Korean makeup: principles and features

Asia has always been surrounded by a halo of secrets. Therefore, the Asian girls seem to us so mysterious and tempting. Today's article is devoted to how women in Korea make themselves make-up. In their image, there are two details, which they pay special attention to - the state of the skin and eyes.

Face before applying makeup

Eastern women have always been differentwell-groomed. Before applying the Korean makeup, they necessarily grease the face with a day or moisturizing light cream. To powder a face, if there are no bases on the face, they consider it unacceptable for themselves, as they closely monitor the condition of their skin.

I must say that all means of guidance of beautyfor the Koreans are completely accessible in comparison with those finances that have to be laid out for Russian women. It is also a tradition for Korean girls and women to take care of themselves for a whole day, which, alas, can not be said about Russian women. As a result, the degree of grooming of eastern beauties is an order of magnitude higher than that of us. Therefore, it is worth learning from them, how to monitor themselves in general, and how to apply Korean makeup.

After the cream has been applied to the skin,alternation tonalki, which will hide all the irregularities, inflammations, specks and so on. Then the result is fixed with a light layer of powder. The tonal cream is selected either one color with a face, or a tone lighter. Korean makeup also necessarily provides blush, which have different natural shades. Do not recommend any artificial colors, if the goal is to look like an oriental Asian girl. The ideal choice in this case will be plum, peach and bronze shades.

Korean makeup


If there are dark circles under the eyes, then you need to get rid of them with a tonal cream, which is lighter on tone in comparison with the base one.

In general, dyeing of the eyes is another visitingcard of Asian women. An unusual section is a feature that is unique to these inhabitants of the Earth. Therefore, the correct Korean eye makeup is done very carefully, in order to skillfully emphasize the advantages and remove the shortcomings.

Thanks to him he manages to gradually correct the face, emphasize its natural beauty, get an open and easy look, and at the same time emphasize their unique feature.

Korean Eye Makeup

In order for Korean makeup to meet all the requirements, women consider the following:

  • I will slant and narrow the shape of the eyes;
  • short, thin eyelashes;
  • the eye is covered with a fold of the upper eyelid;
  • pronounced cheekbones;
  • small and beautiful shape of the lips;
  • yellowish skin color.

Prepare a person in advance, taking into account hisfeatures, you can go to the eyes. For a visual increase, light shades are used. Most often it is sandy and beige. If different shades are used, then the transition from one to the other should be imperceptible. On the lower eyelid, light shadows are also permissible, however, this part is not necessary at all.

The peculiarity of this style of make-up isA white line drawn by a pencil along the very edge. Accurate arrows are made along the line of eyelash growth. Cilia should be well combed and resin-black in color.

After making Korean makeup before our eyes, we are able to pass to the final, the easiest stage.

Korean makeup photo


Bright colors are not allowed here. Naturalness for Asians is paramount. Therefore, the lips can be slightly revitalized. In this case, the shade should eventually look natural, harmoniously combined with natural color.


This part of the face can have a different appearance, since in this style they are not fundamental. Naturally, the eyebrows should be neat and well-groomed. You can brush them using a gel.

Small tricks

how to make korean makeup

Many Asians, dreaming of big eyes,embody their dreams with the help of makeup. Since by nature the upper eyelids are lowered directly to their eyes, they have come up with glue, which lifts the eyelids. With the help of a special glue application procedure, the eyes acquire a "puppet appearance", and the girls who make such a Korean make-up (the photo is shown above) become like the favorite anime.

This fashion has become so common that even men began to use it.

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