Making the balcony from the inside: considering options

The design of the balcony from the inside: options

Familiar from childhood, the chaotic still life of a bicycle, sleds, cans with preservation against the background of “what can be useful” covered with a piece of faded fabric is a usual sketch of the average balcony space, isn't it?

Let's think what else, besides a smoking room, dryers and a back room, these 2-5 m² of such precious area can serve now. And we will also discuss how the design of the balcony can be on the side of the facade, the design of the balcony inside, how to make it the pride of the owners and the subject of admiration of the guests.

Where to begin?

Determine which type is more important for you, more pleasant and accessible:

  • Open
  • Glazed
  • Insulated.

From the selected (or already existing) option in the first place and will depend on the entire design. So, in order.

An open balcony is a valuable opportunity to feel yourself outside the apartment without leaving it.

Registration of an open balcony

Solutions in this case, alas, are few. The most successful and very effective is the design of a balcony with flowers.To make better use of the area, try to place the plants using proven techniques:

  • Mount the drawers with a solid line without gaps to the side of the handrail (it will be amazing to look from the street and from the inside)
  • Boxes can be built along the fence in a staggered order of height. (Hang them or use decorative stands)
  • Equip at the end of a kind of cascade - the step arrangement of containers with plants (unfortunately, this option does not fit into the design of a small balcony because of the relatively large area of ​​the lower tier)
  • Along the wall or on the fence, build openwork lattices for climbing plants that will create coziness and pleasant solitude.
  • Mount light racks to place small flower pots. Attached to the wall or located in the end part, they will not take up much space, but will allow the maximum use of all the existing height.

Since this is an open street space, the design of a balcony with flowers in this case is a seasonal way. The happy owners of the closed balcony area can afford many more ideas that do not depend on the time of year. The next chapter is dedicated to them.

Recreation area on the balcony

Glazing and insulation is. What's next?

Almost no restrictions, and the range is great! Therefore, considering the design of the balcony inside, pay attention to the "age" of the building, floor, climate, orientation to the cardinal points, the area and ... Make up your mind!

Rest zone

The most common option is a recreation area. A tidy table, a couple of comfortable seating areas, and if the space permits, a mini-sofa (or hammock) will create a cozy place with a view of nature, where you can sit and even take a nap.

Home workshop

Want a home workshop (sewing, carpentry, art)? A small table in the butt, appropriate tools and attributes, a functional rack along the wall, some additional work to provide lighting, and the design of the balcony was decided. The privacy, tranquility and assurance that a temporary creative mess will not shock your guests.

Arrangement of home workshop on the balcony


Small office

Great idea - a small office.

A compact computer desk, a comfortable mobile chair, wall shelves or a neat wardrobe, arrangement of several outlets - and you have a personal work area, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the family.

Children's room

Do you have an “active” kid, but I would very much like to keep the dishes, furniture and equipment from damage? Organize a game for him. Shooting range, darts, swings, skittles, skipping ropes, balls - let all these “problem” entertainments be brought into a special space for your peace of mind with your child. (Remember, choosing this design balcony, special attention will have to be paid to the insulation!)
The game zone is also for adults. If there is enough space, take a chance to create something like an improvised billiard room.


Why not make a small gym? Instead of bypassing or decomposing bulky exercise machines on a daily basis, give them a special zone. Large mirror on the wall, suitable flooring, and you have all the conditions for working on yourself!

Gymnasium on the balconyBar

Nice to have your own mini bar or cafeteria. Order an elegant bar counter (you can just have a long worktop from corner to corner), a pair of compact high stools and an enclosed cupboard (well, if the necessary equipment is installed in it), and the place for a romantic evening is determined.


The library is a rare zone in today's homes, but for some it is still necessary. While pondering the design of the balcony, look around. Perhaps for your interior is very suitable placement of a high rack with books, ladders and a small chair in a separate, secluded space.
Sometimes there is no place (although I really want to) to hang out a large number of photographs, sketches, sketches or works of young family members. The ideal solution is a mini-museum (small gallery): frames on the walls, shelves for “small forms”, and you can bring guests on an excursion or admire yourself.
If you want to contemplate the starry sky and at the same time you are not afraid to embarrass the inhabitants of the surrounding houses (after all, the fantasy of all people is different), any “daytime” design of the balcony in the evening can be easily turned into a small observatory. And what is required for this, of course, does not cause questions.
Do you need a small greenhouse at home? A small complex of additional works on lighting and insulation will allow to solve this problem.

Podium with pillows and hookah; music lounge; mini-dining room ... Unleash the imagination, and the list goes on and on.

Once again about flowers

Do you dream to have a greenhouse or a winter garden? (If you are considering the design of a small balcony, you can not read this chapter.) Alas, the presence of space and desire may not be enough. Here it is necessary to comply with the requirements for creating the necessary level of lighting, heating and even air conditioning.

The high humidity typical of such rooms will make it necessary to pay special attention to the choice (or processing) of finishing materials.

And the plants themselves are not so easy to pick up! Each of them has its own “whims”, and it is impossible to create individual conditions for all on a relatively small area. Remember about the weight of plants, containers and soil. This is a security issue for you and your neighbors. Therefore, this design of the balcony with flowers will require from the owner a competent approach, a certain degree of professionalism, attention and patience.


Function or idea?

Not always, choosing the design of the balcony, it is worth taking as a basis only the function of the future room. Sometimes a solution that is subordinate to some original idea is much more interesting.

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