New Renault 2017-2018 year

New products Reno 2017-2018 in Russia will be a lot. We tried to find the maximum amount of important information about the development of the model range of a famous French carmaker in the near future. Further in the text you will learn how Renault will win the heart of the Russian driver very soon. Go?

Renault Koleos / Renault Coleos

Perhaps we will open our list of new models of the Reno 2017-2018 presentation of the new Koleos. Notice the wheels. Koleos is a compact crossover. It is produced, by the way, in Busan, where the train was not so long ago. Now the end of 2016 has been established in the yard, if that. And now very soon, from the very beginning of 2017, Russian motorists will be able to content themselves with all the advantages of this vehicle. In his arsenal - beauty, quality and convenience. And the price pleases.

The crossover can be bought in Russia for free sale for about 1.5 million rubles.

Renault KoleosRenault Koleos

Renault Kaptur / Renault Kaptur

Kaptur, Captur, Kaptur, Captur. As they say, find the differences. It should be noted that Kaptur, a mid-size crossover, is for sale in Russia. Its external similarity with the Captur, a mini crossover, is noticeable, however, not least, it is built on the Renault Duster platform.New Renault 2017-2018 clearly benefit from the fact that during this period it will be possible to acquire this vehicle. Exclusively. He is able to give any driver everything that he has always dreamed of.

In Russia, the crossover is sold at a price of about 1 million rubles. Interestingly, the French company as a whole and Captur in particular will become the original face of the future World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia. One of many.

Renault KapturRenault Kaptur

Renault Duster / Renault Duster

Actually, about the "anther". Duster in the period 2017-2018 will be updated. So say the insiders. The compact crossover, which previously had 5 seats in the cabin, in the Grand Duster version will get 7 seats. It will be a real budget SUV, as it is already called. Bezdorozhnik? Somehow it does not sound, to be honest. So, Grand will be more, therefore, better in the context of its technical data.

I want to believe that it will be possible to purchase the “Big Duster” in Russia for less than 1 million rubles.

Renault DusterRenault Duster

New Renault Crossover

Probably, you know that the French company has at its disposal a division that manufactures sports cars. Those even then participate in the races.This workshop itself is already more than half a century old, of which for nearly four decades its employees have been working for the benefit of the Renault Group. So, in 2017-2018 Alpine, namely the unit calls itself, will release a sports crossover. There is information that the Alpine Celebration concept will form its basis.

The cost of a hybrid car, by the way, all-wheel drive, presumably, will be equal to 2 million rubles.

New Renault CrossoverNew Renault Crossover

Renault Megane / Renault Megane

It is said that by 2018, the French intend to upgrade their hatchbacks that are in demand. The new Megane model will be “charged” to the extent that it will please the end user with three hundred horsepower of power. The prefix in the title - RS - as if hints that this is Really Speed.

For a kind of “real speed”, auto dealership managers in Russia will ask for at least 1.5 million rubles.

Renault meganeRenault megane

New electric cars from Renault

There is information that by 2018 the French brand will prepare several improved versions of its electric vehicles specifically for Russia. Almost certainly it will be the familiar KANGOO Z.E., TWIZY, ZOE and FLUENCE Z.E. It is possible that the French are also preparing a surprise in the form of an unpublished news. In any case, there is no competition with Tesla.

The price of French electric cars in the Russian Federation without fail will please potential buyers. For 1 million, it seems, it will be possible to pick up a good version of a vehicle operating from an electric charge.

New electric cars from RenaultNew electric cars from Renault

New Renault 2017-2018 in Russia: what kind of “Frenchman” will win the heart of the Russian car enthusiast?

Have you arrived? Actually, these are all new items of the popular French brand, which will appear in Russia in the period 2017-2018. You need to choose for yourself potentially the best option. Fortunately there is a choice.

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