Kiss in a dream - What the dream book says

Friends, let's talk about a kiss in a dream? That is, it will not be a real, but a virtual kiss, which you dream. In fact, some people believe that the realities or worlds we visit in our dreams are no less real than those that we consider ours. Well, let everyone make their own conclusions, and we just want to know how in our world this phenomenon is interpreted by the dream book.

Kiss on the cheek, if someone kisses like thisyou or you do it, testifies to the confirmation of your sincere feelings towards this person. A kiss in a dream in the neck reports the same. You want to get closer to the person who is dear to you.

A detailed dream book by Dennis Lynn tells usalmost the same. A kiss can symbolize warm feelings, love, awakening passion. Besides, a kiss in a dream can talk about unity and harmony in your soul, the reunion of the male and female beginnings.

The same dream book warns that in somecases such a dream can signal a kiss of Judas. Maybe you need to reconsider your dating. Is not there a person next to you who says good in the eyes, but his thoughts are aimed at evil.

There is a dream book, called Noblesse. What will he tell us on our question? A kiss in a dream is interpreted depending on the circumstances, and to which of the characters which role is assigned. For example, if you dream of people who kiss, then this can mean sadness or even illness. If a man kisses a woman - irritation and anger. A man who kisses a young girl in a dream, probably, will profit by dishonest means.

And imagine that kissing an old grandmother in a dream -news unpleasant to expect. But with a girl of temperamental kissing - to a new connection and a wedding to cook. A kiss in a friend's dream testifies to a quarrel with him. Family members kiss - change is expected.

Do not kiss the dead in dreams, and then get sick. But kissing the executioner is useful, because you will be gifted in real life. Enemies kissing in a dream, reconciliation will get real, well, if the devil, then great gifts, bribes should be expected.

In general, this dream book does not promise us much positive,if there is a kiss in a dream. But, anyway, knowledge makes us less vulnerable. Do not kiss rusty iron, stones and earth in a dream. I do not want to upset you, but a noble dream book in such cases promises misfortune, shame and separation. Nothing positive, right? Let's look into the new family dream book, telling ourselves that the old has passed and now everything is new!

Children in a dream kiss - peace, joy and happiness atyou will be settled! At the same time from work you will get satisfaction. Mom kissed her - love and respect from friends expect. If you kiss your sister or brother in a dream, then you know that life will give you a lot of pleasures. Sleep - a kiss on the lips of your beloved - beware, so as not to fall into your debauchery. Kiss her lightly in the light! This means that you are infinitely noble with respect to the female sex.

Enemies kissing in a dream - a reconciliation with him to receive. With his husband or his wife kissing - to achieve harmony in relations. Do not kiss unknown women in a dream, and if you are kissed, then avoid immorality in your actions.

Let's go now to the gypsies with our question, or rather,let's look at the Gypsy dream book. And it would be better not to look. It says that kissing a lover to a quarrel. Stranger to kiss - be a fight. Kissing the child, you should be ready that someone will laugh at you.

There are still old English and old FrenchDream Book. French says that a kiss in a dream predicts good luck, if you kiss someone. Only legs, if to kiss, it is clearly not good, but to humiliation. If you feel that someone is kissing you, then this foreshadows an unexpected joy.

English dream book opens your eyes, if youdream your lover does not kiss you, but someone else. So - he is not sincere with you.

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