

Does rye ripen when it happens? (Summer)


You can swim and fish,

You can wander through the woods with a basket,

Run through the puddles in the warm rain

And do not be afraid to get wet. (Summer)


The sun is hot

The flowers are blooming,

Butterflies flit

Berries ripen

When does it happen? (In summer)


Green, yellow, red,

The most beautiful year!

Barefoot, generous, hot,

Dachnoe, beach, bright! (Summer)children's puzzles about the seasons


So the days are shorter

And the nights are longer

Birds stretch to the south,

Yellowed forest and meadow. (Autumn)


Her, to repaint the leaves,

Do not need paints or brushes:

Green in summer they

Become yellow, red. (Autumn)


All awarded

All ruined. (Autumn)


The Fairy Wonderful Came

Foliage without paint repainted. (Autumn)


I paint with yellow paint

Field, forest, valley.

And I love the sound of rain

Name me! (Autumn)


I am in the realm of puddles, in the land of lights and waters.

I am in the principality of the winged people,

Wonderful apples, fragrant pears.

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