LED strip which is brighter. Which manufacturer of LED strips is better

Where briefly reviewed the three most high-quality firms that produce this lighting products. In this article I would like to delve more into the topic and provide you with a list of brands that produce products that are optimal in cost and quality for different price segments. So, to your attention the ranking of the best LED strips for the home in 2017.


Undoubtedly, the leader of our TOP is an elite company engaged in the production of lighting products and, by the way, is one of. The company produces monochrome and RGB products that operate at a constant voltage of 12 volts.

The LEDs are bright enough, the assembly is good, and the cost starts from 1,700 rubles per 5 meters of tape. Compared with the Chinese and Russian counterparts, this is certainly an overstated indicator, but the quality is much higher, therefore, undoubtedly the first place in the ranking of the best.


Another elite manufacturer of diode tapes, which, although famous for its high reliability, cannot be called the best in terms of price-quality ratio of Osram. This is because a single module 650 mm long is the same as a 5-meter segment of Gauss LEDs. At the same time, a 6-meter bay will cost about 20 thousand, which is prohibitively expensive. Anyway, the Gauss LEDs are bright, durable and safe.

In the third place in the ranking, we placed quite a high-quality Chinese manufacturer of LED strips - Elektrostandard. At the price of single-color products cost from 1600 rubles per 5 meters, RGB - from 2200 rubles, which is also a bit overstated, but still at the level of European analogues.

By the way, the Elektrostandard assortment has both 12-volt and 220-volt diode tapes, so you can choose the right variant to create.

A little cheaper (about 1200 rubles per 5 meters) LED strip Navigator (China). We studied a lot of reviews about the reliability of lighting products of this brand and concluded that this is a fairly good company, which also produces more budget LED products.The range is quite large, so you can choose the appropriate option for your own conditions (brightness, color tone, etc.).

Approximately at the same cost, you can buy an alternative Chinese LED strip, which, as far as quality is concerned, can be said not to lose - products from the manufacturer Geniled.


Well and closes our rating of the top 5 manufacturers of LED tapes popular Chinese company - Feron. In the domestic market lighting products Feron is in great demand and this is not surprising. Acceptable quality at an affordable price (about 700 rubles per 5 meters of length) was the main factor in the selection of these products.

Approximately for the same price you can choose alternative Chinese products from the company Jazzway (you can buy 5 meters in general for 400 rubles) or from the brand LEDcraft (Russia). In the Ukrainian market, devices from the PromoLED company have proven themselves well. All listed companies can fairly occupy the last line of our rating, here, as they say, a matter of taste.

Consider the most powerful LED strips SMD 5630 and SMD 5730. They are much less popular than other modifications on diodes 3528 and 5050.They can be installed only on the heat sink in the form of an aluminum profile, or on a surface capable of removing heat.

Power led tape on 5630 and 5730

Comparison of LED strip on 5630 with others, second from top

Power consists of the number of installed diodes per meter, this parameter indicates in the marking. But this rule can only be used for branded, whose power is 0.5 watts. In the store, you are primarily interested in inexpensive diode tapes at 5630, which are one and a half times cheaper than others. This, unlike the price, means that they use outdated low-quality Chinese-made 0.15 W. Price on average 200 rubles. per meter, even such products are easily detected by the absence of the manufacturer's name. On branded, for example Era, Gauss, Navigator such LEDs are not used.

Chinese come in two versions:

  1. at 0.15W, 12 Lm, used in classic maize, work well;
  2. at 0.09W, 6 Lm, used in corn, a new model, disgusting work.

Compare power 5630 and 5730 with other types.
The table shows the power consumption depending on the density of the type of LED elements.Under the manufacturer and the model is written the power of one LED.

per meter
15 7,5 1.35 1,8 1,2 3
30 15 2.7 3,6 6 2,4 6
60 30 5.4 7,2 12 4,8 12
72 6.5 11 14,4 5,8 14,4

Branded high-power LEDs can also be of different power, for example, Korean LG and Samsung can be at 0.3 W, and on new crystals there can be 1W. But this is the exception, not the rule. Now you can easily make purchases in foreign online stores, so keep in mind that if you are deceived, then returning money back will be difficult, besides, there is no guarantee. In the table below, I gave the characteristics of the most common tapes. The luminous flux of a cheap LED diode from the Chinese is 6-12 lumens, and a good brand has up to 40 lumens.

According to the table, you can see that the weak brand can be equal to the luminous flux of the Chinese at 5630.

Let's compare the light characteristics

The table shows the number of lumens per meter, depending on the density of the LEDs. Under the manufacturer and type is written the power of one LED.

per meter
15 600 90 180 60 200
30 1200 180 360 600 120 400
60 2400 360 720 1200 240 800
72 430 860 1440 290 940

The table shows the averaged parameters for a neutral white light, the indicator in stores will vary from -10 to + 10%.Sellers usually overestimate the parameters of cheap and in low quality are rarely recognized, although it can be seen at a price.

If you do not want to bother with the selection and calculation of lighting, then choose ready-made kits. The specialist in the store will take into account all your wishes, selects and calculates everything, will form a complete set with installation instructions.

