New Year 2019 in Antarctica

For several years, travel companies have been selling tours to celebrate the New Year in Antarctica. The luxury vessel that was built in 2010 is called “Le Boreal”. That is where the celebration will take place. Duration of the tour - 11 days. All cabins on board are luxury only. Already interested? We will tell you in more detail.

Daily travel program

On December 28th you will arrive in Ushuaia from Buenos Aires. On arrival, you will have the choice between visiting Tierra del Fuego National Park and departing directly to the yacht.

For reference. Ushuaia - the real edge of the planet Earth. In the city, by the way, you can put a stamp in your document stating that you were at the edge of the world. Only 45 thousand people live in such a distant northern city. Ushuaia is the capital of “Tierra del Fuego”. Almost from all sides the city is surrounded by mountains called the Andes. The first inhabitants appeared on the edge of the world as much as 10,000 years ago.

UshuaiaNow there is very little entertainment in the city for those who save their budget. But for those who have a budget of almost unlimited entertainment is full.One of the most interesting is the flight over the city by helicopter. Believe that there are open such horizons that you can never forget.

From 5 to 6 o'clock in the evening will be made landing on the ship. At half past six in the evening, a dream trip will begin, which will allow you to celebrate the New Year 2019 in Antarctica. Somewhere around seven in the evening guests will be introduced to the staff of the yacht.

January 29-30, you will sail the Drake Strait. There you will be waited by the real northern winds and sea waters boiling from the cold. Birds will accompany the entire mega-yacht in the hope that someone will feed them. After the vessel passes the zone of the Arctic Convergence, there will be several times more birds. You are probably interested, why is this happening? We will not reveal to you all the cards. About these and other wonders will tell you on the yacht.

WhaleFrom December 31 to January 4, you will visit the Arctic Peninsula, as well as the islands named Shetland. On the way to the peninsula, you will find many surprises, as in these places the path will change depending on weather conditions. But there are advantages to this, because the team will decide what to show you on this particular day, and not just follow the route studied.You will be able to see the seals sunbathing directly on the sea ice floes, you will see flocks of penguins and other unusual animals.

The visit plans will also include various scientific stations where you can talk with the workers. If possible, various unusual places and coves will be visited. But, unfortunately, everything will depend on weather conditions. And sometimes by chance. For example, it is you who might be lucky to see sea whales diving out. But it may, unfortunately, not be lucky.

Here is a list of places that are included in the cruise liner visit plans for the New Year 2019:

Journey on the ship

  1. South Shetland Islands. These islands can be considered one of the most interesting for the entire trip. As soon as you get to the archipelago, you will be able to communicate with the inhabitants of the northern regions of our planet: Arctic penguins and gentoo penguins are very friendly, they are not at all afraid of uninvited guests. In addition, they know that people will definitely treat them to something tasty. On the way back it will be possible to watch how sea lions and leopards bask in the sun.
  2. On “Brown Cliff” you can look at the petrels, gulls and Adele penguins.On the coast at the same time, you can see Weddell seals basking in the sun.
  3. A visit to the island of Cuverville will be remembered for you by unusual species of penguins and petrels. These animals live on open rocks.
  4. Paradise Bay. In this place you will be able to set foot with your feet on the continent of Antarctica for the first time. Not far from the landing site is a research station, which belongs to Argentina. After her visit, you will go in search of Minke whales and craboedal seals.
  5. The next destination is Paulet Island. Many travelers call this place the island of penguins. After all, over ninety thousand representatives of Adele penguins live on it. The whole island is teeming with penguins - clumsy and funny animals. On a nearby hill, you can see blue-eyed cormorants, and next to them is a lonely hut where an expedition from Sweden has wintered. More details about all this will tell you guides.
  6. Petterman Island. From this island opens the most beautiful view of the most southern continent. In addition, it will be possible to see whales that swim between icebergs. Also on the island is a huge number of typical northern animals with whom you can chat.
  7. Pleno Island will open before you an incredible valley of icebergs.You just can not take your eyes off such an unusual sight: icebergs will reflect the sunset and the azure sky.
  8. Whale Bay and Deception Island. The island is the top of a volcano, part of which has long collapsed. The crater as a result became part of the seabed. In order to get into it, the captain of the vessel will have to really try, because there is only one passage into which the vessel barely passes. This place used to be a whale slaughterhouse. But animal rights activists have achieved its closure. This place is still very heavy atmosphere, because no one even removed the whale bones, teeth. Yes, and the boilers in which the fat was melted, still stand still.
  9. Port Lockroy. At one time, this port was a station for intercepting information, and then a station for researchers. Now there is a museum in the port, several souvenir shops and shops, restaurants. Also in the port are found penguins, with whom you can take photos.

On the last day of the trip we will have a farewell dinner with the participation of the captain.

Price of travel, features

PenguinsPrices for such a trip can not be low, because all cabins are exclusively luxury. The cost of travel starts from 9 350 euros.The most expensive cabin will cost 29,000 euros. But this is not the full cost of the trip, because a lot of this price is not included. For example, you will additionally have to pay for the following services:

  1. Charges at airports - 40 euros.
  2. Port fees are 500 euros.
  3. Tips for waiters - 132 euros.
  4. Excursion to the National Park in Ushuaia.
  5. Flight to Buenos Aires.
  6. Medical insurance.
  7. Other personal expenses - laundry, communications, Internet, spa, doctor on board.

Le borealAnd here is a list of what was included in the price:

  1. Flight from the capital of Argentina to Ushuaia and back.
  2. Transfers in Ushuaia.
  3. Accommodation in the cabin.
  4. On board all inclusive (in terms of food).
  5. Tea, coffee, drinks around the clock.
  6. Entertainment program every evening.
  7. The bar is open around the clock.
  8. Rubber boot rental.
  9. Free winter jacket.

Travel to AntarcticaBelieve me, this tour is worth the money that you have to pay for it. After all, just such a New Year 2019 will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Perhaps nowhere else in the world can you see animals in their habitat. These emotions you remember for a lifetime.

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