Movie Knight of Shadows (2019)

When it comes to Chinese cinema, it’s hardly possible for many to name more than one or two films. Most of the new Chinese products do not go beyond the borders of the Middle Kingdom and remain unknown to the European and American public, although in many cases it is the hire of foreign tapes in China that brings directors a significant portion of the profits.

In this article we will tell you about the upcoming Chinese sci-fi action movie, which many will surely like.

What is known about the film?

So far, there is no exact date for the premiere, but it is known that the film will be released in February 2019, so it can be assumed that its filming has already begun. There will be talked about how people live under the constant threat of the invasion of demons. Fortunately, there are people, the so-called demon hunters, who prevent them from breaking into our cozy little world and destroying everything here.

For many centuries they have been able to do this job, but safety is fragile, and peace of mind is very easy to break.The main character of the film, a professional demon hunter, has an important mission - he needs to save the village girls, who one by one began to be abducted by monsters. Girls need them in order to steal their souls and feed them, thus becoming more powerful.

He understands that he himself cannot cope, because he calls for help from benevolent monsters who also want justice to triumph. That's just our heroes should hurry, because the more the demons steal the shower, the stronger they will become and the greater the risk that they will destroy humanity.

shadow knight movie 2019

If you look, the plot really intrigues, because Hollywood often releases horror films about demons, but the atmosphere of the same “Curse” and the future “Knight of Shadows” will surely be different. Perhaps, for an accurate comparison, the film, made in 2005, is suitable - “Constantine: Lord of Darkness” with Keanu Reeves in the title role.

There, Constantine, the main character, also had to hunt for demons who want to get into the human dimension and make mischief.

It is interesting that in the English version there are two versions of the name of the film.More popular sounds like "Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang," and the second sounds like "Knight of Shadows: A Walker between two half-worlds."

The crew of "Knight of Shadows"

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The director of the film will be someone Yours (Yan Jia), who in 2014 created a film called “Beetles 3D”. This is a horror film made in China, which told about huge killer beetles. Unsuspecting people went to the resort to have a good rest, but instead of the long-awaited relaxation at the resort they were met by beetles, which feed on nothing but human flesh.

We have to admit that the film received rather low marks from critics, although this often happens with modern horror films. Now we need to especially try to come up with something really original in the horror genre.

Yours was also involved in creating visual effects for the Batman: Under the Hood movie. This is an animated film, which shows the struggle of Batman against Little Red Riding Hood (not the same, but an evil superhero who burns everything in his path). This cartoon, although it was released in America, also did not find much popularity, except among DC comic fans.

Knight of Shadows release date

The screenwriter of the film will be Liu Bohan.Prior to that, in 2014, he wrote a script for a romantic comedy, which does not even have English localization, because it is not precisely known what it is called. In the center of the plot - a loving couple, but their relationship is constantly hampered by the former, who appear at the most inappropriate moments for this.

The producer of “The Knight of the Shadows” will be A Gan, who participated in the creation of the three parts of the action movie “Monkey King”, and also directed such films as “The Mirror”, “Two Stupid Eggs”, “Don Quixote”, “The Brothers”

Another producer, and at the same time the leading actor, is Jackie Chan, probably the most famous Chinese actor after Bruce Lee, who is also popular due to the fact that he performs all the stunts in films on his own. It is he who will play the demon hunter, who needs to save the world of destruction by evil demons.

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In addition to the "Knight of Shadows", Jackie Chan still has many future projects. For example, in the summer of 2018, Viy 2, a joint production of Russia and China based on the Gogol story of the same name, will be released. Jackie Chan also starred in the sequel of the film "Karate Kid", where he plays a martial arts master and teaches the boy how to succeed in kung fu.

We are still waiting for the fourth part of the famous franchise "Rush Hour", the continuation of a funny and exciting story about how two partners are struggling with criminals.

The production of the future film will be dealt with at once by three film companies: Golden Shore Films & Television Studio, Sparkle Roll Media and iQIYI Pictures. Now they are actively advertising the already finished film, which was released in February 2018, “Golden Job” (literally translated as “Golden Job”). This is a crime drama that tells how a team of Chinese fighters had a new mission - to steal expensive medicines from the American CIA.

The film "Knight of Shadows" will surely be able to surprise even the critically-minded viewer, because in the Celestial Empire they are able to create films, it’s just that usually their popularity does not become universal. Nevertheless, this film deserves to be watched, one can only hope that it will fall into wide distribution.

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