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Before giving a name to a newborn baby, it is necessary to remember that with him he will have to live all his life, which means that such a question cannot be approached thoughtlessly.

Some parents name the baby in honor of someone from relatives or popular personalities, without thinking at all about what the little man will be when he grows up. Calling a child in honor of someone, you can not intentionally assign him the fate of that person. Sometimes this fate is difficult or, on the contrary, lucky.

The selection of the name of the Holy

In the old days there was no heated debate about choosing a name for a newborn baby. It is in modern families today, sometimes, comes to a scandal: the mother wants to call the baby by some exotic name, and the father is an adherent of the old Russian names. But in the old days for the parents solved the book, which he called “Svyattsy”.

The selection of the name was carried out as follows: young parents came to the church and the priest offered them several Christian names of saints, which fall on the child's birthday. So they chose.

Quite often, people congratulate us on a birthday, birthday or angel day. But they do not even think that all these concepts are different.

[quote]Birthday- this is the day when the child was born. [/ Quote]

[quote] Name Day (Angel's Day)- the day of memory of the saint in honor of whom this baby was named. [/ Quote]

Pick upname of the Svyatsets in 2017not too hard. This book contains more than 1,700 names, mostly masculine. Of course, many of them have long gone out of fashion, but if you search well, you can find the right name for the baby.

Fundamental rules

the names of the holy month by month

If you decide to name the child according to the Sacramenta, it is necessary to remember some rules:

  1. For a child, the name of the saint whose memory he was born is most suitable. For example, the baby was born on March 1. You need to look into the book and choose the name that most pleases for this day.
  2. If among the names for this you could not find something suitable, the church advises to “run” a few days in advance.
  3. The name is given to the child once and no longer changes.
  4. Many modern parents give their child a double name: one modern, and the second ecclesiastical.
  5. There are cases when the saint, in whose honor the child is named, is revered several times a year. Then the day of the angel the baby will be the nearest after his birthday.

From ancient times to our times

holy calendar 2017The Holy Book also has a second name - Months. Many nations of the world have long turned to this old edition in order to give the name to their newborn baby. Among people there was an opinion that having named a child in honor of a saint, he finds a strong guardian angel who will protect him all his life. Only it should be remembered that the names of the great martyrs are not suitable for a baby, otherwise there is an option that the child will repeat their fate.

If on the birthday of a child a few names of saints fall, then the parents had a chance to choose the most sweet sound. In the case when the name was one - such a chance would disappear, because no one would have crossed the church. Such days fell out when no saint was venerated, and then parents were asked to choose a name corresponding to the eighth or fortieth day of birth. That's because our ancestors believed that the baby should be called only on the 8th day after birth, and to baptize - on the fortieth.

Calendar of names for the Holy Week


Aglaya, Timofey, Ilya, Vladimir, Ivan, Ignatius, Vasily, Ivan, Naum, Anisya, Irina, Makar, Leo, Augustus, Agrippina, Dmitry, Yefim, Joseph, Vasilisa, Vladimir, Dmitry, Ilya, Emelyan, Arseny, Anatoly, Maria, Michael, Nikolay, Nikonor, Drorofey, Thaddeus, Erast, Eugene.


Arseny, Makar, Ekaterina, Elizaveta, Timofey, Hippolytus, Peter, Arkady, Dmitry, Kirill, David, Elisha, Maximilian, Vasilisa, Makar, Anatoly, Arseny, Christina, Maria, Akim, Afony, Valentina, Anna, Konstantin, Ansim, Rafail, Maxim, Julian, Prokhor, Zakhar, Trifon, Sofia.


Evdokia, Makar, Samuil, Nikon, Agrippa, Vasily, Philemon, Olga, Daniel, Zakhar, Andrei, Victor, Praskovia, Mstislav, Taras, Ivan, Porfiry, Stepan, Marina, Nestor, Avdotya, Evdokia, Nestor, Marfa, Alexander, Alexandra, Natalia, Peter, Nadezhda, Daria, Kirill, Efrem.


