Diego Maradona - football legend. Photo, biography and achievements

Maradona Diego Armando - the legendary ArgentineanA football player who played in the position of an attacking midfielder, as well as an attacker. According to the results of many votes, Maradona is a football player who could get on the list of the best players of the last century. In addition, he has many titles and achievements on his account, and he is known almost to every fan of football.

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Childhood and youth

On Sunday morning, October 30, 1960,Maradona appeared. His father's name is Diego, and his mother's name is Dalma. The birthplace was the province of Buenos Aires. The Maradona family did not differ from most of the families living in that place. Diego became the fifth of their children, but the first boy. Later the mother of the football player said that the birth of the boy was quite easy. All she wanted then was a healthy son who would later become a good person. Diego Maradona has Italian and Croatian roots.

At about ten months, the boy made the firstSteps. Childhood Diego spent on the street, like most Argentine children. Then he began to get involved in football, but it was difficult to call the game - the guys just ran after the ball.

His first good ball was Diego Maradona received ina gift from a cousin. Seven-year-old was so pleased that he fell asleep with him in an embrace. Soon he decided to show the gift to his friends and play with him, but changed his mind, and for a long time the toy lay at home. However, in the spring on the street appeared and the ball, and Maradona. The footballer learned from his father the art of right-handed strikes, and spent a long time doing it.

Soon, Diego began to play football with moreolder children, but they constantly beat him. For a long time the boy spent in the wasteland, honing his skills. Every day he got better and better at owning the ball. Later, Maradona became the most desired player in the courtyard teams. Footballer turned into the most technical player of the area.

At school, Diego immediately got into a football teamand became its basis. The family lived in the poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires, in a three-room house. The adults had to work hard, especially the father, who wanted to educate the children and feed them. Trying to help and kids, molding clay pots, and then selling them. Money, received in this way, was given to the mother.

"Los Cebalitos"

Diego Maradona - footballer, whose biographyis quite extensive and saturated. At the age of eight, he met a boy who was in favor of the Argentinian Juniors children's squad. Карри (so called the boy) also was very fond of football, thanks to what they quickly became friends.

In 1969, Carrizo introduced Diego to the scoutchildren's team "Argentinos Juniors". Get into the club Diego was already after the first viewing. Maradona, whose name even then became known in his native city, very quickly could get into becoming a key player. At his age, at first the coach did not pay attention and believed that he was a dwarf.

"Los Sebalitos" ("Bulbs") became a thunderstorm of alllocal youth teams. The leadership was able to perfectly pick up the players, and the leader was Maradona. Footballer had great endurance and could be on the field all two halves.

Progress team and player

With each game, the club, like Diego, showed alltop scores. Especially the team was remembered by the victory in the game with the youth team "River Plate". In that game, eight goals were scored (7: 1 - the victory of "Lukovichek"), five of them scored Maradona. The name of the football player after that meeting began to appear in the newspapers, and he got on television thanks to the ability to mint the ball for a long time. In the same period, the player suffered a serious hand injury. He was stitched, but Diego convinced the coach to release him in the next meeting, in which he scored five goals.

At the age of twelve, Diego Maradona enteredyouth structure "Argentinos Juniors". The coach had to release him under a different name, since his age was too small to compete. Over time, the River Plate management offered Diego a permanent contract, but he refused. Soon, Maradona managed to break into the seventh team, "Argentinos Juniors," and then made it to the first.

Despite such achievements, the family of a youngfootball player had a hard time. They had three more children. My father worked in a mill, working for two shifts. Nevertheless, he encouraged his son's hobbies and every day took him to classes. He believed that someday he would grow a great footballer.

Start a professional career

The first match in the main team"Argentinos Juniors" footballer Diego Maradona held October 20, 1976. At that time he was not yet sixteen. In the first meeting he came out in the end for ten minutes, but to defeat the team could not help. For that match, the player received the first fee, but was more pleased with the support of fans and flattering reviews in the press.

The next game was unsuccessful for the team andplayer, and he for a while went to the second team. He returned to the basis of the fourteenth of November and in the first match really showed his potential. In the following games, he appeared almost always.

