Prototype D-80 backhoe loader

The Oryol enterprise CJSC DORMASH, with the expectation of mass production, has produced a prototype of the excavator loader D-80 on its own chassis with articulated articulated frame.

The car is equipped with a 80-horsepower diesel Deutz turbocharged. In front of the loading equipment is mounted with a bucket 0.8 m3. The power plant, the operator’s cabin and the excavator equipment are installed on the rear frame.

A semi-rigid engine is fitted with a pumping unit that ensures the operation of hydrostatic Danfoss transmission, work equipment and steering.

The transmission is controlled by the handle mounted on the steering column. The “Slowdown” pedal, which is part of the GTS, makes it possible to withstand zero speed at an increased frequency of rotation of the motor shaft, which allows increasing power when working with equipment.

Loading equipment is made according to the Z-inverse scheme, and the boom has a mount for interchangeable bodies - installation of a two-jaw bucket, increased and reduced capacity buckets, cargo forks, crane-less booms,grip jaw and others

In the cab, everything is provided for operator comfort. So the multifunction lever-joystick, located next to the armrest of the seat, simplifies the work, allowing you to control all the functions of the loader with one hand. The steering column has an adjustment for height and angle. Swivel seat, with armrests and seat belt. It can be adjusted in height, angle of back and move back and forth. The cabin is equipped with a climate control system that allows you to work in any conditions.

Special devices provide safety during operation, transportation and maintenance. Built-in locks keep the loading and excavating equipment in transport position. During maintenance, the retainer holds the loader arm in an elevated position.

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