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Letual is a network of perfumes and cosmeticshypermarkets all over Russia. A paradise for beautytics, and those who are not indifferent to cosmetic innovations, perfumes and products for skin and hair care. In the shops "Letual" you can buy products of famous brands of different price segment, from economy to luxury.

Since recently, "Letual" produces cosmeticsand accessories under its own brand. These are decorative cosmetics, perfumes, care products for the body, face, hair, jewelry, bags and so on. One of the most popular products of the brand "Letual" is mascara. The brand has several options for carcasses with different effects: lengthening, for volume, with a natural effect. The products are hypoallergenic and approved by ophthalmic control. We will get to know more closely with carcasses from Letual.

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How to choose

Carcasses for eyelashes of different manufacturers are great, I want to try everything, but is it necessary? How to choose the perfect mascara and not make a mistake?

If your cilia are long, but thin and not verythick, then your option - mascara, giving volume. This product contains particles that envelop each cilia, which makes them look thicker. Brush choose a spiral, it not only paints the paint carefully, but also twists the eyelashes.

Short and thin eyelashes are suitable lengthening mascara. Fibers, which are contained in it, perfectly extend the hairs. Double-sided carcasses with a white primer are suitable for lengthening.

Short and thick cilia also need lengthening and mascara with a thick brush.

Owners of sensitive eyes, as well as those who wear contact lenses, suitable special hypoallergenic mascara with a small brush.

Now let's look at what kind of mascara for "Lethual" (the reviews are attached) to you is ideal.

Starlett Noir Ultra

The great success of customers using mascara"Letual" with the effect of false eyelashes Starlett Noir Ultra. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at this carcass is a three-dimensional, slightly curved brush. Thanks to it, in one movement the product is evenly distributed over the cilia, from the roots to the tips, twisting and lengthening them. The effect is really stunning - the look becomes open and attractive. If you pre-twist the hairs with tweezers, then you will not need any false eyelashes.

Mascara in its composition combines natural andSynthetic waxes, enveloping hairs and, as it were, increasing additional length and volume. Due to the polymers, the product is resistant to moisture, which means there will be no "panda effect".

mascara fly with the effect of false eyelashes отзывы

Premiere Geniale

Another Indian ink "Letual" with the effect of overheadeyelashes, reviews of which are entirely positive - Premier Geniale. Buyers really like its consistency - thick and elastic. Ink quickly dries, which does not stain the eyelids and ruin the makeup.

This tool not only creates an amazingeffect of false eyelashes, but also cares for cilia, activating their growth and strengthening the structure. Mascara is able to lift the cilia from the root, twisting them and giving the image coquettishness and sexuality. Ideal for evening make-up. Another plus of this tool is the palette. The bravest can choose this mascara in purple, and a discreet business image will help to create a brown one.

mascara fly with the effect of false eyelashes


Exclusif from "Letual" - mascara with"Effect on demand." What does it mean? And the fact that the tool can fulfill any wish, of course, only with regard to your cilia. One of its qualities is an excellent division, now there are no "spider legs"! It also gives volume and incredible length.

Nylon fibers in the composition give an elongation, withThis is not gluing and changing the direction of the hairs. Cilia become fluffy, but remain light, since the product does not feel at all. If you apply the product in several layers, the effect is enhanced and suitable for bright evening make-up. The application in one layer will give a natural effect, suitable for everyday make-up. Mascara is available in three natural shades: black, brown and graphite. This is a wonderful find for natural blondes, for which black mascara seems too bright and weighty image.

The product is easily washed off with warm water, leaving no black circles under the eyes, but its moisture resistance allows you to use it in wet weather.

mascara ballet dancer


Ink for the eyelashes "Ballerina" ("Letual")designed to create an easy everyday image. It is light and weightless, confirms its name. The manufacturer promises the effect of "makeup without make-up", but with an expressive, not weighted cosmetics look. Cilia look as if a brush did not touch them at all, no lumps and glued hairs, only fluffy, separated, twirled eyelashes. And the brush, by the way, is very comfortable and compact. On the one hand, the bristles are frequent and short, which allows the roots to be thoroughly stained, and the other side lengthens and stains the ends.

This tool is perfect for young girls and serious business ladies, whose dress code does not allow fancy bright makeup.

Mascara for Mascara "Ballerina" ("Letual") reviewshas basically positive. Of course, amateurs of bright expressive eyes do not like this tool, they lack color or volume. But for the fans of natural restrained make-up - this is the number one tool. Also, this product can be recommended for use in the summer when you do not want to overload your face with makeup, but you would not want to look pale either.

mascara ballet dancer

Question price

Cosmetics from the brand "Letual" (mascara inThis case) is in the middle price segment. Mark does not make a charge for a known name, which makes the funds very affordable. Reviews confirm that some carcasses are no worse than luxury carcasses, and cost two or even three times cheaper.

The cost of these products allowsexperiment and try a few means until you find the one that is perfect. And it will certainly be found, as the carcasses of this brand are able to satisfy any, even the most stringent requirements.

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Reviews about carcasses "Letual"

Virtually any mascara of this brand reviewshas positive. The buyers admit that at first they were skeptical about the brand's products, but the price and promises of the producers were intriguing. A pleasant surprise was that the funds were indeed of excellent quality, not inferior to the luxury.

Another advantage is the versatility of Letuual products. Mascara is an individual product, but the brand could please everyone. For any requirements of customers there is a suitable mascara.

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