Pouf of plastic bottles

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It is possible to make an ottoman with your own hands from completely unexpected things! It would seem that plastic bottles can help in the manufacture of furniture? We invite you to learn how to make one of them a solid foundation for a soft and very beautiful padded stool.


We all love these round stools, because they so transform the interior of the apartment and make the room very comfortable. It is very convenient to keep them at home, as they are very compact. And because they can be hidden under the table, or even put away in the closet, if so far they are not necessary. On the ottomans, children love to sit and play, and they are also very convenient for organizing spontaneous tea parties in the room.

The advantage of ottoman from bottles is its light weight with excellent stability and durability. Well, its production is a simple and low-cost way to get a new piece of furniture into your home. This is convenient, because you can make a poof for yourself: any color and texture that fits exactly in your interior.

What do we need?

  • plastic bottles of the same size and volume (35-40 pieces)
  • Scotch
  • padded padding
  • finishing fabric (about two meters)
  • cardboard

Advice: Take an old sintepon 1.5-bed blanket (or get the simplest), if, of course, there wasn’t any sintepon on your mezzanine. The simplest thin blanket is just enough for a padded upholstery upholstery - and it will remain a little. And if your products are small, then 2 crafts will be enough

How to make an ottoman with your own hands?

First you need to seal the bottles together. Rewind them with scotch tape two pieces, then put together 4, then 8, and so on until the very end. If you are not sure of the strength of the structure, you can fill the bottles with bags or newspapers.

make ottoman

When all the bottles are in place, take a tape measure and measure the diameter of the bottom. We add 4.5 cm to this number and draw two identical circles of the obtained diameter on cardboard. Immediately according to them we will make a pattern for the design of the bottom and the harnesses: 2 circles from a synthetic winterizer, 2 circles from a finishing fabric.

Cardboard circles fasten to the bottom and top of the padded stool.

make ottoman

Then, using a tape measure or centimeter, we measure the lateral girth of our ottoman and its height, we throw 4-5 cm to this number and make the corresponding patterns from a padding polyester and upholstery fabric. If desired, you can make a double layer of padding polyester.

Now the entire padding layer is fastened to the ottoman.

make ottoman

And we sew everything right on it. Excess trimmed, fasten upholstery as tightly as possible. If desired, you can use superglue (fluff the cardboard base) so that the bottom and the seat do not fidget.

make ottoman

It remains only to execute the upholstery (by the way, it can also be tied up - the pouf will look no less impressive). Most of the cover sew on a typewriter, then put it on the ottoman and fastened with a secret seam. Or we insert a zipper (it is even more convenient, because it can be washed this way).

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