How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features?

Currently, the world's leading automotive companiesproduce almost all cars with automatic transmission. This is explained not only by new trends in terms of technological improvement, but also by competent calculation, since the machine itself determines your movement characteristics on the road and selects the most optimal mode for the engine. How to ride an automatic machine and what are its differences from standard mechanics? Now we will most fully cover this important issue.

Until recently, you could hearfierce disputes between the supporters of both the one system and the other, but they all gradually subsided. The fact is that both the mechanical gearbox and the automatic gearbox have their own advantages and disadvantages, so to properly shape your attitude, you should carefully study the features of driving.

Most domestic vehicles are equippedmechanical clutch actuated by the pedal, which the driver squeezes when switching gears. Here, a person chooses the control mode that he considers most optimal in a particular traffic situation. This is the main advantage of mechanics. If we talk about the automatic, then there are their own driving characteristics, which should be taken into account. The question of how to drive an automatic machine and what are the features of driving such a car is extremely urgent in the current conditions, when more and more modern cars are equipped with automatic transmission.

So, it is necessary to begin with the fact that on such a basiscar there are 2 pedals - gas and brake, so in control only the left foot is operated, while the right one is just on the step. Simultaneously, you can not press both pedals, because in this case the system can fail. Here is what the sequence of action should be in how to ride the machine:

  1. We start the engine from position P (parking)
  2. Push the brake pedal and smoothly translatethe handle to position D (drive), then slowly release the brake pedal. The car will start to move slowly. After that, we press the gas pedal and start the movement.

In general, the clutch control shift lever has the following control modes:

R - reverse - reverse.

N - neutral (used for technical needs of the car, as well as its short-hauling).

P - parking (parking for a long time).

D - drive (forward motion).

Many myths about automatic transmissionstoday, debunked, so for competent and proper management it is best to look for the answer to the question of how to drive an automatic machine in accordance with the rules for the operation of such cars. To the obvious myths is that such a car can not be towed, it is impossible to leave the snowdrift, you can not sharply accelerate if necessary, and it is also necessary to strictly follow the maintenance schedule, which are specified in the car's operational data sheet. All of the above for today does not have in the automatic transmission of any relation, because in fact the machine gives full advantage over the mechanics in absolutely all aspects.

The fact that the ride on the machine is very convenient andis distinguished by increased reliability both in terms of driving and in terms of proper operation. As a result, a machine with an automatic box of fences will last you much longer than any other car with a mechanical shift when the engine is running. In modern automatic transmission there are almost no rubbing parts, and a special torque converter significantly reduces the shock load. As a result, the reliability and unpretentiousness of such cars is an order of magnitude higher than that of conventional cars.

Summarizing all of the above, it follows thatto draw a conclusion that the main thing in relation not only to box-automatic devices, but also everything else correctly to understand all the advantages of this or that technological novelty. It turns out that under the right conditions of operation, the automatic transmission is much better and more profitable than the mechanical box. Therefore, the main thing is to understand immediately how to properly drive an automatic machine and bring your skills to perfection. Good luck on the road.

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How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features How to ride an automatic machine and what are its features