GIA 2018

The state final attestation at the turn of the 9th and 11th grades is a procedure that still puts students and their parents in a stupor. It cannot be said that these school tests are fanned by strict secrecy, but every year a thick fog accumulates around the event, causing excitement among the direct participants in the testing. What should you know about the event and what are the new trends in its holding in 2018?

GIA 2018


Three certification pillars of national education

GIA 2018

Before rushing in search of information about innovations in the final test, you should understand the terminology. The abbreviation GIA stands for State Final Certification and combines such concepts as the Unified and Basic State Examinations (EGE and OGE). Further - everything is simple. Ninth-graders pass OGE, and eleventh graders - EGE. The results of the first slice of knowledge affect the assessment in the certificate, the second - are required for admission to the university.

The new appraisal format is haunted by constant changes. If in 2017, schoolchildren were preparing to take only four disciplines, then in 2018 the examination check was expanded to five subjects: two compulsory and three - by choice.This innovation will affect students in grade 9. Recent news and public discussions are increasingly hinting at the expansion of the list of tests to six by 2020, but so far the information on the official website of the Ministry of Education is not reflected.

The first acquaintance of students with GIA took place in 2014. It was an experiment in which only a few schools took part. The experience of certification "in a new way" turned out to be favorable and was adopted by all educational institutions. On the side of the method:

  • the possibility of an objective assessment of knowledge;
  • careful and balanced approach to testing skills and abilities;
  • exclusion of corruption schemes.

The disadvantages of the system include factors related to the activities of hacker groups; therefore, an important component of preparation for testing is information protection.

Who studied what or how does GIA-9 go?

GIA 2018

Certification is inevitable for all high school students. Its basis is typical test tasks, which allow to determine the level of knowledge gained during the entire period of study. GIA-9, aka OGE, is a compulsory procedure for ninth-graders and is conducted by analogy with the Unified State Exam. Such a warm-up before an even more challenging test.

The event is not held as before. To hold the exam, students are forced to leave their native places and take up desks at another school. They are invited to answer a series of test questions similar to everyday KIMs, which have replenished the arsenal of teachers and schoolchildren along with workbooks. The results of the knowledge slice are entered in the certificate and are required for admission to the institution of secondary vocational or technical education. The rating must be not lower than the category “satisfactory”.

Required subjects and disciplines of choice

GIA in 2018 grade 9.Required items, changes

In order to thoroughly prepare for the examinations, high school students are in a hurry to find out how many subjects to take and what disciplines need to be pulled up. These data have long been posted on the official website of Rosobrnadzor. So, in the 9th grade, schoolchildren are waiting for tests in five subjects:

  1. Russian language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Three disciplines of choice.

Most likely, a foreign language will be added to the list of compulsory disciplines, but officials are still considering whether to choose history or some other subject instead.

In grade 11, they also take the Russian language and mathematics, plus the disciplines necessary for admission to the selected university.With the only difference that "unsuccessful" in Russian or mathematics is able to deprive a graduate certificate. In return, he will receive a certificate.

Exam schedule for 2018

GIA in 2018 grade 9. Required items, changes

The dates of the GIA will be made public closer to the end of the school year, but you can navigate today, taking into account the dates of previous certifications.

  • early testing: from April 20 to May 6;
  • main examination period: from May 26 - June 24;
  • additional attempts: from 2 to 22 September.

For students of 9 classes who missed testing for a good reason, standby days are allocated. This assessment can be appealed by filing an appeal.

School subjects, applicants for inclusion in the GIA

Disciplines Arguments for"
History Memorable dates, personalities and events that took place in his native state - the knowledge necessary for every citizen, regardless of professional orientation
Social Studies Pupils and their parents themselves vote for this item. His ranking in the list of disciplines of choice is the highest
Physics Knowledge about the world is necessary not only for specialists. Proof of this is life itself.

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