Natural wooden lining

July 26, 2018
Renovation of apartments

The fact that natural wood wall paneling is used for interior and exterior decoration knows, perhaps, each of us. But not everyone realizes thatwall paneling is also actively used today in the finishing works. As a rule, this technique is suitable for interior decoration in summer cottages, in country houses, intended for year-round living.

The material is environmentally friendly, completely safe, meets strict international standards. Therefore, lumber without problems is used even for finishing the children's room. Wood does not damage health, does not damage human health. On the contrary, will give the air in the room a pleasant smell. Phytoncides contained in natural wood, naturally disinfect the air in the room, as they have a disinfecting effect.

Natural wooden lining

Lining wooden price and quality of material

Potential buyers entering the query on the Internetlining price Kiev“When looking for an inexpensive building material, they don’t know what the cost of the finished product is. The answer here is quite simple:

  1. from the type of wood used, on the basis of which lining is produced,
  2. on the quality of the finished product,
  3. from the interest rate of the company for sale, selling clapboard.

Природная деревянная вагонка
It is most advantageous to purchase lumber directly from the manufacturer. The cost of such materials will be about 20-30% lower than those sold on special bases. Manufacturer trades directly. There is no intermediary. Therefore, there is no additional charge. The quality of natural materials from the manufacturer is always higher, as the manufacturer is responsible for their products, interested in attracting the flow of customers.

Natural wall paneling, purchased from the manufacturer, is ideal for cladding ceilings in various kinds of rooms. For this type of finishing works, only the best lumber is selected.

Природная деревянная вагонка

Lining, in fact, facing slats. The peculiarity of the material is the tongue-and-groove mounting system, lamella fixing. Therefore, lining for the ceiling should be top class, perfect shape.Finished ceiling finish is not additionally polished. It is enough to cover the ceiling with a transparent water-based protective lacquer, impregnation that prevents loss of aesthetic characteristics, darkening, wood damage with fungi and mold.

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