Predictions of Alexander Zaraev for 2017

Everyone, with rare exceptions, often wonders what life will be in the near and distant future, what events and turns to expect from fate? But to see this very future is not given to everyone. Alexander Zaraev is one of the few people who managed to lift the veil in the next few decades.

Alexander Viktorovich Zarayev - astrologer, President of the Russian Astrological School, owner of the Sirius publishing house, professor. Author of books and articles on astrology and esoterica. Born in Dagestan, in 1954. He lives in Omsk. Let's get acquainted withZaraev predictions for 2017.

What to expect the world in 2017

In general terms, this year is quite tense, politically and economically. The world is facing conflicts between and within countries, mainly due to religious confrontations. At the same time, this period is fertile ground for laying the foundation for further growth and prosperity, both for countries and for each individual person.This year is most accurately characterized by the proverb “What you sow, you will reap”.

A landmark 2017 will be for the European Union. Zaraev predicts the beginning of the collapse of an organization uniting 28 European states.

For the United States of America, according to the astrologer, this year will be a launching pad for change. There will be significant changes in the leadership of the country. The change of president will entail a number of positive changes in social and economic life.

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Zaraev predicts for 2017 the cessation of hostilities in the east of Ukraine. The war will end by mid-2017. This event will entail a number of positive processes - political tensions will ease, economic growth will begin, people will have more optimism and confidence in the future.

So, the predictions for Ukraine for 2017, according to Alexander Zaraev, are positive - during this period there will be a change for the better.

Predictions for Russia

Russia expects a busy year. Being under the auspices of Mars, an aggressive and militant planet, the country will survive a turbulent time. The economic crisis, participation in military conflicts,the negative attitude of the world community to the foreign policy of Russia, social problems — it is in such a difficult situation that in 2017 the government will take several non-standard decisions and innovations that will lead Russia out of the crisis in subsequent years.

Other countries will not be ready for such radical methods and the consequences of the crisis will last for them for years. Zarayev says that in the future, historians will call this period an economic depression. Also in Russia there will be protests against the current government. This will be associated with the implementation of reforms in social policy and the reduction of funding in this area.

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Finances will be directed to the development of production. Such actions will cause a drop in the prestige of the president among socially unprotected segments of the population and provoke marches and protest demonstrations that will not grow into large scales.

Russia is a huge country and people of different religious beliefs live in it. Therefore, a religious confrontation in the world will affect Russia and cause quite serious clashes. The government will manage to resolve the situation and rally the people by issuing several laws and outlining a change in the course of development as a whole.

Alexander Zaraev caused criticism and a lot of questions from the public, making a prediction for 2017, which says that this period will be difficult for the Russian president, and will be the beginning of the end of his political career. Whether Zaraev is right, how correct and accurate his predictions are, we will find out pretty soon.

Scientist, astrologer, predictor

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Astrologers at all times enjoyed respect, and ordinary people and the rulers of the world listened to them. At the same time, astrology was called pseudoscience and quackery. With such a statement is still difficult to agree. Astrology has absorbed the experience and knowledge of thousands of years, it is an ancient science.

Astrologers have provided great assistance to humanity throughout its existence on Earth, and this is confirmed by the innumerable number of facts recorded in history. To such astrologers with confidence can be attributed Alexander Viktorovich Zaraev. Fame came to him at a young age, back in Soviet times.

Zarayev uses a scientific approach in his activity. He believes that astrology is a synthesis of scientific knowledge, logic, intuition and abstract thinking. According to him, in order to predict the future, it is necessary by an effort of will to protect your mind from the effects of the subconscious and the rational mind. In this way, it becomes possible to contact with information flows.

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Alexander Zaraev developed a method for predicting events using human aura. His predictions come true to the smallest detail. So he called the day of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, predicted the war in Chechnya and the exact date of the death of Boris Yeltsin.

The predictions of the Russian astrologer came true when in the late nineties he told about the departure of B. Yeltsin from the presidency and that the young and promising politician would be the successor.

Vladimir Putin’s victory in the presidential election in 2012 is another prediction by Zarayev that hit the target.

Alexander Zaraev sees in the future great prospects for the development of spirituality and a new consciousness of humanity. This will lead to the purification of the aura of the Earth, and will avoid global catastrophes.

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