Marble columns near the door

December 24, 2009
Renovation of apartments

Marble columns near the doorWant to make marble pillars near the door - this is a complex and expensive pleasure. You can imitate marble, decorated with paints MDF slabs under it. Looking at the framing, it is hard to believe that this is not marble, but MDF 19mm thick slab. The similarity with marble is achieved thanks to time-consuming finishing with various paints. To begin with, MDF slabs are carefully primed, then we apply the first coating layer and grind it.


From MDF 19 thick
• 2 columns 180 × 2100 mm;
• 4 plinth parts 300 × 218 mm;
• 4 pads 44 × 2100 mm;
• 8 pads 300 × 38 mm;
• 1 cover 1600 × 180 mm;
• 1 cover 1760 × 260 mm;
• 1 tab 1760 × 20 mm;
• 2 linings 240 × 20 mm.
1 fillet, 3 rm. m; 4 plywood supports 19 mm thick and measuring 90 × 250 mm; 2 steel corners with shelves 80 mm.
paints and varnishes:
• primer paint
(based on synthetic resin) - 0.75 l;
• semi-gloss varnish
(under the terracotta) —0.75 l;
• semi-matt black lacquer - 0.75 l;
• semi-gloss white lacquer - 0.75 l;
• clear nail polish;
• Linseed oil;
• turpentine

Tools for finishing MDF boards:

  • brush with a long squirrel pile,
  • flat wide brush with a short pile for smoothing sharply contoured contours.

marbled columns

Marble Wood Finish

  1. In order to visually strengthen the columns, the thickness of which is only 19 mm and to give massiveness to the plates, we strengthen them with two narrow plates from MDF on the sides. We take into account that the internal size of the base should correspond to the thickness of the column. Lining fasten and around the perimeter of the cover, except for the back side. They must protrude above the surface.
  2. We connect wall supports to the shelf with two steel corners, which we cut into the supports and shelves flush. Select the grooves of such a depth, which is equal to the thickness of the corners.
  3. Temporarily install columns and plinths to fit the fillets. In order to fit all the framing elements to each other, we hang the whole structure on the two lower and two upper supports to the wall on the dowels and screws. Fit all the elements, we remove the structure and trim it in marble.
  4. After the primer and semi-matt varnishes dry, apply linseed oil to the columns.
  5. Squirrel brush on wet linseed uneven strokes applied white lacquer.
  6. Using a wide flat brush, smooth out the sharply defined outlines of the strokes.
  7. On a white lacquer, with the tip of a squirrel brush with a long pile we apply black lines, slightly smoothing the contours.
  8. After the linseed oil dries, the columns are coated with clear varnish.
  9. The supports and the shelf are fastened with screws to the wall. We put the finished columns on the supports and pull them in front with screws. The upper and lower bases are fastened with black screws, screwing them from the sides. Switch mounted in the column.

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