Manicure "Marsala": ideas for design

Manicure color "Marsala" (wine) - stylish andfashionable shade, which has become a trend in recent seasons. The name comes from the name of the dessert wine produced over many years in Trapani (province in Italy). A feminine, noble, moderately elegant and seductive color is filled with an orange podton, notes of ripe plum and chocolate. Manicure "Marsala" - a successful addition of the image, and its many variations will allow the girls to show their imagination in the design of nails.

manicure colors of Marsala

Completely covered with this shade of nails lookwin-win and luxurious. But you will agree, the monotonousness soon becomes boring and you want to dilute it with other colors. What shades are combined with wine manicure?


Ideal, as for a single element,and for the lunar manicure. The shade gives a contrast, but does not deprive the tone of luxury and nobility. Milk is perfect as a basis for patterns or patterns of the color of Marsala. Both shades harmonize well and complement each other, so it will fit perfectly into the image of lovers of noble and soft colors.

Golden luxury

Manicure "Marsala" in combination with a golden shademore suitable for a grand evening event. The design will perfectly fit under any shade of the chosen outfit, because it is characterized by discreetness, nobility and elegance. The most popular variants are the moon and manicure "Marsala" with a pattern or ornament, painted with a varnish of golden color.

In combination with white

Of course, one of the spectacular design optionsNails, where "marsala" is used as a basis, and white lacquer is used to create a pattern. Manicure even the girls who can not create a "canvas" on the nail plate, even though no one forbids to show imagination. Original and simple will look manicure "Marsala" with white stripes or snowflakes (New Year's version). No less elegant and gently decorated with nails in this way:

 manicure of marsala with a picture

This design is better to combine with other parts of the image, for example with a belt, a brooch, earrings, lipstick (a sexual addition) or a dress of a wine shade.

manicure of Marsala

Lunar manicure

Wine color is a beautiful and worthy base fortrend lunar manicure. The execution of this nail design first of all gives an opportunity for freedom of choice of harmoniously combined shades. The color of "Marsala" looks elegant in a duet with milky, light beige and black tones. The socket at the base of the nail can be decorated with silver or gold sequins. Lunar manicure "Marsala" can be made bright with the help of decoration with rhinestones, bouillon or stickers. A very elegant design is the use of a fine imitation gemstone line on the border of two shades.

manicure colors of Marsala

"Marsala" and timeless classics

In nature, there is no shade that does notharmonized with black and manicure colors "Marsala" is no exception. In combination of these two colors, you can find many variations of the design of nails: from a classic jacket to elegant ornaments and patterns.

manicure colors of Marsala

Manicure "Marsala" with rhinestones

This design is more suitable for glamorous andoutrageous personalities. For the execution of a manicure you can choose both the rhinestones of the firm "Swarovski", and liquid stones. According to the specialists of the nail service, this decoration emphasizes a noble and luxurious shade. Rhinestones can be placed on one finger (often nameless), and on each. In order to choose the best option, consider the various calculations of stones.

manicure of marsala with rhinestones

Lucky shades of "Marsala"

Probably many have asked themselves whichproducers included in their palette a shade of "Marsala". Agree, when the product is at the peak of popularity, find it problematic. Here are 5 popular manufacturers:

  1. Limoni Romantic - shade number 308. The company produces a calm shade, however it is not devoid of elegance and not shaded by peach or brown tones.
  2. Collistar Smalto Cashmere Marsala Satin № 658. The color of the varnish is a real gift for lovers of the effect of dullness on the nails. Manicure "Marsala" using this product will not be glossy, but this does not mean that it will look dull and uninteresting.
  3. Golden Rose Paris № 064. Budget, and therefore an affordable option to decorate your nails with a fashionable shade. After applying, make sure to use a fixer of the shade, as the firmness of the varnishes firm judging by the reviews of customers leaves much to be desired.
  4. Dance Legend Classic № 316. Persistent and rich color from the manufacturer, whose products are famous for their quality.
  5. El Corazon No. IL-011. Excellent complement to the home collection of varnishes, in which the price corresponds to the quality.

 manicure of marsala with a picture

As you can see the ideas for the trendy designmanicure with the color of "Marsala" are diverse and interesting. But to achieve perfection and uniqueness in the design of nails is possible through experimentation and bold imagination.

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