How to stop drinking beer?

If a person wants to stop drinking beer only forTo stop drinking beer, he is doomed to failure. Together with the question of how to quit drinking beer, you should ask yourself one more - but how do I want to live? The environment around you and the rhythm of life are one. Therefore, to move from Khrushchev with ugly entrances to the center of the city, you need to strive for this. Need to change. A beer and a beautiful life are absolutely incompatible. I suggest you a small check. Just copy the text below and put the "more-less" sign in the following instead of the word "or".

  1. Drink beer or a beautiful girl.
  2. Drink beer or Toyota Land Cruiser L 200.
  3. Drink beer or own business.
  4. To drink beer or a country mansion.
  5. Drink beer or a good erection.
  6. Drink beer or respect in your own and others' eyes.

How to quit drinking beer and not lose friends

When a person decides to change, they may not understand iteven the most intimate ones. But the problem is that most of your friends and you were united only by beer. Awareness of this will come naturally, as soon as you refuse to drink beer. Do not be sad about this, life is too short to spend it on joint drinking. And true friends will stay with you in any case.

The fact that beer is harmful to health, knowsalmost everyone. This does not require strong arguments - examples of the consequences of drinking beer everywhere around us. The Ministry of Health can be scared about the excessive use of beer, but its warnings are ineffective. We will try to figure out and find the best way to stop drinking beer.

Why you need to give up beer

We will rephrase the dry language of the Ministry of Health to the ordinary and understandable to everyone. So, here is our dictionary:

Beer contains the female hormone estrogen.

We translate into an understandable language: gradually beer makes you weak. The hormones released into the body gradually kill the masculine in you. The lack of the male hormone testosterone leads to the fact that a man becomes more cowardly, can not defend his point of view, achieve success in business. Anyone can offend him. But most importantly - a man and does not understand that, willy-nilly, he becomes a vegetable. More precisely - no one.

In the morning, people "urinate" their own brains. Yes, it's scary. But this also means that a man or woman who consumes beer will not be able to count on intellectual (and therefore highly paid) work in a few years. Do you want to work as a loader or cleaner?

I think that this will be enough.

How to quit drinking beer, and whether you need any willpower

At the time when you decided to give upuse of beer, resort to the help of willpower. Alcohol and hops (a relative of hemp) make cravings for beer a real drug addiction. Therefore, without the help of willpower can not do.

It must be remembered that any habit is formed inperson for three weeks. In these difficult but important days, a lot will be decided. But do not assume that all three weeks you will not find a place in your search for a reason to drink beer. Relief will come much earlier, and in the rest of the time it will be a bit uncomfortable at times. Your willpower will help you cope with this uncomfortable state. The main thing to remember is that after you give up beer, you will have a lot of new opportunities that you should not miss!

How to quit drinking beer forever?

No "last time" can not be! Remember that everything can start again in a circle!

In order to repel cravings for beer forever,It is worth to look at as many materials as you can.

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