Movie-musical Evil (2019)

The film “Evil” entered the list of long-awaited premieres for several reasons.

The tale of a wizard from Oz, a girl blown away by a hurricane to meet adventures, the pretty inhabitants of the Emerald City is familiar to everyone from the novels of Volkov and Baum since childhood.

The film adaptation is a musical that is created in the best traditions of Broadway. This promises the audience in advance to meet with delightful music and bright spectacular scenes.

The release of the finished movie on the world screens is planned for December 20, 2019, in Russia the rental will start a little later - from March 5, 2020.

What is a musical?

The musical is a synthetic genre of theatrical art, combining music, choreography and drama theater. The play contains features of drama, tragedy, comedy, farce - depending on the creators' intention. The range of musical styles is from jazz to rock, from pop to opera. In the plot of the musical - a literary work (story, novel, operatic libretto, poetry, fairy tale).

Broadway Musicals

A huge number of musicals have been released in the world, but the most spectacular and interesting are considered to be productions on the Broadway in New York.

  • “Beauty and the Beast” with the music of Alan Menken, based on the script of the famous Disney cartoon (1994 - 2007)
  • “Mamma Mia!” Gained immense popularity due to the participation and cult compositions of the megapopular Swedish ensemble “ABWA”
  • The musical “Les Miserables” based on the novel by Victor Hugo, from director Claude-Michel Schoenberg (1987–2003), as well as the performances “Chicago” and “Cats: the Glamorous Life of a Dustbin” became a stage classic.

evil movie 2019

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, who has been in the repertoire continuously from 1988 to this day, became the champion of the stage.
  • "The Lion King" (poems by Tim Rice, composer - Elton John) has been in second place in the repertoire since 1997.

The musical "Evil": how it was before

“Wicked” becomes a hit immediately after the appearance on the stage of the New York Theater “Gershwin” (2003). The music was written by Stephen Schwartz, the libretto by Winnie Holtzman.

Critics disagreed: positive reviews alternated with unfriendly reviews. But the audience determined the fate of the performance and gave the musical the highest rating.Revenues from the premiere exceeded all expectations of producers and investors.

musical evil

After a deafening triumph in New York, trips to North America followed, and then “Evil” went on a world tour. In Nebraska and San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, in pampered London - applause and money showered "Evil" everywhere. Several international productions were undertaken, including with Japanese and South Korean theater masters.

The success of the performance pushed for the decision to make a full-length film version of "Evil."

The creators of the musical

  • The development of the project took Universal Studio, the curator appointed producer Mark Platt. Co-producers of the film were David Stone and Brian Popkin.
  • Directors invited John Favreau and Stephen Daldry.

wicked musical 2019

John Favreau is working in parallel on the production of the play “The Jersey Men”. In the creative "portfolio" good movie hits - "Iron Man", "Cowboys vs. Aliens", bright lyrical film "Party People".

  • Doldry, three times nominated for an Oscar, winner of the Tony Prize, is familiar to viewers and the press for vivid film works — The Reader, The Clock, Terribly Loud and Prohibitively Close, The Inspector's Visit, Billy Elliot.
  • The screenwriter was Vinnie Holtzman (TV series “My so-called life” and “Guest actors”), co-author Gregory McGwire in his work on the script for the Broadway play “Wicked.”

The world of "The Land of Oz", with bright characteristic characters and an unusual plot, has repeatedly attracted filmmakers working in different genres. The first film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz appeared in 1939, in 1982, the cartoon of the same name was created.

2019 Wicked Movie

evil new movie

The plot is based on the bestseller Gregory McGwire, a literary prequel "Wicked: The Life and Adventures of the Wicked Witch of the West." The novel was published in 1995 and gained success with readers. The content of the book refers to the characters of the fantasy novel by Lyman Frank Baum “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” published in 1900.

In 1939 in the Soviet Union a children's novel “The Wizard of the Emerald City” was published, the author of which was A.M. Volkov, which, in fact, is a retelling of the history of the Lyman.

Roman McGwire tells the story of the life of two sorcerers in the magical land of Oz long before the events described by Baum. Two future witches, who are destined to dislike each other in the future, become friends.They fall in love with the same young man, get into difficult situations, suffer, but find in the depths of their souls the strength to preserve friendship, to become stronger after their trials, and to make the world cleaner, refusing to multiply evil.

evil plot


  • Elfaba - Wicked Western witch, unsociable green-skinned young girl suffering from a strange appearance.
  • Glinda (or Galinda) - A good northern witch, an attractive, cheerful blonde.
  • Nessarosis - Elfaba's sick sister, disabled.
  • Fiero is a student, handsome and heartbreaker, adored by both girls, who has become the Scary.
  • Bok is a student, selflessly passionate about Glinda, later becoming the Tinman.
  • The wizard is the ruler of Oz, the despotic tyrant, the mysterious person.

Cinema "Wicked" (Wicked) promises to be kinohitom, because the real professionals took the case. However, while the creators do not please potential fans with details about the shooting and do not voice the names of the actors assigned to the main roles.

Well, we can only hope that the world will soon find out who had the chance to go on a trip to the country of Oz and how this amazing adventure will end.

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