Dmitry, Ivan, Marfa, Sophia, Alexandra, Anatoly, Efimiya, Maxim, Matryona, German, Victor, Ivan, Nikita, Svetlana, Taisiya, Georgy, Zakhar, Stepan, Martyn, Alla, Pavel, Alexander, Isaac, Mark, Phillip, Ipaty, Sergey, Polycarp, Veniamin, Nikita, Akulina, Glafira, Nika, Vasilisa


Kuzma, Michael, Efim, Christopher, Nikifor, Matryona, Zhanna, Theodora, Nikolay,Proclus, Denis, Bartholomew, Alexander, George, Lazar, Sawa, Susanna, Thomas, Sergey, Nestor, Stepan, Pelageya, Irina, Marina, Sidor. Fadey, Pimen, Muse, Anastasia, Dmitry, Maxim, Arkady, Efrem, Christina


Ignatius, Maxim, Mikhail, Patriky, Matvey, Hippolyte, Vladimir, Nikita, Elena, Sofia, Maria, Efrosinya, Fedor, Zakhar, Fadey, Yakov, Gennady, Afanasy, Leonty, Sevastyan, Karp, Elena, David, Ivan, Irakli, Pavel, Ostap, Luka, Faina, Konstantin, Uliana, Julian, Pavlina, Igor, Mark.


Rimma, Inna, Naum, Fedor, Maxim, Nikita, Galaktion, Gennady, Agrippina, Ulyana, Mitrofan, Yakov, David, Konstantin, Zhanna, Ivan, Luka, Peter, Ivan. Andrei, Angelina, Lev, Anatoly, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Stepan, Arkhip, Victor, Gleb, Lucius, Veronica, Sarah, Kuzma, Ostap, Leonid, Julia.


Eugene, Milena, Mitrofan, Seraphim, Athanasius, Ivan, Konstantin, Peter, Tikhon, Fyodor, Georgy, Sawa, Semyon, Cornelius, Mikhail, Anna, Christina, Olympiad, Ermolai, Makr, Nikolai, German, Akaki, Vasily, Irina, Mavra, Antonina, Ostap, Julian, Prokhor, Elena, Anastasia, Stepan, Sergey, Plato, Nikanor.


Thekla, Timofey, Alexander, Dorofey, Pavel, Thaddeus, Illarion, Michael, Nikolay, Ephraim,Alexey, Vasily, Barbara, Martha, Matrona, Natalia, Anfisa, Anna, Arseny, Denis, Ivan, Pankratii, Seraphim, Sergey, Tatyana, Xenia, Philip, Elena, Elizaveta, Raisa, Andrei, Dmitry, Kirill, Clement.


Irina, Sofia, Alexey, Igor, George, Ostap, Tatiana, Fyodor, Vasily, Vladimir, Ipatiy, Lawrence, Nestor, Daniel, Andrei, Martyn, Marfa, David, Kuzma, Raisa, Vitaly, Roman, Prokhor. Nikolai, Pimen, Moses, Uliana, Nana, Alexandra, Vera, Nana, Ustinya, Veronika, Dmitry, Maxim, Yakov, Zinaida.


Konstantin, Pelageya, Yakov, Pavel, Herman, Anna, Elizaveta, Peter, Nikolay, Nikifor, Valery, Matrona, Martha, Athanasius, Mark. Nestor, Timofey, Praskovia, Anastasia, Julian, Vasily, Demian, Stepan, Spiridon, Avdotya, Ilya, Porfiry, Bogdan, Olga, Rodion, Eugene, Stepanida, Boris, Leo, Konstantin, Nikita.


Roman, Alexander, Dmitry, Ignatius, Vladimir, Denis, Joseph, Tatiana, Thekla, Cecilia, Seraphim, Alexey, Procopius, Victor, Innokenty, Nazar, Nikolay, Anisya, Maria, Anna, Margherita, Solomon, Tamara, Gligeria, Sawa, Catherine, Kira, Uliana, Zakhar, Maxim, Lev, Daniel, Angelina, Evdokia, Emelyan, Luka, Philemon.

This is not the whole list of available names.A more detailed list of days and months can be found by contacting the priest directly at the church. And already with him to pick up the child the perfect name. After all, if you call the child a suitable name, then he will always and in everything be accompanied by luck and success. Have a good choice!

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