Moscow metro map 2018

Almost every year the metropolitan subway is replenished with new lines and stations. So that citizens and guests of the megalopolis could quickly get to any destination, the Department of Construction has developed an ambitious renovation plan, thanks to which the 2018 Moscow metro map will significantly expand its borders. Already, more than 37 km of railway tracks have been laid, connecting 16 stations.


The new scheme of the Moscow metro 2018

DSM director A. Bochkarev shared his subway plan. At the end of the year, the Kozhukhovskaya line section will open. It will include 9 stations - from Aviamotornaya to Nekrasovka. At the beginning of Q2, sections of the Third Interchange Circuit will be commissioned - from Aviamotornaya to Lefortovo and from Petrovsky Park to Nizhnyaya Maslovka.

Also, 4 new stations will appear on the section of the Sokolnicheskaya line - from Salaryevo to Stolbovo. The construction of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line from the Ramenki to Rasskazovka metro will be completed. The Belomorsk station will open between the River Station and Khovrino (Zamoskvoretskaya line).

Moscow metro map 2018

Station Opening Schedule

Kozhukhovskaya line (May 2018):

  1. Nekrasovka
  2. Lukhmanovskaya
  3. St. Dmitrievsky
  4. Kosino

Kozhukhovskaya line (end of 2018):

  1. Southeast
  2. Okskaya street
  3. Stakhanovskaya
  4. Nizhegorodskaya street

Third transfer contour (end of 2018):

  1. Aviamotor
  2. Lefortovo
  3. Rubtsovsk
  4. Petrovsky Park (3 quarter)

Sokolnicheskaya line (end of 2018 beginning of 2019):

  1. Stolbovo
  2. Alder
  3. Prokschino
  4. Filatov Meadow

Zamoskvoretskaya line (mid-2018):

  1. Belomorskaya

Metro map of Moscow 2018 with new stations

Perspective map of 2019 with new stations

Only in the last 8 years, the metropolitan subway has become larger by 30%. Next year, a large-scale launch of stations is planned with transitions to the Third Interchange Circuit. Separate sections of the road will be connected with the following lines: Zamoskvoretskaya, Soltsevskaya, Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya, Kozhukhovskaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, Butovskaya, Kaluga-Riga and Sokolnicheskaya. The launch of facilities will help to unload the transport communication in the districts: North-East, West, South, South-East, as well as the village of Fili-Davydkovo. Thanks to new directions, Muscovites will be able to get to any region with the calculation of time.The list of the most important transition stations is as follows:

  • Kuznetsovskaya - the transition to the station. Mozhaiskaya (Filevskaya line);
  • Sheremetyevskaya - go to Art. Marina Grove (Lublin Line);
  • Rzhevskaya - transfer to Rizhsky railway station (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line);
  • Stromynka - go to Art. Sokolniki (Sokolnicheskaya line);
  • Kakhovskaya - go to Art. Sevastopol (Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line);
  • Vorontsovskaya - go to Art. Kaluga (Kaluga-Riga line).

Interesting facts about the Moscow metro

The most famous myth about the "inhabitants" of the metro: mutant rats the size of a dog
The first construction projects: 1890
Finishing materials lobbies from Art. Sokolniki to the Park of Culture: stones from the disassembled Serpukhov Kremlin
Lost property office: University station
Metro Museum Location: Sportivnaya station
Playground for film and advertising: Non-working platform

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