Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

Good all the time of day! In continuation of the dietary topic, and was previously considered. There is another equally popular - the Kremlin diet. Moreover, it appeared much earlier and attracted many supporters. Although initially this diet was intended specifically for the Kremlin’s civil servants, from which it received such a name.

Kremlin diet

The basis of the diet is the elimination from the diet of any carbohydrate foods, and to the maximum.

For the convenience of calculating the content of carbohydrates in products, they are given conventional units points. So, 1 g of carbohydrates is equal to 1 point (or 1 point). Each product in the menu has its own points. Those who have gone on this diet must gain a certain amount of points per day. Based on this, a person chooses the right products for himself, so that he would be able to keep within the specified number of points.

If you follow the diet correctly, for two weeks you can lose up to 10 kg.Below, for example, shows an excerpt from such a diet - the menu, where opposite the products are the numbers, which are these same points.

approximate menu for the day

Thus, it turns out that you, say a day, need to score 25 points. You select the products from the list of the menu that in total will gain the necessary number of points.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kremlin diet?

Like every diet, the Kremlin has its pros and cons. One of the downsides, which, however, is common to all diets, this diet is not universal, that is, suitable for all.

Before you go on a diet you need to find out whether it is suitable for you or not. And second, if other diets have a ready-made menu and you decide to sit down on this menu or not, here you need to calculate your points each time.

For example, if you decide to go to the dining room for breakfast, then from the shop-window you select only those products that make up the necessary number of points for breakfast. This means that you must remember all the points. Or carry a book with you. Where everything is recorded. However. Compared with the result - this is not such a minus.

advertisement of the Kremlin diet

The advantage is.That carbohydrates are excluded from the diet, as a result, the body begins to break down its own fat stores. In addition, it is possible without any restriction to eat protein foods, but only the one where there is no fat.

Thus, one cannot eat foods such as various sweets, flour products (pasta, buns, etc.), cereals with high starch content, as well as fruits and vegetables with high sucrose content.

But vegetables such as cabbage or cucumber are needed. The fiber contained in them is capable of maintaining normal digestion. In contrast, for example, from the Japanese diet, where exercise is not recommended, here, on the contrary, they are necessary, so that muscle tone would be normal.

how many times a day you need to eat

Complete table of diet products

With the peculiarities of the diet decided, now that always worries anyone who goes on a diet. Namely, what can I eat and what can not. In the table below you can see the products and carbohydrates they contain. This is the so-called score table.

score table of bakery products and cereals

scores table of meat and vegetables

scores table of berries, nuts, drinks

table of sweets, alcohol, spices and seasonings

And in this table, products are divided into categories: you can eat, rarely, not.

what you can eat

Using the data from these tables, it is possible to calculate the number of points needed and, on the basis of this, to eat a diet,getting only the required number of items. In principle, there is nothing difficult here, you can go two ways:

First, it is on the basis of the tables to choose by the scores those products that you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or to use ready-made menus, which we consider next.

Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

Menu for the week

The Kremlin diet is of two types: weekly and 10 days. The table below shows a menu with points by product for the week.

menu for the week

As mentioned, you can not strictly adhere to this menu, but vary according to points. The main thing is that the number of points be constant. If you need to use, say, 30 points a day, then you are within this quantity and select a menu for yourself.

In addition, once a day you need hot food, even meat broth will be enough. It is also important to drink water. On the day you need to drink about 7 glasses of water.

Remember that the first three days the body still gets used to the diet, and therefore a day must gain no more than 30 points. Then you can increase the rate to 35 points. At this rate, we sit for two weeks, after which we add another 5 points.

diet products

The first two weeks, which are the initial stage - difficult.At this time, the body gets used to the diet. In the next stage, which lasts for 1.5 months, we bring the number of points to 40; if the weight decreases, then we can proceed to the third stage. Here a few more points are added, bringing the total to 60. And the fourth, final stage is a gradual exit from the diet. At this point, you can already eat a little, ordinary food. But the amount of carbohydrates should be limited.

