Living room

Usually, the layout of each house provides a common room for rest, receiving guests, that is, in each house there is a living room. In order to create comfortable conditions in this room, it is recommended to divide it into conditional functional zones. Thus, allocated recreation areas, dining area, work area. Separation can be done in various ways: purely arbitrary, with the help of decorative partitions, translucent and deaf furniture.

However, it should be noted that any type of separation should not violate the unity of space and not divide the room into deaf, poorly ventilated corners.

Recreation area should be located in the most comfortable, preferably separate part of the room. This zone is mainly used in the evening hours, so it can be far from a source of natural light. The window as part of the recreation area acquires special significance only in summer, especially when the window opening is combined with a loggia or balcony, which naturally creates additional comfortable conditions for rest.

Design items of this zone are armchairs, sofas, shelves for books, a coffee table, audio and video equipment, a bar.

Upholstered furniture is chosen mostly the same configuration and with single-style upholstery fabric.

Furniture in the living room

Furniture in the living room is the most important element of its design, now the season of discounts and furniture sales are not uncommon, you can find very interesting solutions for little money. To this day, the most popular element in the family with a middle income is still the wardrobe-wall, which consists of sections of different purposes (for dishes, books, etc.). Conveniently, each wall item is an independent element with a side and back wall, which gives room for a variety of different combinations. Typically, the cabinet wall is arranged along the length of the partition. The height of the room of a modern house is 2.5-2.8 m, thus, a wall 2 m high leaves an opportunity to visually relieve the space in the room.

When installing furniture in the living room should be aware of its division into zones, and therefore individual wall items should be located near the respective zones.

Choosing cabinet furniture,Be sure to take into account the size of the room, as massive furniture in a small room will not only be impractical, but also create the effect of "air deficit", which, of course, contradicts the rules of comfort and coziness. High furniture in a low room automatically visually makes it smaller. If the room is narrow and elongated, it is not recommended to place the wall along, as this will further lengthen the room.

The furniture wall is very comfortable and roomy, but the modern man, when designing his home, is increasingly striving for open space, light and air, and therefore, if there is such an opportunity, special cabinets are scattered throughout other rooms.

Living room decoration

Making the living room - a difficult and crucial moment. This dwelling is usually filled with various furniture in its functions, size, decoration. Therefore, when solving issues of color and decorative nature, one should strive to create an integral color composition, while not forgetting to focus attention on zoning centers. A prerequisite for any interior - consonance, harmony of color and shape.If this condition is fulfilled, then no part of the interior will “fall out, stick out” from the overall picture, causing a constant desire to rearrange, replace, and the like. Relax, relax in a situation that causes irritation, it is very difficult.

Color harmony can be achieved by decorating the walls in neutral colors that emphasize the particular style of furniture and decor. Also, the owners can venture on the active color solution of wall surfaces, when they are not the background, but will be an integral part of the living room decor and will play a certain role in combination with the interior items. One way or another, but before you find the perfect option, you will have to work on this issue. If there is such an opportunity, you can, of course, contact a specialist on this issue.

To achieve color harmony in the living room, of course, the issues of color should be solved within the whole house. The living room has wide, usually open doorways that visually and in fact connect it with other living spaces, so you should first think over the color scheme of the whole house, and then each individual room.In addressing this issue, the following points should be considered: the functional purpose of the room, the degree of its illumination; the color of the wood from which the furniture is made, and the decorative pattern of the finish, the texture and color of the upholstery fabrics; the fullness of the room with furniture and the availability of free space (walls, floor); permanent or temporary zoning of the living room; the degree of visual connection of the room with other rooms of the house.

The decoration of the living room may entail a small restructuring of your home. If the area of ​​your home leaves much to be desired, then you can at least conditionally increase the size of the living room by connecting it to the hallway with a sliding partition. This is what will allow you during the reception of guests to create a comfortable spatial environment in the house when this partition is simply moved apart. You can increase the area of ​​the common room visually by connecting it to the hallway with a glass door.

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