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The distribution of the state budget for the payment of pension accruals is a complex and lengthy process. After a recent statement by a parliamentarian that the age of retirement, Russians are waiting for an increase in pensions in 2019. Consider how much the payments will increase and how they will be indexed.

Indexation of pension payments

The head of the Ministry of Labor, Maxim Topilin, reported an increase in the average pension in the Russian Federation to 15,400 rubles, if the retirement age is increased. Guaranteed indexation of pensions in 2019 is provided only for non-working pensioners. If a citizen who has reached retirement age continues to engage in labor activity, he will not be able to receive an increase in his pension. After the dismissal, any pensioner will be able to get a raise. In this case, the calculations are carried out according to all the indexations carried out at the time when the citizen was still working. The plan for the distribution and calculation of pensions was worked out until 2024.

The economic development plan provided by the experts suggests that after raising the pension "threshold" all payments will increase by 30%. This will happen closer to 2024.

It is assumed that the annual income of every unemployed pensioner will increase by a total of twelve thousand. If the growth rates continue, by 2020 retirees will be able to feel a significant increase in their financial capabilities.


Average pension in Russia

It is no secret that now the size of pension payments are in the region of 13-14 thousand rubles. Already by 2019, the figures will increase to 14-15 thousand. According to sociological polls, the majority of Russians consider payment of about 30 thousand rubles as an acceptable pension. Recall that this is almost two times more than the current amount. That is why a slight increase in payments practically does not please anyone.

As mentioned earlier, the innovation will affect only the unemployed pensioners. The indexation of payments to working citizens officially listed as pensioners was canceled a few years ago. The authorities do not plan to resume such activities.A similar decision was made because working pensioners and without indexation receive additional income.

Nevertheless, the Pension Fund of Russia notes that the indexation of social payments is available to all pensioners. The presence or absence of employment is not important. The only caveat is that the amount, taking into account indexation, can be obtained only after the end of official labor activity. Accordingly, the entire funded part of the pension remains with the citizen.

The increase in pension payments is a direct consequence of raising the retirement age. Unfortunately, such measures can not be avoided, as the country's budget is not enough to ensure a comfortable old age of every citizen. Of course, payments were raised slightly, but in today's Russian realities, even an extra thousand rubles can help a single pensioner out.

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