As for meal times, it will look like this:

  • Breakfast - from 08:00 to 10:00.
  • Lunch - from 12:00 to 14:00 hours.
  • Snack or snack - from 15:30 to 16:30 hours.
  • Dinner - from 18:00 to 19:00 hours.

If you do not know what dishes you can eat, then the following recipes will help you navigate. You can also based on them, prepare your meals.

Several recipes


Let's start with the traditional scrambled eggs. The total number of points - 2. This dish is well suited for both breakfast and dinner.

For cooking you will need:

  • Chicken Egg - 2 pcs.
  • Ham - 100 g
  • Cheese - 100 g

Heat the pan, pour the oil, fry the ham. After that, break the eggs, sprinkle with grated cheese.Now close the lid, prepare 10 minutes.

ham and eggs

You can cook scrambled eggs with crabmeat and tomatoes. The number of points will be 4.7.

Omelette with Chives

Another delicious breakfast recipe. In this dish points

smaller - 2.

green onion omelette

To prepare, take:

  • Milk - 1 tbsp. l
  • Egg - 3 pcs.
  • Green onion.

Mix eggs with milk and herbs. Now whip this mass with a whisk or fork, fry in a frying pan.

Curd with cumin

Another great breakfast recipe. This dish contains 4.6 points.

Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

To prepare, take:

  • Cottage cheese - 0.1 kg.
  • Cumin - 2 years
  • Sour cream - 10 g.
  • Butter - 15 g.

Cottage cheese fray through a sieve, then mix with sour cream, butter and cumin. Everything is mixed up. Before use, you can spread a little more sour cream on top.

For lunch dishes well suitedsoups. It can be vegetable, meat.

One of the nutritious soups ischicken bouillonIn which to add pieces of meat and greens. Add vegetable salad with pickled mushrooms to the soup. The total number of points such lunch will be 11.

If you are dieting in the summer, and it is very hot outside, then salvation will beokroshka. This dish contains 7.8 points.


Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

For cooking okroshka take:

  • Water - 250 ml.
  • Cucumber, potatoes - 1 pc.
  • Sorrel, onion, dill - 30 g
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Boiled meat - 30 g.
  • Sour cream - 1 tsp.
  • Salt to taste.

Greens are washed and finely chopped. Sorrel pre-cook for 10 minutes, throwing it into boiling water. After that, pour a decoction into a cup through a sieve. The potato is boiled, cut into cubes. Cucumber is peeled, also diced. Finely chopped egg. After the decoction has cooled, pour all the prepared ingredients into it.

Fish soup

Even for dinner, you can cook fish seafood soup. He will be 7.2 points.

Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

To make it you will need:

  • Fish: cod - 0.2 kg. and salmon - 0.1 kg.
  • Mussels - 0.2 kg.
  • Shrimp - 0.2 kg.
  • Tomato juice - 250 ml
  • Pepper, salt and greens.

The fish is washed, cleaned, cut into pieces. Boil in salted water, adding pepper. When the water boils, add seafood, then pour tomato juice and pour the greens.

Chicken kebab

From the second course you can try to cook, for example, chicken skewers. Its value in points will be - 2.6.

Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

To make such a kebab, take:

  • Chicken fillet - 0.7 kg.
  • Mushrooms - 0.3 kg.
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, spices - to taste.

Chicken cut into cubes, salt. Mushrooms cut into slices and cook. Next, take the skewers, string them on meat and mushrooms. Preheat the oven in advance, put the strung kebab there. Fry until ready.

As for meals in the afternoon, everything is simple. Specially prepare nothing. You can cut, for example, 10 olives and 100 grams of feta cheese - it will cost 3 points. You can do with a glass of kefir - 6 points or tea with peanuts (30 g of nuts) - 5 points.

Baked fish

For dinner, you can cook baked or steamed fish. The dish will be 4 points.

Kremlin diet - a table menu for ordinary working people

We take 200 g of fish, salt, pepper, wrap in foil. We bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. After readiness, put lettuce leaves on a plate, and fish on them.


What is the cause of the diet? This, of course, extra weight. But there are some contraindications for the use of this diet.

These include kidney disease, pregnancy, diseases of urination, digestive organs, and problems with cardiovascular activity.

If you have no such problems, you can try a diet for yourself.

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