Katasonov: forecast for 2017-2018

Among a large number of predictors, a separate niche is occupied by top-class professionals. Among them is the famous scientist, Valentin Yuryevich Katasonov, whose forecast for 2017-2018 about the future of Russia and all of humanity as a whole is a real shock.

Professor, journalist, who worked as an advisor to the largest financial institutions, Valentin Katasonov, has earned a very positive reputation in academic circles. Famous forecasters, whose words about the financial situation of the countries of the world in the coming years, came true with unique accuracy, speak only prophetically of Katasonov’s prophecies. An economist who studies the financial component of leading countries and representatives of the second and third world relies only on scientific facts, carefully examines the past and the present, and draws conclusions for the future.


So, what will happen to finances in 2017 and 2018, this is the issue that worries everyone. Moreover, the scientist forecaster is ready to predict what will happen to the whole world in the coming years with his arguments that put anyone at a dead end.

Forecast for 2017-2018

Many of us have heard of Yellowstone, haven't we?But the problem that will affect the whole world, for some reason, faded into the background. The reason for this - the desire to "cover up" a terrible script. Valentin Yuryevich is absolutely sure that this moment and the others are carefully hidden by certain forces who want to plunge the world into chaos. According to the economist, the financial crisis, or “apocalypse,” as the scientist himself calls it, is already knocking on the doors of humanity. It comes to the fact that people will simply have nothing to eat. This is due to deep economic problems that began in the 70s of the 20th century and natural disasters.

Before this stage, the world lived in production, companies produced a mass of technology, the agricultural complex was always at its best. But in 1976 an international conference was held where commodity money was practically canceled. Since then, we use the expression "banknotes", that is, the bills are not provided with anything, but once upon a time, there was a certain value in gold behind them. From the moment of the conference, the eating of the available stocks began. As an example, a well-known scientist puts the Ford company, whose policy, as it turned out, does not provide for the introduction of innovations and new technologies.

You can easily track the activities of other giants, the integrity of which is not maintained by creating automation with the latest components. Everything is built on the old, except that, from time to time, the illusion of renewal is created. If you study the economy of a superpower - the United States, it is revealed that out of 100% growth, only 12% reflect real numbers, and 88 is "foam". Any large company, concern, does not invest profits in the development of innovations and their implementation, the money immediately becomes the subject of bargaining on the stock exchanges. And, as is known, the US national debt at the moment is almost 18 trillion dollars. The era of “color revolutions” is ending, there is no possibility to repay credit obligations to the countries of the East, including Saudi Arabia. The collapse of the dollar is coming.


As for the predictions about Yellowstone Park, everything is real, no matter how scary it may sound. Scientists have been sounding the alarm for many years now, because the volcano is “hinting” more and more at its imminent eruption every day. If this problem concerned any other country, then the USA would hardly have been silent about the coming catastrophe.But the problem is that the volcano is located in the United States, and after a huge explosion, the territory of 500 miles will be completely destroyed. According to the economist, there are forces that control the American, and indeed the entire world economy, who are waiting for the moment to use the explosion for their own purposes.

Economic forecast Katasonova

The collapse of the dollar, judging logically, should be “on hand” to the ruble, but it was not there. Valentin Yuryevich is sure that our economy is also managed by top management. No need to immediately think about the first person of our state. Unfortunately, a person respected by the majority of Russia, according to the economist, just plays the role of leader. In fact, behind him is a group of the richest people, about which few people know, and controls all his actions. Our economy is also about to collapse, but at the same time, everyone can provide for themselves the conditions of existence. It is necessary to create a source that will work smoothly for a person, his family. Some forecasters predict the fall of the ruble to the dollar level to 100, 120, or even 150 rubles. Everything can, therefore it is worth thinking about the problems today.The first to be hit are medical workers, teachers, and middle-level officials. The time of riots, “Maidans” is approaching Russia, a social catastrophe is coming. Of course, external forces will take part in this, but power itself creates the prerequisites for a social revolution.

Economy girl

Since we started talking about “Maidan”, it’s worth reflecting Katasonov’s opinion about Ukraine. According to him, our closest neighbor is moving at an accelerated pace towards the financial, and hence the social abyss. In the power of Ukraine there are no persons who would lead the country independently. All teams come from outside, and officials of this level are ready to carry out all instructions, up to and including suicide. Valentin Yuryevich calls them "chelokorobot", passed before taking on certain positions, where the team goes to their every step and all occasions.

Let's hope that the words of a famous scientist, economist and forecaster will not come true. And if that happens, that humanity will survive the disaster in a mild form. But the theory of evolution, as we know from school textbooks, proves one thing: every civilization is experiencing both an economic and a political, physical collapse.The main thing is to always be ready for problems and have a “spare” option so as not to remain in complete poverty.

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