Movie Wizard (2019)

Recently, the films that can be found in the world film distribution are mostly thrillers, fantastic action movies and military dramas.

But sometimes you want to watch a good movie about ordinary people, their sincere emotions and at the same time eternal values. “The Magician” is such a film, and it will soon appear in the Russian box office.

What is known about the film?

The date of the premiere is scheduled for April 30, 2019, but so far it is unknown whether the shooting of the film began. The plot tells about the unlucky rock musician Fima. Once he was famous, an incredible number of people came to his concerts, and he could do what he really liked - to create music.

Unfortunately, fame is not eternal, and one day the time came when other younger candidates took his place on the musical Olympus, they brought new trends to the music industry, thus displacing Fima to the side of life.

Our main character soon realized that he needed to somehow earn a living, but apart from music, he didn’t really know anything.Therefore, Fima begins to teach guitar lessons for new Russians, but this occupation does not bring him much pleasure. He rarely teaches, because he earns little and is forced to live in terrible conditions. In principle, he is not going to change anything, because he sees no more meaning in life.

Another main character of the film is the boy Roma. Like Fima, he loves music and in the future really wants to become a musician. The boy's parents, however, do not think so, and want him a more stable future. Therefore, they do not encourage their son's hobbies, but all the time they explain to him that he must do something more serious, in order to start a successful career and become rich.

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In Roma's life, everything changes abruptly after he gets into a car accident. Because of the collision, the boy was very hurt, and the doctors made a terrible diagnosis - cerebral palsy.

Roma will never be able to move as before, but the boy did not give up. On the contrary, in such a misfortune he found a positive side, now, finally, he will be able to learn how to play the guitar, and win the heart of the beautiful girl Masha.

It is here that the lives of our main characters miraculously intertwined, Roma begins to take guitar lessons from Fima, and this abruptly changes the life of the latter.He is amazed at the boy’s aspiration for life, his inexhaustible optimism and happiness even in such difficult moments.

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The heroes make a sincere friendship, which helps both to love music more and even rethink their lives. After all, sometimes a wizard is not the one who has a special gift and a book with spells. Each of us can become a wizard, if he can bring the meaning to live to the life around him and enjoy each new day.

Film crew "The Wizard"

The director of the future comedy will be Mikhail Morskov, who, by the way, wrote the script for the film. His career began in 2006, and for 12 years he managed to work not only as a director and screenwriter, but also as an editor, producer and even composer.

He took part in the creation of such Russian films as “The New Year Rush”, “About Love. Only for adults and many others.

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Among the future projects of Mikhail Morskov there is also an interesting film “I Am Love”, in which he is involved as a composer. The film tells how the main character finds a company that sells ... a feeling of love! He decides to buy some for himself, but he doesn’t even know what it can turn out for him.

The boy Roma will be played in the film by the 18-year-old actor Semyon Treskunov, who has previously starred in many films, for example, “Private Pioneer. Hurray, holidays !!! ”,“ Steel butterfly ”,“ At the bottom ”,“ Invisible ”.

In addition to "The Wizard", the actor is going to star in a military drama "T-34" along with Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum and Viktor Dobronravov.

He also plans to play in the future Russian TV series “Green van. Quite a different story ”, this is a continuation of the legendary Soviet film, which told about how they fought petty crime in Odessa.

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The role of not quite the lucky musician Fima will play Maxim Sukhanov, who appeared in films such as “Goddess: How I Loved”, “Country of the Deaf”, “A Man Who Knew Everything” and even played Stalin in the war drama from Nikita Mikhalkov “Burnt by the Sun” 2: The Citadel.

Like his colleague in the film, Maxim Sukhanov has several more projects in which he plans to play. For example, he got the main role in the dramatic film “Through the black glass”.

It tells about a blind orphan who grew up at a monastery.One day a stranger-virtue appears in her life who promises to return her sight. He is ready to pay for an expensive operation on his eyes, but with only one condition - she will then have to marry him.

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The main character agrees, but hardly suspects what kind of shock awaits her when her eyesight finally returns.

The producers of “The Wizard” will be: Bink Anisimov (“Friday”, “Baikal 3D”), Vladimir Maslov (“Thank you grandfather for the victory”, “Rousseau tourist”), Ibrahim Magomedov (“Billion”, “B / W”).

The movie “The Wizard” is a good comedy of 2019 that motivates you to act and achieve your goal, to make your dreams come true into reality. After all, even if the boy Roma with cerebral palsy was able to overcome the fear of the future and decided to win the heart of his beloved, then all of us can even more so achieve what he wants.

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