Infiniti QX70 2018

Who is not known to have received worldwide fame Mercedes, Opel, Fords and Volga, which for many years ahead created the basis of the offer for the market of the whole world. And, perhaps, the equipment and prices for these brands have been stable for many years, later they were only improved. As is known, such procedures sooner or later led to a zero result.


Japanese car industry trends

Everything changed dramatically at the beginning of the third millennium. The modern approach to the formation of a trend is based on studying consumer needs and creating the most suitable model for car enthusiasts. The Japanese auto industry traditionally responds most dynamically to consumer demand. That way, the model of the crossover Infiniti QX70 of a new generation was presented, the release date of which is already set for mid-2018.

Infiniti QX70 2018

As a result of the fruitful cooperation of such monsters in the automotive industry as Renault-Nissan and Daimler, the experts saw in the new body not only a new passenger transport, but a representative of a fundamentally new direction, prospects for the future.

This is confirmed by the statement of the head of "Infinity" that the QX70 series has many serious advantages over the rather popular predecessors of the FX37 and FX50 model range. Despite the fact that the start of sales in Russia is still in perspective, domestic fans of the Japanese brand will be very interesting that this model has significant priorities. Developers directly for the QX70 applied the most innovative solutions designed to improve the quality of car handling, achieved the highest levels of maneuverability and comfort in the process of driving on the road surface of any complexity.

Exterior Innovation

It is worth noting that the 2018 Infiniti QX70 gave a much more elegant design. If the first version that went on sale recently. It was 2015, when critics appropriated a not very pleasant nickname to the crossover, comparing it with a muscular frog. Novelty provide an opportunity to evaluate the spy photos available on the network.

  • The geometry of the outlines of the second generation is much softer, angularity is eliminated, while maintaining the basic concept of forms.
  • The crossover has received a much more organic format of radiator grilles, head optics, rear-view mirrors.
  • Excellent feedback from specialists received the wavy outlines of the air intake, the volume of round arches.
  • From the photo from official sources, it is clear that, thanks to the curved line of the massive bonnet, the car received additional solidity, representativeness and luxury.

Infiniti QX70 2018

A novelty can rightly be called a sign of the status of its owner. The overall solution also allows you to talk about the solidity of the new concept.

Body length cm 486, 50
Car height cm 165, 00
Width cm 192, 50
Wheelbase cm 288, 50
Road clearance cm 18, 40

There are no fundamental differences in the parameters. As a basis for the Infiniti QX70 2018, the manufacturer plans to use an analogue of the platform version 2015. At the same time, the mass of the 2018 model year is significantly reduced due to the use of innovative alloys of aluminum and hydrocarbon in the form of fibers.

Interior and safety

The unique highlight of the brand is the use of luminous linings for thresholds. Carried out test drive at different times of the day showed that this solution makes the car stand out on the highway in any light, which especially increases the level of safety.

Infiniti QX70 2018 year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The latest news about the interior. A simple engineering solution increased the performance of the space inside the cabin, which was not enough, the back row is three full-fledged anatomical chairs.The front row is made of genuine leather, there are many adjustments, heating, cooling and ventilation, the top version is equipped with massage functions. In the decoration there is the concept of the harmony of carbon, aluminum and wood. The updated crossover is equipped with a huge 9-inch touch-sensitive monitor, where the Sirius XM system with elements of artificial intelligence allows you to enjoy music in the regions of no signal, there are computer screens and indicators of current vehicle specifications.


New Infiniti set in motion the following motors:

  1. V-shaped diesel, volume 3, 0 l. with a capacity of 240 liters. from. The torque is 550 N / m.
  2. Gasoline, V-shaped with 6 valves, volume 3, 7 liters. , power is 335 l. from. The torque is 365 N / m.
  3. Gasoline, V-shaped with 8 valves, 5, 0 l. , 405 l. from. , 500 N / m.

Price is planned in the segment from 45 000, 00 dollars. USA.

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