The debut in the main and youth team

Diego Maradona

For the first time in the national team, Diego was invited in 1977. Argentina held a friendly match with the Hungarian national team. Diego was able to appear at the end of the match for twenty minutes.

In April of the same year the football player made his debut in the youth team. Together with the team, he took part in the youth world championship, which was held in the same year.

In the "Argentine", the player also showed himselfthe best way. For the season he played forty-nine games and scored nineteen times. At that time, many glorified world clubs began to watch the player. However, Diego chose to stay and prepare for the World Cup.

A few days before the start of the tournament,that some players were excluded, among them was Maradona. Footballer, whose name was supposed to be present in the first place, was very upset. Diego tried to get a ticket from the coach for the championship, but he was adamant. Subsequently, Maradona wrote that this was the most difficult defeat in his life.

Until 1981, Diego continued to speak for"Argentinos Juniors". In every game he scored regularly, but soon some differences with the leadership began, and the football player decided to change the club. The main contender for the player was "River Plate", but more persistent was "Boca Juniors."

"Boca Juniors"

On February 20, the player joined the new team. The transfer cost the club three million six hundred thousand dollars. In addition, the new club was supposed to pay six hundred thousand "lift", but he had insufficient funding. Therefore, the football player from the head of the club received two apartments.

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Soon, Diego made his debut for the team and begandemonstrate an amazing game. However, there were often conflicts between the player and the leadership. Many believed that this was due to the temperamental nature of Maradona. He himself called the main reason that the coach forced him to play on an altered scheme, which gave less freedom on the field.

The last match for "Boca Juniors" Diego held in February 1982. In all for the team, he spent forty matches and scored twenty goals.


In 1982, Diego joined the Catalanclub, which pledged to pay three million dollars "lifting" and two hundred thousand each year. The transfer of the player cost the team eight million dollars and became at that time the most expensive in history.

Encountered a player in Spain is very warm. Each newspaper wrote about the arrival of the football player. Diego Maradona managed to spend fifteen games when he was diagnosed with hepatitis. Because of illness, the football player was forced to miss three months. Returned to the field player in the match with "Betis".

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The start of the next season for the player turned outunsuccessful. In a match with "Atletico" Diego suffered a serious injury - a fracture of the ankle. The operation was conducted in one of the clinics in Barcelona, ​​where the player was told that he would be able to leave the field only after six months. He returned to football in January 1984 in a match with Sevilla and helped his team to win.

Soon between the player and the leadership begandisagreements. Diego was seen for visiting nightclubs, and once became the instigator of a fight on the football field. The result was that the player decided to move from "Barcelona" to another team.


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In the summer of 1984, the player began negotiations"Napoli" and soon concluded a contract with him. The transfer amount was slightly less than eight million dollars. Fans greeted the football star in Naples very warmly. In Italy, Diego was before 1991. It is here, according to many, the best years in the career of Maradona. With the club, he managed to achieve many prestigious titles and gained great popularity among the fans.

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"Seville" and the last years of his career

In the fall of 1992, Diego Maradona joined"Seville". The transfer cost was seven and a half million dollars. However, in the new club, the player did not get on very well. There were problems with some old injuries. Several matches the football player was forced to spend on anesthetizing injections.

In the summer of 1993 Diego was forced to part with the Spanish team because of conflicts with the coach and management.

In the autumn of the same year, Maradona returned to Argentinaand signed a contract with the Newells Old Boys. However, he stayed there only until the winter of 1994. On the post of coach came a new mentor, who decided to terminate the contract with the player. In February of the same year, the player attacked the correspondents with an air rifle, who were doing a report at his house. The court was sentenced to two years probation.

"Boca Juniors" was for Maradona the last club in his career. "Hung the shoes on the nail" Diego in 1997.

how many years maradone football player

Despite many shortcomings and addictions,football player is one of the best players in history. Many people are now interested - how many years of Maradona? Footballer in 2016 turned 56 years old. Diego did a lot for the whole world football, leaving his mark in the clubs not only of Argentina, but also of Europe. Of course, the younger generation no longer found the game of the great Argentinian, but the name is known to almost everyone.

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