Manicure at home: step by step photos and videos for beginners. Beautiful manicure gel polish at home stage by stage

on 03.10.2016

A lot of words are said that well-kept pens are the business card of any woman. A beautiful, neat manicure is a proper addition to your image, an indicator of your taste, an indicator of femininity. Manicure can be performed 2-3 times a month in the salon, but many women do not have either time or opportunity. But a high-quality and beautiful manicure can be done at home, you just need to know his technique and nuances. In this article, we have collected practical tips for you to complete your home manicure with step by step instructions and an interesting selection of its options that you can easily do with your own hands.


The main thing in the article

What is needed for manicure at home?

manikyur_tehnikaAny manicure provides for the availability of certain tools and what you need in the first place:

  • Tray for steaming fingers and softening the cuticle. Such a bath can be “taken” with either a soap or an essential oil, sea salt or a decoction of herbs to soothe the skin around the nails, which will be damaged during the manicure process.
  • Sharp scissors - needed for a radical change in the shape of nails.
  • Nail file - useful for giving the nail shape and smooth edges. The best are not metal, and glass small-abrasive nail files, which not only injure the nail less, but also are durable.
  • Polishing bafik for giving to nails of uniform structure and healthy gloss.
  • Metal tweezers for removing cuticles - useful when trimming manicure.
  • Metal or wooden spatula to push back the cuticle.
  • Means for softening and removing the cuticle, which will remove the layer of skin around the nail without using forceps.
  • Hand cream - its use is necessary to soften the skin of the hands and prevent its peeling.
  • Nail polish remover, cotton pads, lacquer base and colorless fixative.If you decide not to limit yourself to an ordinary hygienic procedure, but to make a decorative manicure, you will need nail polishes to your taste.

Simple manicure for short nails at home

a-e1457190857570Properly performed manicure at home - a pledge of beautiful, well-groomed nails. It is important to do it not only for the beauty and completeness of the image: this procedure has an important hygienic function, because under the grown nails dirt and parts of dead skin accumulate. Manicure gives us the opportunity to give our nails a perfect shape, shine, to have a strong nail plate.

At home, you can perform a trimmed and unedged manicure. In the first case, we use a pliers to remove the cuticle, in the second - we use a special tool to soften it and move it to the very edge of the nail. To perform a manicure on short nails at home is very simple, we offer you a visual step-by-step master class.

Phased manicure at home with a photo

We begin a manicure always with shaping the nails. This is important to do before the bath for the hands, as wet nails can exfoliate, making it difficult to model them.

1446570203_hdhIf you need to shorten the nails - use scissors, if only to correct their shape - use a nail file. Decide on the shape for your nails: if they are quite dense and strong, you can choose a pointed shape, if thin, then the ideal shape for them will be square or oval.

Gash it is important to carry out monotonous, clear movements, moving from the tip of the nail to the hole.

image458After giving your nails the desired shape, dip your hands in a pre-cooked warm bath with sea salt, olive or essential oil. To whiten the nail plate, use lemon oil. Such a bath will soften the cuticle, strengthen sea salt with the nails, and the oil will moisturize the skin around the nails. Hold your nails in water for about 10 minutes, then proceed to remove the cuticle, pulling out your fingers one by one.

1363118638_1341337152_goryachiy-manikyur-21Orange spatula or metal pusher push the cuticle to the root of the nail. Using the pointed end of the tool, remove skin residue from under the cuticle. Act confidently, but gently, so as not to damage the delicate skin around the nails.

g_kak_sdelat_manik_domaThe notches left by the cuticle, the coarsened skin around the nails and the barbs are removed with tweezers or sharp scissors.Carefully bite off the skin, but do not tear it, otherwise you will not avoid cuts and bruises.

nail salon, manicure applying - cuticle cut using special scissors

Tip: if you are not using tweezers, but a cuticle remover, do not put it on your entire nails at once - process one or two nails at a time, as the cuticle remover dries quickly.

After all the hygienic procedures comes the turn of nail decoration:

  • degrease the nail with nail polish remover and cotton pad;
  • apply the base under the varnish, the main function of which is to protect the nail from the toxic effects of varnish;
  • varnish your nails, as shown in the diagram; apply 2 or 3 coats if necessary;
  • apply a colorless fixative, due to which the lacquer lasts longer;
  • if you are a little out of the edges of the nail plate, eliminate this defect with a cotton swab or a narrow brush dipped in a solvent;
  • apply a moisturizer on your hands. To the cuticle always looked well-groomed, use a nourishing oil that needs to be rubbed around the nail plate until completely absorbed.