Features of installation and installation

LED strip 5630 and 5730 require an aluminum radiator for cooling, it is needed when the power is more than 10 W / m. The cost of an aluminum radiator is equal to the price of one meter of tape, so it is sometimes economically profitable to buy more weak than to put a powerful cooling system. For this, the weak one is also sold as a double normal, two narrow ones are connected to a wide one.

Overheating threatens you with active degradation of the LEDs, that is, a rapid decrease in brightness. The life of the right manufacturers write to reduce the brightness by 30%. After the end of life, it just shines on so bright.

Particularly good cooling requires waterproof tape covered with a silicone shell. Silicone prevents heat from escaping to the outside.

What does marking mean, for example 5630?

LED comparison 5630

It denotes the size of its body, but not the characteristics. Case size will be 5.6 mm. by 3.0 mm. In the standard case, you can install any LED crystal, powerful or weak. The table shows the correspondence of the LED designation and its size.

Questions from readers

1. How to do without cooling the tape.
I am often approached with a question of such a plan, we have already bought 25 meters of powerful tape, but we were not told in the store that it needs cooling. It’s expensive to buy, and it doesn’t fit into the design, it’s ugly to hang on the wall or ceiling. Of course they have angular, overhead, mortise, maybe something will come up suitable. In this situation, there are two options so that the power does not exceed 10 W / m .:

  • reduce the supply voltage on the power supply;
  • use a regular 12 volt dimmer that will reduce brightness.

2. Difference between power supply and driver.
Many people ask, what is the difference between powering an LED lamp and a ribbon? The difference is that a driver, a current source, is installed in the light bulb, that is, a resistor that controls the current is already installed inside the power supply. It turns out that the driver is designed only for a certain number of diodes.

The diode tape is powered by the voltage from the power supply, the resistance that sets the current is on the tape. For each 3 led element its own resistor, so you can cut only in designated places, three pieces each. This makes designing LED lighting affordable and easy.

3. What to buy, cheap or good with the same brightness?
For example, you are buying or lighting a room. Branded will work 2-3 times longer than the Chinese. Because the diodes are certified, comply with international requirements, and the Chinese have practically no information on them, only most often bad reviews about the work of their products. If you do not want to redo the lighting after several years of work, disassemble everything, buy a new one and put it in return for the old one, spend your time or pay for the work, then buy a brand one. Good tape will be enough until the next overhaul of your entire apartment.

Now LED strips have received serious popularity, however, not all of them began to be used in their home as the main backlight. In this article we decided to tell you which is the best RGB LED strip for 12V, 24V and 220V.Many do not know about the latter, in this article we will tell in detail about it.

LED strips for 12V and 24V specifically differ from their counterpart at 220V. If we speak of low-voltage, then there are practically no differences, even the wiring is the same. But if you remember the RGB 220V, there are significant differences here, after reading them you will understand why you have not heard anything about it before.

  1. This type of tape is cut only every meter, the usual every 5 cm.
  2. It is connected directly from the mains at 220 volts.
  3. Good degree of protection, usually PVC coated.
  4. There is also a significant negative, if one lamp goes out - the whole meter ceases to burn.
  5. The length is substantial, if you wish, you can even wrap the house several times.
  6. Strong flicker, more than 100 Hz.

Lamps of this type cannot be used in any way in the house, flickering is so strong that it will almost immediately cause severe headaches and affect vision. Tapes such as RGB 220V are installed only on the street, thus creating excellent illumination.

RGBW tape

I would like to pay particular attention to this particular tape. It is considered the most modern and versatile. It can be used everywhere, starting from the illumination of the ceiling, floor, kitchen, bedroom, etc.LED strip RGBW multi-color, you can even choose a specific color. After installation, it always looks great anywhere. If you talk about the connection method, then it is normal, just connect the power supply and controller. This tape can be used as.

Brightness and power of LED ribbons

There is not much to tell, just look at the table. The most popular are ribbons for 60 and 30 LEDs, they are installed everywhere and produce an excellent light.

Wiring diagram

The connection scheme of the LED strip RGB looks quite simple. Even an unknowing person can do everything without much effort.

Here is the connection diagram with the controller.

Connecting RGB video tape

Expert advice:

  1. Do not connect a tape longer than 5 meters. In this case, the voltage will disappear, or the copper conductor will overheat, which can cause a failure.
  2. If you need to connect the tape more than 5 meters, use an RGB amplifier, it will equalize the voltage in the network.
  3. Everything is connected in series, as in the diagram.

Controller for LED strip RGB

To get really the best LED strip, you need to use a controller. It takes on the functions of the inclusion of a specific color channel, if you wish, you can choose the desired light of the glow.

There are even models that can be controlled using WiFi from any smartphone. Of course, only the cost plays a decisive role. We recommend choosing only European manufacturers, the price for them is higher, but they will serve faithfully.

Connectors (connectors) for LED strip RGB

If you need to connect the tapes to each other, it is enough to use such connectors as in the photo.

The connection is very simple:

Just like that you can connect the LED strip. We hope that in this article we have given you a detailed answer to your question, which LED strip is better, the choice and installation is already yours.

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