How to repair the hallway

For some, repair in the hallway is not important. But the first room where they get when they come into the house is the entrance hall, by the form of which the opinion about the owner is formed. Before you begin repairs, inspect the hallway and imagine how you want to see it. Then think about how to do everything in stages.

First step

The first thing you need to provide in the hallway - lighting. Start the installation of lighting. The lighting should be bright enough throughout the area of ​​the hallway. Therefore, carefully approach the choice of lamps. Consultants in the store can advise which lamps are suitable more for the area of ​​your hallway.

Second phase

If the walls are supposed to be covered with wallpaper, then they should be washable vinyl. With the formation of scuffs on them, traces of dirt, they can be simply painted and not changed. Finishing the ceiling is easier to choose. For example, apply ceiling tiles, suspended ceilings, etc.When replacing the flooring in the hallway should not use laminate and parquet. These materials absorb moisture well, while losing an attractive look.

Third stage

Furniture installed in the hallway should be functional and not clutter up the space. It will look good closet with a large mirror. The space at the same time will be visually expanded.

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