Polyurethane sealant


Polyurethane sealant

Polyurethane sealantused as a binder material for wood, brick, ceramics or concrete. In operation, it is quite gutaperchiv, it can withstand any mechanical and vibration changes. When using sealant, additional surface treatment with paints or varnishes is allowed.

The composition of the sealant is polyurethane resin, which gives the interaction with moisture, the polymerization of the mass.

This unique feature allows the use of sealant for insulating roofs and roofs, waterproofing pools, and to eliminate seams when installing glass. In addition, waterproofing mastic is used as a polymer coating. Qualitativepolyurethane sealantfor seams is widely used when installing sanitary products, this is due to the water-repellent properties of the material.Polyurethane sealantable to continuously stretch, taking the original form after the load.In addition to its exceptional ability to stretch, the sealant has excellent self-adhesion. This makes it possible, when applying the mass, not to remove the old layer of hermetic coating. It is enough to degrease the area and apply a fresh layer on it.

In addition to good performance,polyurethane sealantIt has high tech data:

  • Minimal shrinkage, i.e. change in the initial volume after evaporation from its composition of the solvent.
  • It quickly polymerizes, filling the seams with high quality.
  • The simplicity and ease of application of the composition.
  • The ability not to drain from vertical surfaces, providing fast processing.

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