2018 BMW X5

The new model of the BMW X5 2018 is a luxurious crossover designed to give pleasure from every minute of your stay and emphasize the high status and success of its owner!

Model history

In general, our “five”, about which we began to speak here, is rather mature. Her first generation came out in 1999. After him there were two more - and all with a different factory index. The last - the third - generation is produced from the 2013th. Should I take the available information as the basis for the assumption of the forthcoming release of the fourth version of the popular crossover? Between releases of three previous generations, the gap of 7 years was maintained. From 2013 to 2018, it will be 5, and if the fate that official sales of new items begin in 2019, then almost 6 years.

BMW X5 1st generationBMW X5 2nd generation

Conceptually new car

The first photos of the novelty, appeared on the network, were made against the background of snow-covered roads. But even through the camouflage that hid the true splendor of the new exterior of the car, its power and muscularity were read.

Today, when BMW declassified the design and specifications of the new X5, which will go on sale in early 2019, you can examine the new product in detail by looking at all its advantages.

Exterior of the BMW X5 2018-2019 years

Exterior new items

The new model BMW X5, the one that is 2018, will take something from the latest version of the X6. However, the “six” itself has something to take from the “five”. And yes, the 5 series - 5 Series - this does not apply, because it is generally sedans (and station wagons) of a business class. Not about them now.

In the appearance of the new "five", a kind of stiffness can be traced, decorated in a glossy case. The car will add significantly in size, but at the same time the luggage compartment volume, although insignificant, will still decrease.

Increasing the space for passengers will be possible not least due to the CLAR platform, which was created using lighter, but in spite of this, high-strength materials such as carbon and aluminum. By the way, a similar platform will be used in the seventh series. If we look at the wings of the new BMW, it will become clear that an increase in the size of the car will occur not only in length, but also in width. Changes also touch the optics of the new BMW. The place of the round “fog” will be taken by strips of LEDs, located an order of magnitude lower than the current car model.

Presented by the 2018 BMW X5The first photos of the BMW X5 2018-2019 yearExterior of the updated Presented BMW 2018 X5

Dimensions of the car, presented in 2018, are:


Auto size 2019



4922 mm

+36 mm


2004 mm

+66 mm


1745 mm

+19 mm


2975 mm

+42 mm

Luggage space

645 l

1860 l

-5 l

- 10 liters

Next year, models with two and three-row salons will enter the market, which will allow the buyer to choose the best in all respects car in the desired price range. Of course, BMW has never been cheap, and the novelty will also be able to fully emphasize the consistency of the owner, especially if we are talking about luxury trim levels with many optional extras.

New style BMW X5 2018-2019 year

Distinctive features of the crossover will remain the same. The main changes can be seen in the front bumper, longer relief hood, changing the distance between the exhaust pipes in a big way, and increasing the grille, which would give the car a more sporty image.

As a result, we will be able to observe a slightly more sporty and well-groomed appearance of the familiar “handsome man”, who will give odds to a large number of competitors due to the widespread use of the latest achievements of the Germans and car dealers in general.

Interior 2018 BMW X5

The new BMW crossover, however good it may be, is no less outstanding inside. Several of the design changes allowed the Bavarian engineers to manage the free space around the perimeter of the cabin with much greater efficiency.The seats, which are already beautiful, as they seemed in the interior of the predecessor, his successor, even in the basic version, will be trimmed with premium-class leather. In addition, the number of color options for the interior will increase - from refined light to classic rich dark shades. And this is despite the fact that the cost of the finished product will not change significantly. Class?

BMW 2018-2019 year interior

The dashboard and steering wheel will turn into essential driver assistants, without which the driving process would not have been so impressive. The functions of these controls will be greatly expanded and improved. The safety of the crossover will also increase due to the installation of advanced systems responsible for maintaining the passenger comfort in the cabin in good condition, even at a rather high speed set by the driver.

In addition, several USB ports will be located in the new BMW X5 to synchronize gadgets with the car’s multimedia system and charge electronic devices.

Inside the BMW X5 2018-2019 yearNavigator

It is also worth highlighting the massage function. Each of the chairs will perform it in all its glory. A well-thought-out air conditioning system around the perimeter of the cabin will ensure an adequate degree of relaxation when driving long distances.

Specifications of the updated model of crossover

Consider changes in the lineup of power units of the new crossover. It presents both gasoline and diesel engines with a volume of 3 liters. In this line of BMW developers decided to place a greater emphasis on the efficiency of motors, rather than on their power.

Should I expect the appearance of a hybrid BMW X5? It is quite possible that this will be the next step of the Bavarians. But today for the luxurious "five" offer:

engine's type



Petrol V8 TwinPower Turbo

4.4 l

462 hp

Gasoline inline 6-ka


340 hp

Diesel (6 Cylinder)

no data

249 hp

Turbo diesel

(6 cylinders + 4 turbines)

no data

400 hp

Of course, a lot of attention will be attracted by the sports M-modification with the new V8 (possibly V12), with a capacity of about 600! "Horses" and acceleration to one hundred kilometers per hour in just some 5 and a half seconds. Just the same "monster" road - that's who he is! Naturally, the achievement of these parameters provides the maximum grade. But the minimum will be significantly improved, believe me.

2018 BMW X5 engine

The start of sales in Russia and the price of new items

Believe and wait for his appearance in Russia.The vehicle, named as the BMW X5, which at the end of 2017 is reincarnated into something better, believe me, will become popular in the market, because its price, if we draw analogies from its predecessor, will continue. Total3 million rubles- and your life will be ready to take at its disposal new sensations, previously unknown. This is called reaching the peak point of happiness. But behind it there is something more.

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