Nail design for the New Year 2019

You can call a holiday in different ways: tangerines and fragrant spruce branches, and you can own a wonderful mood. "Works" and the one and the other way. And the mood ... if you have it is not ceremonial-weekend, then look at the fashionable nail design for the New Year 2019, choose one of the ideas and quickly run to show your master. With a bright and expressive New Year's manicure, your emotions will soar to the skies, and the holiday will come much earlier.


Year of the Pig (Cabana) 2019: actual colors

Traditionally, winter colors are blue and white, and the classics are red. But, in addition, there are still shades peculiar to the mistress of the year:

  • gold;
  • green;
  • silver;
  • bronze;
  • the black.

Nail design for the New Year 2019

At the heart of color 2019:

  • magnetic radiance;
  • mirror and metallic surfaces;
  • gradient;
  • mysterious play of light.

An excellent option is a combination of gold and black. For placement of "accents" on a black matte background, use yellow pebbles, pieces of foil. On the middle and ring fingers, you can apply the technique of mirror manicure or stencil design.According to Feng Shui, it is believed that by highlighting these two fingers, you consciously attract lightness and fun into your life.

For the effect of silver, rubbing is suitable, powder and all the same, only silver, foil. Both gold and silver look noble and elegant. The background does not have to be black, experimenting with burgundy and dark blue. A silver marigold can "play" additional shades of white and gray. It is only important not to miss the harmonization of design and color with the style of clothing, accessories, makeup and so on.

Nail Design: New 2019

The principle of decorating nails every year becomes more complicated, becoming a real art. This year, the top trending technicians made their way:

  1. Manicure with the effect of haze;
  2. 3D Cat's Eye;
  3. Craquelure (textured);
  4. Different types of ombre;
  5. Marble manicure.

According to various video instructions and photos, some of them are available to master on their own. But even if something does not work, do not worry! And a simple jacket - the most natural type of manicure - will shine in a new way, if you decorate it with fantasy:

  • acrylic powder;
  • micro-gloss;
  • kamifubuki;
  • rhinestones;
  • by modeling.

Stylists in the field of nail art in recent years to the bulky elements of the decor, only with everyday life, they "do not put up". But the New Year is another matter! Do not want to look catchy? Then the volume can give a colorless gel polish, with which imitate droplets of rain. Also, lovers of minimalism will appreciate the idea of ​​filling the plate by 1/3. Very gentle and unusual manicure. The principle is a colorless base and tiny shaded areas.

For fresh design idea is coating "under the jewels." Marigolds look like precious (sapphire, diamond) and semi-precious (marble, turquoise) stones.

Slightly rough "marmalade" nails look appetizing, unusual and bright. In the form of the material it is multi-colored powder, which differs from acrylic in a large size of grains of sand.

A beautiful ombre is obtained when using a thermal gel that has gained popularity since the beginning of the year. It is also called "chamelen" for the ability to change color depending on the heating temperature. Especially well the color transition is visible on long nails, as the temperature of the tips is always lower. Manufacturers offer a huge color palette, there are matte and shiny gel polishes.

Nail design for the New Year 2019. Photos, news

Drawings on nails 2019 in minimalism style

Fashion is capricious and changeable, so you should not be surprised that along with elaborate design concepts, minimalism perfectly coexists. Some popularity, with a tendency of growth, has gained point nail art. A scattering of dots that is chaotic or combined into a plain pattern is a design that even beginners can do. Somewhere nearby, in terms of advancement, minimalist lines. Having a small artistic skill, it is easy to recreate fashionable prints using:

  • abstraction;
  • lace;
  • geometry.

Christmas abstraction, like serpentine stripes and green brushstrokes for those who are not ready to completely “give” the marigold under Santa Claus and his deer. Such a manicure will not be evident even outside the series of festivities. Folk-style ornaments are also strongly associated with the New Year. In the list of New Year's attributes, which are not difficult to portray on their own - a garland. Pebbles should have faces to make the lights of the garland “light up”.

But for a thoughtful pattern of New Year's theme, it is better to go to the salon. To embody and "revive" it, in the arsenal of masters there are:

  • glitter;
  • granulated sugar;
  • slider stickers;
  • mica;
  • velor and more.

Preferred gel varnish leading American brand representatives, for example, Gelish, Kodi, as the quality of the original and "stamping", alas, can be striking.

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