Perfume with your own hands

November 14, 2010

Perfume with your own handsIn order to become the owner of your own unique material, you can make perfumes with your own hands, and this is not as difficult as it seems.

The basis for self-cooking perfume are essential oils. Even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra created compositions based on aroma oils, and today there is an opportunity to create a unique exclusive fragrance. In addition to perfumes - oil, alcohol or solid - at home you can also make deodorants, toilet water or perfume cream. In addition to the wonderful aroma, these tools are also able to relieve stress and irritability, enhance pep and contribute to a good mood.

All spirits consist of three phases: the first (the heads of the spirits), the second (the hearts of the spirits) and the third - the basis or base. All these phases are manifested precisely in this sequence. Depending on the components, the smell changes within 5-30 minutes and then a note of the “heart” of the perfume remains on the skin for several hours. In the future, for 12-24 hours, you can feel only the base note, which does not change until the aroma disappears. When choosing a scent, you should remember about its variability and carefully select all three notes.

As a rule, the first note consists of quickly disappearing perfumery components: citrus oils, lavender, bergamot, lavender, basil, nutmeg, etc. The first note is very important, because it is “heard” when meeting with perfumes. The second note is the heart of the spirits, its main component. It is the one that connects the main and top note of the perfume and this part consists of components of slow evaporation, namely jasmine, rose, lily, sage, juniper, etc. The third note consists of substances with the lowest level of evaporation that remain on the skin and also serve to consolidate the rapidly evaporating components - patchouli, cedar, tuberose, vanilla, cassia, vetiver, oriental spices, musk. It should be remembered that some components can move from group to group.

dry perfume with your own handsSo, how are homemade perfumes made? Take strips of blank paper with a length of 10 cm, put on each one component and sign their names. When mixing the components, the base note is added first to the middle note, then the base oil and then the essential oils related to the initial note. Therefore, it is first necessary to make a base, i.e. "Heart" of spirits.On paper strips put drops of several components of a basis and define which of them best of all "sound". Also create the main part, trying combinations and experimenting. Then combine them together and add ethers of the initial note. Having created 2-3 combinations, it is necessary to feel whether it is pleasant or necessary to remove or add something. You can create several more combinations.

After determining the best combination, the selected esters are added to the base. It can serve as alcohol, oil or wax. Ethers are added to the base as follows: heart, main note, head of spirits. After mixing a pair of components, the perfume bottle is left for 20-30 minutes so that the components are connected and settled, and then you can add other essential oils. If the perfume is prepared on the basis of oil or a mixture of oil and wax, then the perfume can be used immediately, and the spirit-based perfume should be settled in a dark place for 3-4 weeks.

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