Miracle therapy gerson

In 1928, Gerson first applied his method for the treatment of cancer. Not believing in the result, he prescribes his diet to a patient who was already operated on and was declared hopeless due to cancer of the digestive tract. After 6 months, the patient recovered. Soon he managed to cure two more patients with stomach cancer in the same way.

When the first manuscript for Dr. Gerson’s book was ready, he suddenly fell ill. During recovery, he discovered that the manuscript was missing. Dr. Gerson fired his secretary, who was caught stealing and handing over the manuscript to the fraudster doctor.

For a whole year, Gerson restored the manuscript for his most valuable book, Therapy for Cancer Treatment. The result of the treatment of fifty cases. " After the publication of his book, Dr. Gerson suddenly fell ill again. Before dying, he tested himself and found that he was poisoned with arsenic ... If Dr. Gerson died the first time he fell ill, his book would have disappeared forever!

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