Paisius Athos predictions about Russia 2018

Investigating the messages of the clairvoyant elder, many experts concluded that many of his prophecies about our state have already come true. Their list includes predictions about the catastrophe in Chernobyl, the collapse of the USSR, the Chechen war and the conflict with Georgia. Given this fact, the predictions of Paisy Athos about Russia for 2018 become particularly relevant.

Paisius Athos predictions about Russia 2018


The amazing gift of Paisius Athos

Paisius Athos predictions about Russia for 2018

The future Orthodox monk was born in Greece in the distant 1924. After graduation, the boy joined the army. However, the 1950th year was a turning point for him. It was then that Paisiy became interested in religion and went to the Kutlumush monastery, where he became a monk.

In the spring of 1978, he moved to the Athos cell, in which he lived almost his entire life, performing prayers and receiving a huge number of people in need of physical and spiritual healing.

The old man of Athos died in 1994 near Thessalonica in the Theological Monastery.Since then, thousands of Orthodox Christians annually visit his burial site, honoring the monk as a great prophet and miracle worker.

Two years ago, at a meeting of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, it was decided to build Paisius Athos in the face of the saints.

Athos elders predictions about the future of Russia

Paisius Athos predictions about Russia 2018

Many researchers of life and prophecies of Paisius Athos are surprised by the fact that he managed to foresee the military conflict in the Middle East, which today is causing concern to the entire world community. Literally, his forecast sounded quite frightening: “When the Turkish authorities block the Euphrates River, wait for the arrival of the 200 millionth troops from the rising sun”.

More recently, these words would be perceived as something incredible. However, we can already see that the great Orthodox saint was absolutely right. In 2018, in Turkey, the launch of the dam is planned, which is able to almost completely block the Euphrates.

According to the prediction, which the Holy Father announced in the 90s of the last century, Constantinople will fall. A bloody war will break out between Turkey and Russia,as a result of which a third of the Muslim population of the neighboring country will perish, a third will accept Christianity, and the remaining Turks will be forced to leave the borders of their country in search of salvation.

Many Western European countries will take part in the confrontation with Russia, however, their assistance to Turkey will be ineffective. According to the elder, Constantinople will be transferred to the power of the rightful owner - Greece.

Svjatogorts predictions confirm the current events in the Middle East, in which both Turkey and Russia participate. The situation in Syria is so tense that it could well lead to a military clash between the Kremlin and Istanbul. It is worth recalling that the United States, Israel and some European countries are involved in the conflict. Given the difficult situation in this region, many experts agree that the worsening of geopolitical relations between Russia and the countries of the Western world could provoke the start of World War III.

Prediction of a new leader and spiritual revival of Russia

Paisius Athos predictions about Russia 2018

According to the visions of the Athos elder, Russia will become the only state in the world that will defend the Orthodox faith and the Russian-speaking population.In 2018, Russia will enter a new era. According to the prophet, a new God-anointed ruler will come to power in our country who will be able to prevent the threat of a global nuclear catastrophe threatening the destruction of all mankind. The prophecies of the Athos elder almost completely coincide with the predictions of such famous clairvoyants such as:

  • Nostradamus;
  • Wang;
  • Edgar Cayce.

In their prophecies, the Elder of Athos paid special attention to the spiritual unification and rebirth of the Russian people. According to him, the majority of people living in the territory of our state are aware of the need to appeal to God. Belief in the Almighty and spiritual unity of the Russians will help the country to reach a new level of not only moral, but also economic development.

Ukraine - Russia: Peace or War?

Paisius Athos predictions about Russia for 2018

An interesting fact is that the prophecies of the Elder of Athos also apply to the Ukrainian people. The clairvoyant noted that in the future Ukraine bordering with Russia is not expected in the most joyous times. The most significant predictions that the monk made for this country are:

  1. overthrow of the legitimate government;
  2. civil war in the Donbas;
  3. the split of the state in 2014 (the exit of the Crimea from Ukraine).

During his lifetime, Paisii Athos warned Ukrainians more than once about the falsity of their choice in favor of the European Union and the severing of Kiev’s relations with Russia. He said that in the event of a rapprochement between Ukraine and Europe, the country would face a long-term economic decline, which by its scale would significantly surpass the financial crisis in Greece.

However, the old man saw the main danger for the state in the spiritual decay of the once kind and sincere Ukrainian people. Negative processes that are observed today in Ukraine are direct evidence of the correctness of the Athos prophet.

According to Paisiy Svyatogorts, the current situation in Ukraine will change no earlier than 2020. Only thanks to the coming to power of a new leader, the restoration of relations with Russia and the appeal of the fraternal Ukrainian people to God will the long-awaited peace come and the country's exit from the long-term economic crisis.

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