Predictions for 2019 for Ukraine

In the material below we will try to look at the future through the eyes of legendary psychics and find out what predictions for 2019 for Ukraine they have voiced in their predictions.


Predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant

Predictions for 2019 for UkraineThe most famous prophet of the 21st century, Vanga, not only predicted a civil war and economic crisis in Ukraine, but also warned about the likely split of this fraternal state for Russia. Despite the fact that many of her prophecies are allegorical in nature, the experts were able to create a rather intelligible model of the fateful events that should happen in Ukraine in the very near future.

The list of come true include the following prophecies of Vanga:

  • dates of the beginning and end of the 2nd World War;
  • the period of "perestroika" and the collapse of the USSR;
  • the terrorist attack that occurred in the United States on September 11th, 2011.

In addition, Wangelia repeatedly mentioned the danger of a “global catastrophe of global scale”, which will cause the death of millions of people.According to the researchers of the prophecies of the eminent predictor, it will be a nuclear war, which will entail the most terrible and irreparable consequences for all mankind. As for the fate of Ukraine, this state expects a long, thorny, and at times bloody way, in the “final” of which the country expects a split into several independent republics. The direct background of this process is noticeable today. First of all, it is a civil conflict in the Donbas, the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation and the “split” of Ukrainian society into two opposing camps.

"Star" forecast by Paul Globa

Predictions for 2019 for UkraineUnlike the predictions of many eminent psychics, a well-weighted analyst is traced in the words of a famous Russian astrologer. Pavel Globa not only predicted many events of national and world history, but also explained them from the point of view of a professional political scientist. It is worth mentioning the prophecies concerning the future of fraternal Ukraine, since it is this state that, according to the popular astrologer, will play an important role not only in the fate of Russia, but also of the world as a whole.For this country, in the 2019th year, the "heavenly bodies" are preparing the following events:

  • a new wave of escalation of the conflict in the Donbas;
  • early presidential elections;
  • economic decline and the crisis of the political system.

Literally about the future of Ukraine, Pavel Globa spoke like this: “The increased activity of the planet Jupiter will lead to the intensity of military operations in the east of the country. The new Ukrainian leader, born under the constellation Scorpio, will pour oil into the fire, during whose reign the state will lose most of its territory. ”

Ukrainian "horoscope" Tamara Globa

Predictions for 2019 for UkraineThe astrological forecast from the “expert on the stars” is also rather pessimistic. Ukraine sees it exclusively in the context of global world events. According to the expert, in 2019, the financial system of many countries will “shake”. Being a weak link in this chain, a neighbor of Russia will inevitably face such a disastrous phenomenon as a default, which will negatively affect not only the economic sector of the state, but also cause a stormy discontent of the population. In different regions of Ukraine, new “pockets” of popular protests against the policies of the current government will flare up.Do not rule out Tamara Globa and the likelihood of the start of the new Ukrainian Maidan, which can finally destroy the already weak system of government.

The coming year through the eyes of Vasilisa Volodina

Predictions for 2019 for UkraineIn contrast to many predictors, Vasilisa does not see the future of Ukraine so sad. In her opinion, the coming year will bring the long-awaited truce to the Donbas to the Ukrainians. The country will change its course and start moving towards stability and prosperity. Changes for the better are also foreseen in the economic sector of Ukraine. Of course, not everything will be so smooth and rosy. In 2019, Ukrainian news will take precedence over corruption scandals involving prominent politicians, many of whom will be outside the presidential race. Ukraine will not avoid problems in the social and industrial sectors. In this field, the Ukrainian government will be completely dependent on its “Western patrons”, which will adversely affect the further development of the Ukrainian economy.

Predictions of famous psychics

Particularly noteworthy predictions of Nostradamus.In his quatrains, the soothsayer mentions the Ukrainian state as a major player on the world stage of the beginning of the 21st century. In its economic and political systems, cardinal changes will occur that will affect the geopolitical structure of the whole of Europe. What these transformations will be - negative or positive, the prophet, unfortunately, does not specify.

Do not stay aside from the predictions and Carpathian molfara. In 2019, these strongest psychics possessing the phenomenal clairvoyant gift foresee the beginning of a new era for Ukraine. After coming to power of a new political force and the establishment of peace in the Donbass in the country, finally, a period of stability and prosperity will come. Carpathian elders claim that relations with Russia will continue to be fragile, however, over time, both states will certainly come to an agreement and restore political, economic and diplomatic ties.

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