New Year. Krasnaya Polyana 2019

To celebrate the holidays well in the Homeland is a unique opportunity to see a lot around, even if it seemed commonplace before. If you doubt that you can adequately organize a celebration, try to spend the New Year in Krasnaya Polyana in 2019, where the best conditions are created and decent prices are offered for all travelers. Below it is proposed to look at what hotels are offering with a program, how much more attractive a ski resort will be, capable of providing the best possible impression on fans of extreme descent.


Holiday features

So, decided to spend the New Year holidays in the mountains? You need to prepare for this event and try to find a decent place to rest, get together and go in search of the best impressions. The celebration of the New Year in Krasnaya Polyana is gaining a truly grand scale, because the region is famous not only for its majestic natural landscapes, but also for its distinctive culture, which can immediately inspire and surprise even the most demanding guest.It is worth noting immediately that the region is a tourist destination; those who wish to take vouchers to Krasnaya Polyana will be pleasantly surprised by the service worthy of your attention.

New Year. Krasnaya Polyana 2019

The main points of this holiday can be seen in the table:

Feature of the resort in winter Ski slopes, the opportunity to try to visit the pristine nature, enjoy the clean fresh air
Temperature In the daytime, the temperature is set at +5 degrees, at night - at +1 degrees.
sights It is recommended to relax with children, visit the main sights - Nameless waterfalls, maiden tears
Where to stay Numerous chalets are offered to choose a room, cottages are also provided for rent, many VIP offers. Separate attention deserves a guest house, equipped with all the most necessary for a memorable stay.

Rest in the best place

How attractive can be the New Year's tour in Krasnaya Polyana:

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is prices. For those who prefer to spend time on a holiday with taste, it is recommended to look at such an offer.In addition, the cost will be slightly lower, if you try to book a reservation earlier, this opportunity is offered by an overwhelming number of services operating in this region;
  • Nature, in fact, is the main attraction, which is the very proposal that operators with pleasure make to numerous tourists. In particular. It offers a bright sun that can warm up well even in the most severe winter days, the air is clean. The region is perfect for recovery and replenishment of forces, so if you want to improve your health, be sure to go to Krasnaya Polyana;
  • The most versatile service is offered, starting from joint rest in a large company, where there are many children and ending with cozy, quiet, romantic evenings. To this end, the resorts offer all possible infrastructure, ranging from small noisy cafeterias to even restaurants. The service includes excursions to the most interesting and memorable sights. For example, you can comfortably go for a walk to the waterfall “Maiden's Tears” or to his “brother” - the Nameless Waterfall.Both of these creations of nature in the wintertime are a real masterpiece, such a spectacle will remain in memory for a long time;
  • The temperature in the vicinity will be pleased to please any vacationer. In the daytime, the temperature is set to no more than +5 degrees, with the onset of night, the thermometer thermometer drops already to +1 degree. There is a sunny weather in the indicated place all the year round, and sometimes in winter you can visit this autumn, this region is so warm and pleasant.

New Year. Krasnaya Polyana 2019. hotels with cheap program

First of all, when you arrive at a new place for yourself, check out the surroundings. In Glade presents a huge variety of attractions that are recommended to draw attention to each. The Atsetuk lakes located in the vicinity deserve special attention, this place is really difficult to forget how original and incredibly beautiful nature will seem in this place. And this is not all the possibilities that the tour operator offers to see the guests. For example, you can improve your own health near a mineral spring,the sanatorium will offer the best conditions for such a pastime.

The ideal option would be small, but cozy guest houses scattered throughout the territory of Polyana. Rest in them will be a real fairy tale, because you can get perfect accommodation for a family for a short time or spend it in a noisy company. The main thing is that no one will interfere with your fun, and after the rest there will definitely be something to tell your colleagues, acquaintances, relatives.

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