New gadgets in 2018

Analysts record an incredible increase in customer interest in modern multifunctional gadgets. So, this year, customers of large stores 6 times more often preferred smartphones than personal PCs, laptops or tablets. We offer to find out what the new market is preparing to offer the consumer and what innovative technologies of the future can be found in the novelties of 2018.

In the article we will tell:

Flexible smartphone display

Smartphones 2018

Every year smartphones surprise with new and new features. Today, large screens and high-quality cameras, high-speed access to Internet technologies and the ability to work with documents have become commonplace. But, manufacturers do not stop at what has been accomplished and, perhaps already in 2018, the novelties of gadgets that will appear on the market will have not only a radically new design, but functions such as:

  1. 3D hologram visualization;
  2. contactless screens that read commands without direct contact;
  3. the possibility of maximally long battery life and fast charging of high-capacity batteries;
  4. high level of protection against dust, humidity and other negative external influences;
  5. Unprecedented personal data protection.

From the point of view of design, the most expected in the market are the new items of flexible devices Samsung Galaxy X1 and Lenovo CPlus. Both smartphones will use innovative screen models. But, the new Galaxy X1 most likely received a folding book case, and the Lenovo CPlus - the ability to bend at several points, turning from a mobile phone into a stylish bracelet.

Samsung Galaxy X1 2018Lenovo CPlus 2018

Also in 2018, frameless monoblocks promise to become a trend. It is this design that they promise to implement in their new models by Apple, Xiaomi and Meizu.

Apple's 2018 smartphone

Samsung is announcing for 2018 the release of the new Galaxy S9 Edge with a curved screen that will occupy the entire front panel plane.

Galaxy S9 Edge 2018

New 2018 for gamers

The computer games industry demonstrates the rapid pace of development, which requires manufacturers to significantly improve the technical parameters and expand the capabilities of gaming consoles. So, in 2018 a new gaming electronics from the largest corporations Sony and Microsoft is expected.

Sony PlayStation 5

The most anticipated device of the game world, without a doubt, is the 5th generation PlayStation.It is expected that the console will receive such innovations as:

  1. new powerful AMD processor;
  2. performance at 10 teraflops;
  3. even higher quality visualization of virtual reality;
  4. new models of functional gaming add-ons, such as virtual reality helmets and a wide variety of game manipulators.

Most likely, new gaming stations from Sony will be available in the second half of 2018.

PlayStation 5 in 2018

Xbox one x

Microsoft plans to offer gamers an Xbox One X console. But, unfortunately, the device will not support virtual reality simulators, providing players with only high-quality rendering in ultra-high resolution Ultra HD, 3840 × 2160.

We offer to watch the video presentation of the new console:

Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

In addition to the standard features that can already be tried in the latest models of VR-glasses, a device developed by Apple engineers can offer its owner:

  • full synchronization with IPhone;
  • mixed reality, the essence of which is in adapting the game situation to the area surrounding the user;
  • High-quality built-in photo and video camera, for the use of which you do not need to remove the gadget.

Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

PC Innovations

Along with the classic models of personal computers, powerful gaming laptops and compact tablets, hybrid models will appear on the market during 2018, because consumers are now interested in new gadgets that combine the advantages of different types of PCs.

Lenovo Blade and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 laptops, which are scheduled for release in 2018, can be considered a vivid example of new transformable computers.

If you are more interested in new gaming electronics, using which you can run the most TOP games on a stationary PC, which will be released in 2018, we recommend to pay attention to such new products of the market as:

  • innovative 10-nanometer processors Intel Cannonlake;
  • video card with GDDR6 memory;
  • A new generation of NVIDIA Volta GPUs that may appear at the end of 2017;
  • AMD's dual-chip Vega 10 graphics cards.

10-nm processors Intel Cannonlake

What will be the price of computers equipped with such novelties, we can only guess. With confidence we can only say one thing - their cost will be in the premium segment.

Individual vehicles in 2018

In 2017, individual vehicles such as:

  • segways;
  • gyroscooters;
  • monowheels.

In the coming year, interest in such new products of the market will increase rapidly. It can be expected that the prices of personal electric vehicles for moving through the streets of the city will decrease, and the technical parameters of the models will be improved. From the expected characteristics of new segway and hovercraft it can be noted:

  1. increased permeability by increasing the diameter of the wheels;
  2. more powerful batteries, allowing you to increase battery life;
  3. fast charge system integration;
  4. protection against humidity, which will allow the use of vehicles not only in warm and dry weather;
  5. full integration with gadgets running iOS or Android.
Segways in 2018Hoverboards 2018Fashionable monowheel

It is worth noting that today the same rules as pedestrians apply to people moving through the city’s streets on similar models of electric vehicles. But, quite possibly, in the near future, this issue will be revised, because the maximum allowable speed of electric vehicles with each new model is rapidly increasing.

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