Mobile do it yourself

April 12, 2011

Mobile do it yourselfBright and beautiful suspension - the mobile can be made with ordinary hands out of ordinary plastic bottles. Such gizmos attract the attention of both children and adults, and therefore can be used both as decoration and as a toy. Mobile got its name from the Latin "mobile", which means moving. It is a movable structure, light and mobile. Mobile can be set in motion by a special mechanism or even by the movement of a hand. This article describes the technology of making mobile from plastic bottles. This option does not require special materials or tools, because there are two plastic bottles in each house.

For the manufacture of mobile will require: two disposable bottles - one white and the second green, purple nail polish, scissors, flat brush, 6 discs, pink balls, nylon thread and glue gun

Mobile do it yourself

  1. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and the top of the neck.
  2. Cut the resulting billet on a vertical line, so that you get a flat sheet.
  3. We draw on paper preparation of a flower. It is better to choose shapes simpler, so that you can easily cut it out of plastic. We translate the drawing on a plastic sheet.

    mobile on the bed do it yourself

  4. Cut along the resulting contours of flowers of green and white colors.
  5. Each of the resulting blanks fold - bend the petals in the middle of the flower.
  6. Prepare a white blank with purple lacquer or stained glass paints of the desired color. Paint should dry within 4 hours.
  7. After. As the paint dries in the center of the flower we glue beautiful glass beads and pink beads.
  8. From the bottom of the painted flower we glue green petals that will imitate the leaves. From the top of the resulting flower we glue the nylon thread of the required length.

    kids mob do it yourself

  9. Thus we make the required number of flowers for the mobile.
  10. Three unnecessary CD-disks are glued together with the help of glue and glue gun. We make two such details. On one of them we glue the threads with the flowers dressed on them.
  11. In the central hole of the disks we pass nylon threads.
  12. Then we put the second glued part from the disks on top (shiny side up).

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