New 2019 in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg heads the various ratings of the most beautiful cities in the world, so the inexhaustible number of tourists in this city does not surprise anyone at any time of the year. During the New Year holidays, their number increases significantly, because during this period the beauty of architecture and the special atmosphere are complemented by magical illumination and numerous events. Meeting the New Year in St. Petersburg will be a great gift for residents of this city, as well as for many guests from different regions of Russia and other countries.

The official preparation of the festive program takes place throughout the year, and those who are accustomed to think carefully and plan their holidays can already familiarize themselves with upcoming offers, accommodation options, organized tours and main venues for city events to celebrate the New 2019 in St. Petersburg.

City celebrations

The organizing committee, which develops the concept of New Year events for the 2019 meeting, voiced,that the main priority is the universality of all programs that have already been approved and are at the organization stage. They are arranged in such a way that they are equally interesting for children, young people, older people, single people, families, as well as large companies and teams.

New Year's St. Petersburg

The main requirements are modernity and fresh technical accents against the background of the Russian color characteristic of the northern capital. A lot of dance and song groups will be involved in the events, it will not do without the participation of stars. The organizers do not yet reveal all the secrets, but declare that we are talking about not only Russian stars, but also world-class ones.

It is planned to launch salutes and large-scale fireworks from more than 35 sites, so you can watch colored lights in the sky from almost any area.

In the main places of celebration in the pre-holiday evening and night, the movement of vehicles will be limited, so you will need to think in advance how to get to the fun place and where to park the car.

Palace Square

Mass folk festivals are traditionally held at the Palace Square, where the beginning of the official program is scheduled for 20-00. The main tree of the city will be installed here.Every year its decoration and illumination become more and more stylish and original, therefore, the people who went here to celebrate the New Year 2019 are provided with unforgettable emotions and photos of incredible beauty.

On New Year's Eve, Palace Square becomes the most crowded place in St. Petersburg, but this makes it the most fun district where Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a lot of modern and folk fairy-tale characters can be found.

A large territory is set aside for a fairground where traditional goods from different regions of Russia, souvenirs and usual winter dishes are presented: pancakes, brewing, tea, meat dishes, etc.

A festive concert will begin from 22-00, at the opening of which the first persons of the city will congratulate the guests of St. Petersburg, and then an entertainment program will begin with the participation of song, dance and circus groups. A huge disco with a modern light show is planned.

New Year's Eve at Palace Square in St. Petersburg

At 24-00 the largest salute will take place here, which will last more than 10 minutes. The organizers promise that it will be a spectacle that none of those present at Palace Square had previously watched.

The main part will continue until 3-00 am on January 1, after which the loud contests and performances will end. But for the most tireless people, various shows will continue until the morning, in which anyone can take part.

Sennaya Square

Large-scale theatrical performances with actors from the best theaters of the country are planned, in which the audience and guests who came to the festival will also be involved. In addition, everyone will be able to buy a memento in numerous trays for off-site trade.

A free treat for adults and children for sweets, bagels and gingerbread is also planned. You can warm up with the help of free tea, which will be distributed by snowmen, hares and chanterelles, which will especially please the kids.

New Year on Haymarket

Nevsky Prospect

In the very center there will be contests and round dances for the little ones. Immediately closer to 24-00, a special romantic program is planned for lovers and loving couples whose hearts will beat in unison with the second hand when the New 2019 arrives.

The concert program will consist of groups and representatives of the original genres. To the participation of the stated collectives of Russia, France, the Netherlands, Germany and several other countries.

In addition to the main places, bright events will be held at:

  • Gostiny Dvor;
  • Small Stable;
  • the square in front of the Kazan Cathedral;
  • Pioneer and Moscow Square;
  • Ostrovsky Square;
  • Trinity and Palace Bridges;
  • Petersburg Passage;
  • Vasilyevsky and Elagin Island.

Santa Claus at the Christmas tree

In each of them, New Year trees will be installed and full-fledged programs will be conducted. It is also planned to run free buses, which will be able to transport everyone from place to place, so that people can compare the design of holiday fir trees, New Year towns and stay where the program is most interesting for them.

Banquets in restaurants and hotels

A huge number of hotels, cafes and restaurants offer their services on the occasion of the New Year 2019 meeting. They help to make the holiday intense, fun and unforgettable, which is very suitable for busy people, as no additional preparation for the first night of the year is needed. The option with a hotel or a hotel is ideal for guests of St. Petersburg who do not want to move around an unfamiliar city.

The only thing that is necessary in this case is an early booking, since the most optimal offers are bought up, first of all, long before the New Year.You can find an institution of any orientation, noisy or quiet, modern and trendy or cozy.

Restaurants and hotels where they spend New Year's Eve on a large scale in recent years:

  • Boutique Hotel 1852;
  • Pestel Inn;
  • "Indigo on Tchaikovsky";
  • Lotte et al.

The cost of such proposals reaches 20 thousand rubles, but if you wish, you can find very affordable options, not exceeding 5 thousand rubles.

New Year in a restaurant

Guests of St. Petersburg should consider options for New Year's tours, which include not only a celebration, but also an introduction to the city. The tour can be short or take all the Christmas holidays. In accordance with their interests, cultural, historical or religious orientations are selected, since in the Northern capital there are a huge number of beautiful and important places that are nice not only to see, but also to learn about them in detail.

The cost of such tours depends on the program, location, duration and level chosen. Pick them up will help in travel agencies. The cost of such an offer can start from 5 thousand rubles. and reach up to 40 thousand. It is important to remember that when booking early, the price may differ favorably, so you should not postpone the choice to the last moment.

New Year's St. Petersburg

Skating rinks and ski tracks

For lovers of active holidays in St. Petersburg, they will prepare many places to meet New Year, where they can enjoy the festive atmosphere and skate or ski at the same time.

Among the rinks, both paid and free sites will function in such places:

  • Tauride Gardens;
  • sports complex "Jubilee";
  • Grand Canyon Ice Arena;
  • stadium "Spartak";
  • "On-center";
  • Ice City;
  • "Ice - park".

Ski slopes and resorts will function depending on weather conditions, therefore, it is better to specify the schedule of activities shortly before the New Year 2019. The main places for skiers on a festive night will be:

  • Tauride Gardens;
  • Specific Park;
  • Sosnovka;
  • Ohta Park;
  • "Red Lake";
  • "Igor";
  • Alexandria Park;
  • Pergolovskaya ski track;
  • Elagin island.

For those who love unusual entertainment, in St. Petersburg during the New Year holidays there is an offer to ride in a sleigh drawn by dogs.

Sledding drawn by huskies

New Year on the ship

The most romantic method to celebrate New Year in St. Petersburg is to sail on the Baltic Sea or Lake Ladoga. This method is offered by many firms and excursion agencies.providing all the traditional attributes of the New Year - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a concert program, a banquet, salutes and fireworks.

Some tour operators offer swimming, which is not limited to the New Year's night, but lasts several days. During such a cruise, visits to the Baltic countries or Finland are possible.

It is possible now to pick up a proposal with a suitable level of cost, because most agencies already sell tickets to ships for the 2019 meeting at a price of 7 thousand rubles or more. for corporate clients up to 40 thousand rubles. with visiting several cities.

St. Petersburg is a city in which you can celebrate the New Year 2019 so as to preserve fond memories of this moment for a lifetime. The combination of grandeur, modernity and cultural and historical heritage will meet the expectations of the most demanding people and those who are looking for simple New Year's joys.

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