Video run manicure at home

As we have already found out, manicure at home can be doneedgedorunedged. We invite you to review on video with both options and choose the one that suits you.

French manicure: how to do it yourself?

klassika-zhanra-french-e1458421062770French is a decorative manicure, which always looks advantageous, in any conditions and in combination with any outfit. This is a manicure technique for all occasions, so it must be mastered at home. To perform a French manicure requires:

  • lacquer, called "milk" - a coating of pastel color with a shade that you like best. Classic jacket can be made in nude, pink or blue colors, and creative girls make it colorful;
  • white opaque lacquer, which is needed to draw the edge of the nail - smile line;
  • top or transparent fixer.

You can perform the famous jacket in different ways using an ordinary lacquer brush, a special brush with a long and thin brush or stencils, which not only make the French manicure much easier, but also provide absolutely identical “smile lines” to all nails.

Moon manicure at home

Many people call the lunar manicure "French reverse."In recent years, he has become even more popular than his French counterpart, so you just need to master the technique of its implementation.

maxresdefault-1The holes are drawn in the same way as a French jacket, and there is much more imagination here, because you can fill the holes with different colors or leave the base of the nail unpainted, only covered with a top. For drawing the holes also use long thin brushes or sticky stencils.


How to make a beautiful manicure: interesting ideas and tricks

We met the manicure technician above, now it will be about how to simplify the process of its implementation and how to easily and easily make an unusual and interesting decorative manicure at home.

Tricks and tips for an unusual and easy manicure

  • To make a bright lacquer easier to remove, without smearing the skin around the nail, cover it with a greasy cream before the nail polish removal procedure. The lacquer will be removed even easier if you put a piece of cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover on each painted nail and leave your fingers for 5 minutes. After that, the lacquer will be removed in one motion.
  • To whiten the yellowed nail plate, treat them with toothpaste using an old toothbrush.In the future, do not forget to put a base under the nail polish.
  • Include fantasy when modeling nails. To create beautiful monograms on your nails, use an ordinary toothpick.
  • For nail design, use special stickers: with their help, you can create such masterpieces as romantic and feminine lace manicure and manicure with animal print.
  • Matte manicure, which is very fashionable today, is easy to perform by adding a little crumbly powder to your regular polish.
  • With the help of an ordinary magnet and a special lacquer with metal particles, you can perform a fashionable manicure "cat's eye".
  • To give your nails the original look, use an ordinary toothbrush, and how to do it is shown in the video.
  • Another interesting technique that you can try for a decorative home manicure is an ombre or gradient. It implies smooth transitions between several colors of lacquer, combined on one nail. You can perform such a manicure using 2-3 colors of lacquer and an ordinary fine-porous sponge.

Manicure gel polish at home: what you need?

u0-weu-d1-0f5c46c8fa784695a44b617da17a2bc3pimgpsh_fullsize_distrToday, even the gel nail polish manicure became possible without visiting the salon: you just need to arm yourself with some materials and tools, such as:

  • UV or LED lamp;
  • nail degreaser;
  • single phase gel polish.

Before you cover the nails with gel polish, we perform an ordinary manicure, after which we polish the nails with a buff and cover with a degreaser (if not, suitable nail polish remover or regular alcohol).

Home manicure gel varnish step by step

  1. Apply the first layer of gel polish: try to make it as thin as possible, freeing the brush from excess varnish. This will help avoid the formation of bubbles.
  2. Lacquer is applied alternately on two nails of each hand, then send them to the lamp for drying. If you paint all the nails on your hand and only then place your hand in the lamp, you risk that the nails will dry out unevenly. The time for drying nails in a UV lamp is 2 minutes, in a LED it is no more than 30 seconds.
  3. After the drying of the first layer in the lamp is completed, apply the varnish with the second layer and dry it in the lamp, also following the sequence of 1-2 nails on each hand.
  4. Remove the sticky layer from the nails with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Cover the nails with a top after gel polish is not necessary.

Finally, apply cuticle oil on the cuticle around each marigold and moisturize the hands with a cream. Home gel polish manicure is made, it will hold for at least 7-15 days.

Photo manicure at home

We offer you a photo of a manicure, which you can do at home, using a minimum of money and connecting your imagination.1-39efc3a36912-1140191393458image363image506kruzhevnoj-manikyurmanikjur-v-domashnih-uslovijah-6milv-160-6primery-manikyura-s-kruzhevomyak-zrobiti-ombre-na-ngtyah-v-domashnh-umovah-gel-lakom-shelakom-pokrokove-vikonannya-z-foto-vdeo_232You got acquainted with the technique of home manicure and learned a lot of unusual and original ways to do it. Imagine and put your ideas into practice!

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